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  1. Fabulous Family, a new TV reality where they brought random people from difference peers to live together in a house, the house complete with a lot of features. There will be no rules apart from no partying and taking romance to the next level. As for now, there'll be an MC appoint for the person who'll be the head of the house and the one who'll get the monthly mission given by the producer.

    "Is it for real...?" Chris still don't believe that he'll be living with the other strangers under the same soil he slept for the last 19 years of his life people has looked him down until, a TV scout scouted him to be in a TV reality show, the Fabulous family, Chris was pumped but on contrary now he is nervous. Holding his dark green backpack, he took his first stepped to the mansion. On his left side there were a mailbox with a red button lights on, "What the...?" Chris opened it and found a letter, "As for now, Chris Valentine are selected to be the MC of this season, there will be further noticed soon, until the an MC must wore watch inside the mailbox." Chris looked inside the mailbox and saw a fancy watch, he wore just as the letter said and went to the mansion.

    As he went inside it's turn out pretty decent but for Chris it's a grand entrance such as hitting a jackpot, he slides his hand to every edge of the entrance, feel the texture of every things before going to retain his image and went for the living room.
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  2. Kiu let out a sigh as he grabbed his small leather shoulder bag. How in the world did his manager manage to talk him into this? He was going to be filmed at all times, his shy behavior would be shown to the entire world and he actually had to live with people. Of course he had lived with people before, thinking of how he lived with his stupid roommate Alex for a good while and now he was finally going to live somewhat on his own. Another sigh escaped him as he ruffled through his dark brown hair and looked at the house he was suppose to be staying in. It was actually really nice, it didn't look like his own house, but it still looked good.

    "I didn't want anything fancy like this..." Kiu muttered to himself as he straightened his glasses and then pulled out his cellphone. He was a bit early, but that didn't matter. The other's would be there soon. Come one Kiu you can do it! The only thing you need to do is just pull it together! It's not as if they are going to bite you or anything! Wait... no no! Stop. People don't bite. You got your pillow, you got your phone and in case of emergencies you definitely got a frying pan in the kitchen. Now, just do whatever Alex always does and act like a total quiet jerk and then just try your best not to be awkward.

    With that Kiu finally made his way into the mansion. It was HUGE! How in the world did his manager manage to get him into this? It was far more than whatever he had been in before, but he needed to act cool. There were always cameras there after all, and right now he probably just looked like this tall Korean guy with of course brown color lenses, the last thing he wanted was unwanted attention. If he was lucky he would get no attention at all, that was the way he liked it after all. But... getting some new friends sounded nice too.
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  3. Anita Choi nearly bounced out of the car. She hated moving. She had always hated moving. At least she knew how to be excited. Actually, she wasn't completely sure she was excited. The 19-year-old Californian had been roped into this by the one professor in her gigantic college that actually knew her name. In exchange, he'd promised her a spot in his research lab for the next term. Her parents hadn't liked it. ("You really want to go live with a bunch of strangers for the whole country to gawk at?") But they'd discussed it seriously, and she'd promised to always be alert and bring her pocket knife just in case. She'd also been heavily assured she wouldn't be sharing rooms and bathrooms with boys. Oh, her parents. Her face accidentally split into a fond grin. She loved her family. She was missing them already, but was glad that, for once, she was being allowed to move in without them rearranging things for her and buying new furniture for her.

    Singing a little tune she had just made up on the spot, the Korean-American college student flounced into the house. She paused, then looked around herself with wide eyes. She gave a little Wall-E inspired "Woah." As she went up to her room, on the second floor, after a great deal of exploring to find it first, she ran her fingertips lightly over everything surface she could find. She dumped her duffel bag full of clothes and instant foods into her room with abandon and got happily lost in the mansion. She ignored any cameras she found, though she took note of all of them. She'd always felt like her face was a little funny-looking and had hated having her image captured by camera since she was little. Besides which, faking smiles and making small talk had always made her feel vaguely sick.

    This was her favorite part of going anywhere, though: exploring the new rooms. It was particularly sweet, since she didn't have to move in anything more than her clothes. The mass of additional rooms, unlike any other house she'd ever explored, was an additional bonus. Everything was so clean and polished, enormous and beautiful, even symmetrical. She ran the tips of her fingers across one soft wall in a large, gallery-like hallway, humming Be Thou My Vision to herself as she went.
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  4. As his ride pulled up to the mansion, Conrad began preparing his bags and ensuring he had everything he needed for his stay. Once the car stopped and he was sure he had everything, he wasted no time in rushing out of the car to get a look at his new home. It's seems big enough for everyone to live in with room left over. Grabbing his bags, he headed inside and into the main foyer. Seeing as no one was in that area of the house, he made his way for the bedrooms with the thoughts of first come, first serve in his mind.

    While he made his way, Conrad's mind wandered back to memories of how he came to be here and what he had done before. Honor roll student throughout his school life, he had been one of the kids parents pointed to and said, "See him, why can't you be like that kid?" He sighed as he remembered how that had caused problems as people either began to look to him as leader, a role he didn't want, or someone to pick on. The latter view was usually remedied with a punch to a gut and a warning to leave him alone, and the former was generally dealt with a cold, apathetic shoulder. While this saved him the trouble of avoiding forced societal responsibilities, it also meant he had been a relative loner in school.

    That thought made him shrug as he entered one of the bedrooms. No pain for him as it helped prevent potential heartbreak and betrayal, and it certainly didn't hurt when the interviewer said they needed a emotionally tough guy on the show. Setting his bags at the foot of the bed, he let his body flop onto the soft covers and he sighed, "A paid long-term vacation from school, free food and board, and all I have to do is act like my normal self. It's official, I have the easy job in the world."
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  5. Satty looked around her room and made sure she had everything she needed, nodding her head she flung her long hair over her should and propped her brown leather bag onto her shoulders. Saying good bye to her family she made her way to where she was meant to be. Looking around she felt herself get butterflies in her stomach as she left her home. Satty couldn't help but think about what was going to happen to her in this new environment. As she slid into the back right hand corner of the bus, like normal, she could feel the butterflies become a little bit more active and propped her black earphones into her ear and began to play songs drowning out her small flittering worries. Taking a deep breath she watched as the scenery changed around her and hopped off the bus at her stop.

    Rubbing her arm, she regretted the decision to not wear her jumper and couldn't be bothered to grab the jumper at the bottom of her bag. Her long hair swung side to side as she made her way to the mansion and she blinked at the sight. The boys would be so jealous at the moment... She chuckled as she thought of her brothers and made her way to the entrance. Looking around she took in the view and what it was like around the mansion. Not really thinking about how she was going to be in a reality tv show, Satty pushed the front doors open and entered.

    Looking at the interior of the mansion Satty couldn't help but squeal at the gorgeous inside. Looking at the architecture she gazed around the room. Snapping out of her fantasies Satty, pushed her black hair behind her shoulder again and propped her bag up more comfortably on her shoulders. Looking about she looked around for the others she was suppose to be meeting.
    "Uhm.... Hello? Anyone here?"
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  6. Chris slightly saw other people start to came in to the house but doesn't greet him, "what the hell am I invincible?" Chris touched his flabby stomach, "am i not fat enough" Chris went to the entrance and saw a tan girl with dark long hair and bright eyes, "Oh hi how are you? my name is Chris and you are?" Chris offer a warm welcome even though he's not the owner but he thought that MC held a very important role to the series. He offer a handshake before carrying her bag, "oh and should we go and pick a room, I mean for you not the both of us!!!" Chris panicky trying to make things not awkward but ended up failing.

    Chris brought the dark haired girl's briefcase to an empty room, " well I guess this is it, if you have any problem then ask me since I'll be the MC also please come to the living room once you pack your things and if you meet the other please let them know that we need to gather at the living room." Chris went out and just remembered that he himself haven't pack his things up, "GUSH DANG IT! ME THINGS!" he rushing to the living room and got his briefcase. Chris went to the corridor and went to a random room. Luckily it's not occupied, "YES LUCKY~!" he quickly packed his things up before went back to the living room while turning the TV on.
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  7. Satty blinked as a boy came over and introduced himself as Chris, smiling at him she thought of how nice he must be to come over and say hello like that to her. Pushing her hair behind her ear she replied to his question with a simple reply.
    "Oh, my name is Satty... Nice to meet you!"

    She gave a small giggle and looked at him cheerfully and then watched as he went to pick up her bag, moving to tell him that there was no need. She watched as he began to act flustered from making a slight mistake with his wording. Shaking her head and feeling her cheeks get slightly warm from his suggestion she gave a quiet chuckle.
    "No don't worry i understood what you meant..."
    Following Chris she made her way around the mansion and looked at the gorgeous interior feeling her heart melt for every single gorgeous aspect of it.

    As Chris showed her an empty room she gazed around and smiled softly at the interior and gave a small nod to herself happy with the room. It is a lot bigger than my room... As he left her alone Satty thanked Chris for his help and watched as he seemed to remember something and rush off. Well at least I have a new friend now... Nodding her head and smiling happily, Satty unpacked her things and placed Angel on her bed. Smiling at the big large dog stuff toy she gave it a hug and left it there on the bed as she left her room. Stuffing her phone in her pocket and placing pau pau cream in her other jean pocket Satty exited her room closing it and deciding to head back to the living room. I am sure there will be still be some others there...

    Making her way down to the living room Satty looked around to see if she could spot Chris but couldn't see him. Noticing the others she gave a small wave at them and waited to see who she should approach first or who would approach her.
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  8. After laying on the bed for a few minutes, Conrad realized an important possibility, "They probably want us to meet each other. Dammit all..." Lifting himself up and off the bed, he checked the nightstand for a room key. He had a roommate steal his possessions once before, and while he didn't mind beating another fool, he didn't want to be kicked out of the house.

    Finding a small, golden key in the stand's drawer, Conrad smirked to himself. Guess the producers were smart enough to think that far ahead. Gently dusting off his black button-up shirt, he headed outside his room and locked the door behind him. With that, he headed on down to where he thought the living room would be. Once there, he frowned as the room appeared to already be filling with other people. Couldn't be one-on-one, could it?
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  9. satty turned to face the boy that had arrived and gave him a small smile, making her way over to him slowly she smiled slightly nervous. I thought the butterflies were gone... But now they are back... Must have been from looking at stuff that reminded me of home... Shaking her head she focused at the man in front of her.
    "Uhm... Hello, my name is Satty," she reached out a hand for him to shake and looked at his green eyes.
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  10. Chris stood up and saw Conrad and Satty talking, Chris with a huge smile went to them, "Yo~! so what's your name~?" Chris shook the caucasian male, "My name is Chris nice to meet ya~" He went back to sit down and shouted to them slightly, "Hey guys we should meet up, it's on my mission card to bring you guys in so how about kill some times by talk more about ourself?"
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  11. Satty looked at Chris and looked over at the man she was talking to. Placing her hand by her side she pushed her hair behind her ear and looked at him giving a brief smile before heading towards Chris and sitting on the seat in front of him. Placing her hands on her lap she sat opposite of Chris and looked at him un sure of what to say or what to do.
    "Well... You already know my name..."
    thinking hard Satty thought about something interesting to say about herself.
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  12. Chris give another slight smile as he doesn't know what to talk, "so..." he sighed a bit, "...satty.. so where are you from?" honestly he isn't an mc tutorial and he doesn't know why the producer ask him to be the MC as they know that he's a bad conversationalist. "Hmm... do you like chicken?!" (sorry I just had to) Chris love chicken from fried chicken to chicken steak. Chris hope that everyone start to come as well as he can't wait for the upcoming fist mission.
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  13. Satty smiled at him and ran her finger through her hair, "I am from Australia, but my background is Sri Lankan."
    Smiling at him she blinked at his comment about fried chicken and gave a small giggle.
    "Yes, I do like chicken. Fun fact, my favourite meat is Chicken... Well actually... I normally only eat meat..."
    She gave a nervous chuckle and ruffled her hair slightly before brushing it back down with her fingers and then looking at Chris.
    "What about you Chris though, whereabouts are you from?"
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  14. "me?!" Chris laugh nervously, "I'm from Indonesian, not a lot of people knows it but still I love indonesia!" he stood up and do random thing to kept him busy," I also love chicken and meat! I'm a meat lover!" He went to the kitchen where it's connect to the living room, Chris check the fridge and look at the refrigerator, "Satty do you want any fruits?" Chris picked some banana from the fridge and peeled it halfway through before eating it. "Banana are great as well"
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  15. Satty chuckled and got up and followed Chris and watched as he ate a banana. Opening the fridge she smiled as she spotted the red hearts that she loved to have.
    "I am so glad they put strawberries in here!"
    She headed over to sink and gave them box full of strawberries a wash and placed them in a bowl, looking at Chris she offered him some and then looked at the others to see if they wanted any strawberries.
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  16. Anita had found the ballroom. She'd slipped past the kitchen before the others had entered and so far still felt as if she had the run of the place. A nice, big, empty mansion for her to explore. There had been a classic, Victorian gallery, a view of the pool, access to the roof, a gigantic library, it was like a dream come true. But this, this trumped them all. She looked around herself, eyes wide in wonder and admiration, then began spinning aimlessly in the large room. Turning on a tune in her mind, she danced around the room in her jeans and gigantic sweater, her long, crazy hair whipping around her haphazardly. She didn't know how to dance officially, but how could she resist pretending she could in a place like this?
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  17. Kiu had settled in his own room, taking one on the second floor as they were all big and fancy, which was the complete opposite of the dorm room where he came from. In a brief second he considered calling his manager to tell him he had arrived, but stopped. Who in the world would want to talk to such a stingy manager when they were finally out of their line of sight and responsibility? He threw his stuff onto the bed before he let it stay there, leaving his room for the pleasure of exploring a bit around. He straightened his glasses and looked into the mirror, yup his contacts were still in. The last thing he wanted was for the contacts to fall out, he had a hard enough time talking with people and on top of that having to explain his eye color was simply just making things worse.

    The dark brown haired guy had yet to meet anyone in the mansion, and frankly he was a bit unsure if that was a good or bad thing. He shrugged his black cardigan over his shoulders again and straightened his white t-shirt to hang over his grey-blue skinny jeans. His black sneakers were tapping against the floor as he made his way down, wondering if he was going to meet any of the others that were going to live there, or if he was there on his own for now. It felt strange walking in such a grand place, alone, but it was a bit good too. What was he going to say when he met someone? What was he suppose to say? He didn't want to be awkward, but he always ended up being awkward... a small sigh escaped him as he shook his head. This was not the time to be doubting himself, he needed to try his very best! Super best! Yes! Exactly! But... if he needed to die of embarrassment there probably was a frying pan in the kitchen to do the job for him quickly....
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  18. As usual, Eve was late but she didn't worry about that much. After 17 years of being late to places no matter how hard she tried to get there on time, she had realized that the only thing she could do was get used to it. After saying goodbye to her family she took a few seconds to look at the house. "Amazing" was the first word that came to mind, she was used to sharing a room with one of her sisters and house full of really loud people. She was going to miss that but she didn't regret taking that opportunity. "We're going to need a person like you. Loud, out going and funny, they're going to love you!" they had say to her. And with that and the money, she didn't doubt in packing her things and saying goodbye to her family.

    She picked her bags and opened the door, while singing, maybe a bit too loud, Young Volcanoes because she couldn't not sing. She looked around, she was not used to so much luxury but she could get used to it, that was for sure. Quickly she found her way to the bedrooms and left her bags in the first empty room she found, she didn't take much time to look around since she had heard noise from what seemed to be the living room.

    "Hey! I'm Eve, sorry I'm late" she said with a friendly smile when she got to where everyone else was. She was not nervous, why would she be? Talking to people had been always easy, as far as they didn't ask many questions she could handle that.
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  19. Stelios packed up his bag, he grabbed his jogging pants,shirts,boxers, and everything he needed, he put his black and blue back pack on his back and proceeded down the stairs, he was happy that he was chosen, but scared, he had to leave his friends and family behind, but he knew it would be a fun adventure, When he walked down stairs his mother said goodbye to him "See ya honey, ill miss you" she hugged him, "I'll miss you too mom" as he said that, his home phone rang, he grabbed the phone and answered it "Hello?" he said into the phone "Hey stel" it was his best friend from school justice "Oh hey man, what's up?" he sat in his chair "Well i wanted to say goodbye, i won't see you for a while" he chuckled, he was happy that his friend would miss him,"Yeah, well i'll ,miss ya man" the boy smiled on the other line "I'll miss you to, see ya" Stelios said goodbye and hung up the phone and proceeded out the door
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  20. After saying hello she decided to go back to her room, pull her red hair into a pony-tail and start unpacking. "Dios mio" she said to herself in Spanish when she gave a a look at the bedroom. She had been used to a small bed and sharing the wardrobe with a sister that had way too many clothes and now she had that whole room to herself. She went back to singing the same song while she unpacked, she wasn't that bad of a singer so she didn't think someone would get mad if she sung a bit too loud.
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