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  1. The crisp feeling of the morning air had truly begun to wake the lot of men up. It was still Spring, and the cool mornings were a real pain in the butt to anyone who liked to be warm when they woke. Of course, one couldn't be upset when the scenery around them was filled with budding flowers, and green trees. Sure, the sun had just come up, but that wasn't too much of an issue for most. Early to rise, early to work. Today in specific was needed. First day on the job for Howakhan, a mercenary who had become known by a few for his keen timing. Of course, in the area around Oaklore, that wasn't saying much. It was a very rural area with towns far from one another, and only one major road leading from the Oaklore castle town to Falconreach, the main city of the land of Zeri. There very few clouds in the sky, and the trees were still rustling from the breeze that went through them. The ground still moist from the morning dew, and most of the green, and tan tents were covered in droplets of water.

    It was a group of 30 some odd men, a troupe of bandits who had all gotten to working together. After all, the knights in Oaklore often patrolled, and hunted them down. It was best to be in a large group on the off chance they came looking, for a greater likelihood to win. Yet, this group, was a little bit different. Their leader had apparently gotten hold of something quite valuable, which he knew would attract the attention of the Pentagonal knights. Howakhan could only take his sweet time stretching out, and getting warmed up. Of course, his rather laid back demeanor meant he'd likely cool down faster than he should allow himself to. Though, what was the point? He was just hired to guard the main tent. If enemies should attack, he'd have plenty of time to warm up while the rest of the bandits fought. There was no real reason for him to get worked up, or eager in his eyes.

    Stretching out, the manila skinned rogue gave a soft groan, and soon fixed his white leather armour, that had a hint of a light layer of metal over it back in to place. Securing what looked like two daggers on each side of his belt, and what resembled a wooden short staff on the back where it hung horizontally just under his lower back. He wore gauntlets on his hands that went half way up his forearms, and metal bracers around his black boots that sat with his dark gray pants tucked inside of them. His dark red hair was cut short, and kept combed back into a nobles slick. His bright green eyes didn't really keep focus on any one thing, they mostly drooped and stared off into space. Though, he kept enough attention not to run in to anyone. Proceeding forward to the leaders tent to be given his assignment, and placement. After all, he was here for money, so this was a job. That was one thing he would always take seriously.
  2. The bandit camp was filled with thieves, murders and just plain monsters. Every one there had a different reason for being there, a man that had just enter the entrance of the bandit camp was there for money. His fingers touched the ends of his cowl scarf that he fashioned into a hood revealing his medium short blue hair. His golden-brown eyes took in his surroundings seeing men sharpening their knives, to carrying around crates, and drinking their consciousness away. Taking his walk through the camp some of the men gave him cold stares and judgemental looks. But this man didn't care he was there for the job and a look at what treasure that a bandit leader might have.

    Making his way to an open tent with a small line he approached the spot and stood in line. A slight breeze made its way past the group as the gust of wind had blew up the cowl that covered the man's upper body and revealed a full plated armor that he was clad in. The armor was very common looking, black in color with blue trimmings and a handle of the sword that clings to his back is slightly hidden by the cowl scarf. Getting to the front of the line a mask bandit stood there overlooking the sign ups, The man picked up the ink feather and signed his name "Daisuke" no last name because the man who was more like a boy didn't know where he truly originated from. The mask bandit looked down at the name and with a slight laugh looked back up and pointed over to the close tent. "Continue there." He said and didn't say anything else just waited for the next potential employer.

    His metal boots silently slammed against the ground as he walked looking around again at more bandits that were sitting next to pot of soups to actual fights between bandits with other men around them betting money. Daisuke took his gaze off the foolishness of these men's actions, but soon he was at the entrance of the close tent and what stood in his way was a mysterious man with red hair and piercing green eyes that had a message to tell.

    "..The leader of this.. group.. Is he in there?" He asked.
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  3. Turning his Howakhan stared blankly at the other that had arrived. His eyes lowered just below the males head, and as if piercing through him seemed to fill with the thought of spilled blood. Though, quickly that came to an end as he blinked. His eyes reopening laid on the other males eyes with a much kinder, and slightly lazy look within them. His lips curled into a small, crooked smile as he nodded once, and returned his gaze to the tent.

    “Yeah. Ye 'ere f'r the extra guard duty?” He soon asked, pretty much already aware of the answer. Slightly ignoring it even as he extended his arm to open the way inside. “Knock knock” he spoke as he shifted the opening to the side and began to enter. His body entered instantly, and he even bumped one of the other bandit guards as he stepped in. His eyebrows flattening at the impact with a small shake of his head. Though, he did soon stop, with a decent distance between him and a rather large, bald, gruff looking man. Two scars on his cheek, and matted facial hair that really needed cleaning. A mixture of disappointment and disgust filling Howakhan's eyes as he straightened up his posture, with a sigh. “Ye're hirin', yeah?”

    The male looked up at the intruders and cleared his throat as if to give some sort of command. Standing up to reveal his rather large stature. Bulbous muscle on a wide 6'6 frame. His stern face seemed filled with partial anger and disapproval for the way Howakhan acted. Placing both of his hands on the table in front of him, causing the silverware for his breakfast to make noise from movement due to the force of them connecting. His head lowered and he took in a deep breath before standing back up, folding his arms, and looking down on the two males. “Yeah. I need more guards while I work this deal out. I've gotten a treasure that even King Alteon's been searchin' fer. I'm certain several knights, an' even Rolith of the Pentagonal knights may show up. 20,000 gold, a quarter now, the rest later. Think you up to the job?
  4. The name Alteon made Daisuke's eyes open a little more. Hearing the king's name sparked his interests quickly. A smirk had soon come across his lips, A job worthy of his attention he thought to himself. "This is the kind of job I've been seeking, sign me up!" Daisuke said placing his hand on the table jumping a little at the chance to finally get paid, but silently he was already thinking of a way to steal the treasure the first chance he got. Remembering that the man said he is still working out the deal, Daisuke retracted his random outburst and attempted to look calm again.

    "I mean any job involving King Alteon will be more than 20 thousand in the end." Daisuke added and placed his hand off the table and put it at his side again lowering his voice to show respect to the man. "I've dealt with the Pentagonal knights before and I'm confident I can go head to head with one."
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  5. “5,000 now, and 15,000 later? Make it 5,000 now, and 5,000 later... but... if Rolith's army does show up I want an additional 500 for every Tog I take out, and 1,000 for every Pentagonal Knight I take out. Deal?” Howakhan added as his own reply with a tall smirk on his face. A odd aura of confidence surrounding the lean built man. Obviously much smaller than the bulky leader of the bandit group. Between only having a couple daggers and a Hanbo, or half-staff, that he kept horizontal on his waistline in the back, he didn't seem to have any real weapons for fighting off the knights either. The bandit leader arching a brow at the weird request due to this, thinking that he'd basically save 10,000 gold due to this mans overconfidence and chuckling heavily. Shaking his head at first before nodding with a wide grin as if he just won the lottery.

    “Deal. I'll pay you extra per slain enemy. If they show up. Otherwise it's just 10,000 flat. Got that?”

    “Oh, I'm fine with that.” Howakhan replied almost instantly. His eyes shifting elsewhere, and his lips subtly moving in what looked like numbers.

    “Anything else you two want to discuss?” The leader questioned in a slightly annoyed voice. Looking like he was about done with the deal portion and wanted to get back to what he was doing before hand.
  6. "I think were done here." Daisuke said turning his back towards the direction of the exit as he lifted up flap a ray of sun shine had made its way then quickly disappeared as the tent flap closed. Back into the loud atmosphere of the camp Daisuke stayed close to the tent of the bandit leader.

    "Just what kind of treasure could someone like him get that the king wants?" He said as he put his hand near his mouth to hide his lips to lower the volume of his words. The fire of the camps filled the air with black smoke, Daisuke looked up upon the smoke that flowed straight to the sky on this clear day. "All right men gather up for the mission to loot the nearby church that has been ravaged by the rumored dragon that's going around!" Said one of the men that was dressed in a leather fabric that was covered with armor, getting up on a horse and moving toward the door soon more men on horseback followed him to the front of the camp and out of the gate.[BCOLOR=#000000] "You think they'll run into the Pentagonal knights?" One of the men that stayed behind said that was near Daisuke talking to someone else.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]"Who knows but the real danger is that dragon I wouldn't go anywhere near it!" Replied the guy he was talking to as he raise the steel mug up to his mouth and drowned it down his throat. Daisuke crossed his arms and thought about the prices of the knights and togs that the other man was talking about to the leader. "I should bag me a Pentagonal Knight easily while i'm at it." He said with a small laugh "This other guy.. Is he some type of assassin he seems more interested in killing?" Daisuke said as he looked around seeing if the other man has come out of the tent with him.[/BCOLOR]
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  7. Stepping out behind Daisuke, Howakhan gave him a soft pat on his shoulder. The touch was rather gentle, and very steady. A firmness to his grip in the small seconds that it remained on the taller male. He used Daisuke's own sturdiness to push himself forward a bit, and stopped when he was exactly at his side. Looking up at him from the corner of his eye with a soft smile on his face, and a light chuckle before he got around to replying. “No, nothing quite that serious. I'm just a rogue, who happens to like playing morons for money. If he has something the king wants, Rolith WILL come. Togs are easy to take out... 500 each means that in 21 kills I get more than 20,000. If I take out a knight or two in the confusion, that's even more. I'm estimating myself at about 27,500 gold by time it's over.”

    His answer was low, and rather swift when he spoke. The accent had changed to be a much smoother, almost noble one. Perfect annunciation, and smooth shifting between the syllables. Easy to understand despite the speed he spoke. He then used Daisuke to push himself forward a bit, spinning on his heel, and seemingly gliding on the ground for a few inches before starting to walk backward slowly. Raising one hand he pointed to the ale barrel. “Want some?” He asked as he started headed in that direction. Completely ignoring anyone who might be in the way. His eyes almost seeming to glow from the way the sun hit them, a complete contrast to the sharpness they held prior.
  8. The sudden touch to his shoulder quickly shut Daisuke's lips as Howakhan appeared. Daisuke only looked as the man replied to his question, he could tell that it was game to him and the money was his points. That's how Daisuke thought of it in his mind. He had no resentment towards that so he didn't raise a concern, just looked at that man as he laughed and talk normal as if he's done it a hundred times.

    "I've never had ale.. I don't think I would like it." Daisuke replied as Howakhan suggested towards the barrel, Companying him towards the area the barrel sat in Daisuke went into his bag that was hidden under his cowl and pulled out a journal jotting down some quick sentences. "Howakhan, you must belong to a warrior clan I'm thinking?" Putting his journal away Daisuke removed his sword that was on his back and placed it near him as he sat down on the grass and leaned his back up against the wooden create by the ale barrels.

    "I only ask because the name interest me and in my time traveling I have not come across a name like that." Daisuke added realizing that there was more to this man then he was leading on. His curiousity was setting in again because he wanted to know if this man had answers to questions he's been wondering.
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  9. "Nope! Not at all!" Howakhan soon answered. Having reached to get one of the cups sitting around and starting to pour himself a cup of the liquid poison. He didn't quite fill it to the brim, just high enough to be a comfortable fit. Even when he drank it he did so with a carefulness that was a bit silly when compared to those around him. Making sure not to spill even a drop, and being quick about wiping up any stray drips that went along the corner of his mouth. "Least I don' think I am." He soon added as he finish his first tall gulp. "My fatha' was a fisha'man, and ma motha' a cr̃op gatha'er. Why d' ye ask?" His head rose a bit and he looked down to Daisuke with a light tilt of his head. The sharpness slightly returning to his eyes as he watched for Daisuke. Though, he did eventually lick at his lips and take another sip. Soon being interrupted by an already drunken bandit who bumped hard into him, giving a very nasty demand for him to move. The bump causing his body to move forward and his drink to spill out. Using movements to keep himself clean more than anything Howakhan's feet twisted until he was sideways, and shifting weight to his heel at first, than quickly to his toe where he jotted his toe inward toward his body. His entire body shooting sideways a solid three feet as he avoided the spillage, landing on his heel that quickly pushed forward to let him slide back even more. His eyes showing a glint, his pupils quickly moving to focus on the bandits neck more than anywhere else, the pupils small as he reached for his dagger.

    Though as his cup finally hit the ground it made a small 'clunk' from the wood bouncing about. Howakhan's eyes quickly pulsing back to normal, and his hand stopping in place at the tip of the handle. He slowly took a breath, and as he let it out he blinked. Soon regaining the brightness they had before, and a calmness returning to a face that seemed ready to kill. He did eventually look down to his spilled drink, but he only sighed and shook his head. "Guess it won't t' be. I'll jus' wait 'til lata'." His words getting a reaction out of the drunk bandit who looked down at him with a massive scowl. "'Scuse ya, dumbass! Don' get in muh way again scrawny!" The words causing a slight twitch to Howakhan's brow, though he simply let it go, and without replying walked over to lean against the barrel Daisuke was sat again. "So, why's ye wanna know?"
  10. Quietly he watched as the bump caught Howakhan off guard and the drunken bandit demanding his way through. But something unexpected happened that fast that Daisuke observed, Howakhan's movements were quick but in Daisuke's eyes they were fluent, careful, and trained out. What Howakhan said to him was replaying in his mind his parents were normal yet he might not be normal like them. But just as he was about to show him something he stopped immediately. He had somewhat control Daisuke watched that closely and now felt that his new comrade was not like the other bandits.

    The bandit still loudly threatening made Daisuke quickly move for his sword until the bandit just walk away with a drunk limb to his walk. "He's the one that got off lucky." Daisuke said softly. Howakhan made his way over to the crates and repeated his question. "I was just curious but it seems we just never crossed paths, It can happen in this big world.. There is interesting people I haven't met which makes the adventure even more fun. He explained trying not to raise suspicion for his questions were slightly answered a second ago. "Do you believe in power?.. Great power actually existing in this world?" Daisuke looked at Howakhan to see his full reaction and answer to his question
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  11. "Great power?" Howakhan quickly questioned. One of his eyebrows rose at first, and he eventually looked upward toward the sky. "I've been told legends about th' Elemen'al Plains where th' Avatar's live.. the one's whom oversee th' Great Dragons o' Zeri, 'n' keep balance 'tween th' elements." He slowly began to answer. He squinted and looked further upward, as if he was trying to see pass the boundaries of their world. His lips tightened, and he slowly began to fold his arms. "I've heard all sorts o' legends from my parents, 'n' kin... but.." He sighed out, and shifted to look back to Daisuke with curious eyes. "If that powa' is what's watch ova' th' balance, 'n' they still let these dragons do as they please.. if they are real.. I fuckin' hate them."

    He turned back away and drew in a deep breath, letting out with a soft huff. His eyes calming once more, and his jaw starting to move as if he were chewing on something. His arms relaxed, one of them moving to sit at this waist, clutching the belt with his thumb. "I also believe there's some kind o' powa' we plain people can get. Somethin' out there we can harness. A power that'll make us unstoppable if we train hard enough." Though, as he continued to speak they'd eventually hear a horn go off from the distance. Howkhan's head turning at an alarming rate as he looked in its direction. Quickly noticing what looked like an animal, maybe a hound of some kind, charging toward the camp. His eyes shot open wide and he smirked tall as he realized what exactly it was. "Togs!" He called out, quickly grabbing his dagger from his side. "Looks like it's time for action, Swordsman!"

    There wasn't much time left between the realization and first contact. Several of the bandits already started fighting, and several were already on the ground with one the many tiger-dog hybrid's teeth digging into them. An invasion force's worth of them showing up quickly behind the few that first entered. It wasn't a small party whatsoever. Howkhan quick to act moved around the barrel, a small spin on his heel as he got around Daisuke as well while he stood. Dashing forward toward the nearest one coming at them. Ducking down under it as it leapt for him, stabbing a dagger upward, and driving it in with his other hand, letting the momentum of his own movement, and its slice the stomach of the beast open. Quickly pulling it back with a small spin to get back onto his feet, and looking ahead to see what would be coming next, and from where.
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  12. Silently Daisuke sat there as Howakhan answered his question and also gave insight of his feeling on the matter. Daisuke looked down and grined a bit at his answer it was simple but Daisuke could tell from his words that he might share the same thoughts as this man. But suddenly..BOOM !! as Howakhan had alerted him of the togs he was already up with weapon drawn as he flung himself at the tog threat. Daisuke's eyes widen as the front gate had been blown open and the watch towers were beginning to catch fire.

    "Oh.." Quickly getting up on his feet he unsheathed his sword and the ferocious growling of the togs made Daisuke freeze up for a moment. He was expecting Pentagonal knights before a tog would appear. Taking a deep breath he didn't have time to respond as a tog rapidly dash towards him and then WOOSH! Daisuke gripping the hilt of his sword horizontally slashed at the incoming tog. Blood was soon stained on his blade as the tog laid on the ground slain in two. He looked down but more was coming his way, Quickly moving away he being chased by 3 three togs and suddenly he began to see pentagonal knight soldiers. "Shit.. it's an ambush!" Daisuke shouted as he stopped and the togs took the chance to pounce on him. Leaping in the air blood dripped from their teeth as Daisuke looked upon them coming down on him he stood his ground and raised his palm towards their direction.

    A light emitted from his hand that quickly shined brightly then BANG !! A large explosion emerged in the sky as Daisuke jerked back his arm and fell to the ground by the wave of impact but the togs that were attacking him were blown to bits as their remains and intestines fell to the ground like rain. Laying on the ground the blast looked like it had backfired in Daisuke's perspective. His eyes were in a dazed as he tried to pull himself together, His arm that he used for the blast felt hot and he could feel a sworeness pain in his whole arm. Trying to get up he was suddenly greeted by two pentagonal soldiers with swords pointed at his face.

    "By Order of the Pentagonal Knight you are under arrest!" Said one of the knights
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  13. The first tog was only the opening for him. He soon noticed another one charging at him, and his eyes jotted open wide. He lowered his body and followed quickly, dashing hard in its direction. Jumping up as it went to attack him, and kicking it down onto the ground, turning quickly he threw one of his daggers at it, sticking it right into the back of its neck. The small animal sliding on the ground after a yelp, though its death was relatively quick. Howakhan quickly turned around to catch the next one coming, the remaining dagger being secured by both hands as he twisted on his heel once more to put it outside of the togs pounce. Jabbing the dagger into the side of its neck, and pulling it out from the front to rip its jugular open. The blood splashing all over the ground as it rolled from the land. Shifting his weight to his front Howakhan used his toes to turn 180 degrees, and shooting sideways. He soon met the next oncoming tog from the opposite side, his dagger dug into the side of its mouth, sliding it wide open, and taking its tongue off with it to let it bleed out to death. His eyes narrowed and he watched his front to look for oncoming threats, yet that was only until he caught the sound 'ambush' - his head jerking to look in Daisuke's direction.

    "Knew it.." He whispered lightly to himself. A light smirk forming on his lips as he chuckled. Quickly dashing in a semi circle that put him behind the knights, and headed toward them. Throwing his quickly into the head of the one Tog between him and his goal. His arms falling back to the half-staff of his waist. Both of his palms connecting to the ends hard causing a metallic sound. They soon shifted to the sides, and gripped hard. Pulling on them quickly to unsheathe two kodachi with blades no longer than his forearms from the dual scabbard. Making sure to hold them under-handed as he got up behind the knights. Jumping into the first one to catch him off guard, digging both of his kodachi into the top of the armour, where it couldn't protect him. The knight crying out in pain as the blades slid into the pockets between the neck and collarbone, slipping deep into his chest. Getting about half way down the blade before Howakhan pulled them from his body and pushed him forward with his feet to get a back handspring off and put some distance between himself and the other knight.

    "Bastard!" A voice cried out from behind him as another knight came charging at him. Swinging his sword almost instantly, leaving Howakhan barely able to dodge. Jumping to the side, and quickly using his other foot to shoot back another few feet. Shifting one blade to a front hand, and keeping the other backhanded, as he readied himself for a fight.

    "That was an easy 3,500 gold." He soon mocked, attempting to ruse the knight. "Come on swordsman. You need me to take out the other one for you too?"
  14. Soon Howakhan appeared and it was literally on top of one of the knights as Daisuke watched his blade quickly slide into the skin of the knight as a high pitch shriek made a trembling sound. Looking on Daisuke watched Howakhan's movement because even sharper as he battled and could tell this man was a skilled rogue. The other knight quickly acted swinging his sword at Howakhan. Daiske looked at this arm that and was relived that this time he had on armor or his arm would probably had been burned. Using his strength he struggled until he was able to move his fingers.

    Then suddenly he reached for his sword and stumpled to get up taking advantage of the knight's ignorance to turn his attention away from him. cocking his arm back he aimed for the knight's neck as he flung his sword like a football, The knight was still rushing for Howakhan but suddenly stop. The tip of the blade penetrated the nape of his neck and damaged his spinal and neck bone. The knight fell to his knees before slumping over on the ground and then it went quiet. Daisuke slowly made his way over to the dead knight retrieving his sword from his neck as the blood spilled out once he removed his blade.

    "Just a minor inconvenience thank you." He replied with a small smile that was he tried to make over the pain his arm had brought him. More knights had poured through the entrance as togs ran rapid tearing into the flesh and bones of the unlucky bandits that were surprised by the attack. Tents within the camp were beginnging to catch fire as the fires from the watch towers were engulfing some parts inside the camp. The sky started to fill with black smoke as Daisuke took a battle stance he looked over at knights coming there way.

    "Seems like they're not taking prisoners now.." He muttered to Howakhan as he quickly went into a small bag on his hip and pulled out small throwable daggers as he used them as projectiles towards the coming knights with swords and mace drawn.
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  15. Howakhans bottom lip stuck out a bit, and he tilted his head to the side as the knight fell to the ground. One of those 'not bad' faces filling his features as he nodded a bit. It was impressive, the accuracy on that throw. Paying very little attention to the burning camp around him as he realized that this battle was likely lost. He could already tell the bandits were losing, and the mass numbers were done for. There was no way they were going to get paid at this rate. He moved one hand to his chin as he finally decided to survey the full scene. Lightly rubbing at the stubs on his chin as he took in a deep breath. He could tell by Daisuke's ability to chuck that sword that he had the strength to handle a couple knights once he recovered. Even if he didn't win, a delay was possible. His eyes than jotted toward one of the ladders on the wall that was outside of the fire's range. Judging time between the fire, and his foot speed he groaned softly. "It's possible..." He accidentally muttered. Of course it was caught off when Daisuke grabbed for the throwing knifes.

    "We were hired to protect this camp until the end.." He stated, as he turned around, quickly dashing over passed Daisuke. His head lowering as he shot in the direction of the one non-burning wall. Soon the sound of slicing filled the air as he did a double twist, splitting a tog into three. The direction of its splatter showing it would have struck Daisuke's back. Howakhan soon stood up straight and looked back to him. "I don't have any affiliation here, but my loyalties never falter once I take a job. So I'll watch your back, if you watch mine." He continued as he held his hand out. "Give me a few of those daggers."
  16. His hand reached out for a dagger, Daisuke heard his words as the knights closed in and over powered the other remaining bandits that were fighting back. Could he dare trust this man, he was deadly yet he didn't seem cautious which confused Daisuke if he should be catious himself because of this. There was no time to think he will die here if he doesn't join forces with Howakhan. Digging back into the bag he held two daggers by the tips of the blade placing the hilts in his palm.

    "We must survive and find the bandit leader to see if he's still alive." Daisuke said then soon was cut off by mutiple arrows being shot there way. Quickly splitting away from Howakhan, He caught the attention of some of knights as they chased after him. One by one Daisuke would run and attack an knight until there a few numbers then he stopped and turned around. Gripping his sword the knights charged all clashing swords with Daisuke, Grinning he raised his sword and made the other knights break their defense stance and stumple back which gave him time to swing with both hands right at their expose throats. 3 knights all fell slain, more arrows came Daisuke's way. Trying to avoid the fire and finding spots that weren't crowded by the knight were difficult but he kept running slashing togs that would spot him until BOOM! Another part of the wall came down as he came across a large heavy-set knight with thick steel plated armor.

    "Looks like they brought out the big boys today.." He said as he stopped dead in his tracks and looked up at the giant armor man who was equipped with a portable battering ram. With one more great swing Daisuke hurried up and shielded himself with his arms as the battering ram made contact with his body and WOOSH!

    Daisuke was thrown back by the impact of the ram but fortanely his defense was not broken by the ram he was able to slide all the back immediately going straight through some fires he had avoided before and stoped right by an area near Howakhan.

    "They must really want this camp gone.."
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  17. "I've a feelin' 'e's already ran.." Howkhan said in a rather quiet voice. Though as he was handed the throwing daggers he sheathed one of his Kodachi and readied himself for the oncoming enemies. Most of the togs were busy eating away, and a few of them even ran back toward where they ambushed from. That made it a bit easier, since only knights would be left. He waited until Daisuke made his assault, and watched for laggers who would be a nuisance to him. The first of which he easily took out with a blow to the back of his neck. Though the next one he used up one of the daggers on. The blade sliding cleaning into, and through the neck of the knight until the point was protruding through the front. The third, and fourth attempted to attack him, though with a few keen movements he managed to make them strike one another, giving him free and easy strikes to the weak points in their armour. He was lucky the lesser knights didn't wear chainmail under their armour, else this would have been a different story. Of course his confidence was shot the second Daisuke was knocked over to him. Looking up to the massive knight who had come for them he sighed. His eyes jotted around looking for an advantage for a few moments before he grinned. "Hold 'im off.. when I say run, ya flippin' run."

    At that very moment he had begun to dash off to the side. Back to where they had first began to converse - where the ale was. Tipping the half-empty barrels onto their sides he knew it was just enough air for what he wanted. Getting three of the barrels ready and rolling them in the direction of the knight he followed up by waiting until they were close enough to be blown. Catching the throwing dagger on fire using the flames on one of the nearby tents, and some alcohol he drenched it with, and throwing it at one of the barrels bases. "Run!" Hoakhan quickly called as the barrel caught fire, and the alcohol followed building up the pressure on the inside of the barrel. Eventually it finally hit critical with a loud POP that cause the barrel to break open. Alcohol drenching his armour, as well as most of the flame, which soon caught him on fire. The knight flailing as the heat penetrated the metal and began to cook him alive. Howkhan making very quick motions as he dashed at the knight, jumping up and drop kicking him in the direction he wanted. "We need to move!" Howakhan called out as the knight stumbled back until he fell into a pile of boxes, all of which showing they were filled with gunpowder, and explosives. Quickly it all caught flame, and along with the knight it all went up with a very powerful BANG! The explosion visible from quite a distance away. A specific knight catching sight of it, and slowly starting to walk in its direction. A massive war hammer dragging on the ground behind him as he made his path.

    Howakhan eventually got himself up from the ground when he dove at it to escape any flying debris. Struggling somewhat at first from the shake of the shockwave hitting him, and looking around to try and find Daisuke. His ears still ringing from the loud explosion, though he was doing his best to regain himself quickly. Trying to push himself onto his feet, and checking to look for the massive knight who was no where to be found. Not like he could have survived anyways. "Swordsman!" He tried to call out, though it was pretty poorly spoken, as he could barely hear at that moment. Of course, after several more seconds he'd recover from it, and begin headed in Daisuke's direction. "Hey.. ye okay?"
  18. "..Run..!?" Cried Daisuke but Howakhan was already in action running back to the barrels and kicking them towards the appoarching knight. His heart beated faster with ever step the large knight took. Taking a defensive stance he waited for Howakhan to finish as a dagger was thrown at the barrel which in a few seconds the barrel reacted and exploded.Daisuke took off running as the ale splattered all over the knight's armor and so did the fire that started to engulf him. He flailed around before Howakhan was screen delivering a drop kick to the helm of the knight that sent him tumbling back in the directions of some crates.

    "I'm right behind you!" Yelled Daisuke replying to Howakhan right after he drop kicked the knight. Once the knight fell into the crates it exploded again this time like fireworks and explosives backfiring. Daisuke dove to the ground and shielded his head as the loud ringing and banging shook the ground. "Oh fuck we are so not getting paid.." He said as the debris started to shoot into the sky and one more explosion went off before quietly stopping. Daisuke unwraped his arms from around his head and looked up. His eyes took in the whole scenery, most of the camp was gone. Black smoke clouded the area, remants of the tents were still on fire as bodies were everywhere. Bandits, knights, togs all of the fallen filled the camp like a cemetery.

    Walking around trying to avoid the expose the bones and limbs he coughed at the heavy smoke polluting the area and entering his lungs. Hearing a faint voice call swordsman he knew that had to be Howakhan. "H-Hey!.. Over here!" He called out twirling around trying to spot Howakhan and see where the voice was coming from.
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  19. Hearing Daisuke call back toward him Howakhan slowly began to stumble his way over. Lifting his shirt up to try and filter the smoke some as he made his way over. He finally saw the moving feet of Daisuke, and quickly coughed out to let him know he was near. Getting within a closer view before nudging his head toward the nearest area where there was not any fire. Making sure to keep an eye out, and having his hand ready just in case the wind blew another large amount of smoke in their way as he attempted to make his way toward a safer spot. Stepping over bodies, weapons, and debris as he needed. "I wonder how many were imprisoned. I'm pretty sure th' leader escaped.. I saw a ladder leadin' over one of th' back walls." Howakhan spoke as they got near one of the open walls that could lead out. "Do we surrender, 'n' opt f'r imprisonment? Or fight, 'n' hope we don't die?"

    Though, as he asked Daisuke about it, another man stepped up in front of them. Tall, with thick armour that had what resembled a dragons wing coming off the left shoulder pad. Blonde hair, and dull green eyes that were filled with rage at the battlefield that was before him. A large hammer rested at his side, which he held with both hands and left with the head sitting on the ground. The gray metal covered in gold trimmings, and suit from the smoke and ash he dragged it through. Though, before he did anything, he spoke to them. "You can either surrender now, or I can force you in to submission. Either way, you will be imprisoned for your acts today without trial."

    "I see.. I'm sorry, but I don' think I'll be takin' ya up on tha' offa'." Howakhan replied. "I don' like th' thought o' no trial, ye self-righteous province swine!" He quickly dashed at the larger figure. His hands getting ready to redraw his kodachi from the scabbard, but before he could even get a grip on them the new figure had landed a rather powerful blow to his stomach with the head of the hammer. Howakhan's eyes widened as the shock from the pain filled his body. Though he was soon relieved of it as the figure used the handle of the hammer to hit him on the side of his head. Howakhan quickly fell to the side unconscious, letting out a small groan as his body began to cope with the damage.

    "Your turn. Surrender, or be subdued."
  20. The sound of coughing soon lead him to Howakhan. Daisuke did the same as Howakhan covering his mouth with his hand as he followed him continuing to take in the deadly battlefield. It all frighten Daisuke the ambushed kinda made no sense he wondered the real purpose. Listening to Howakhan as he talked about survivors being imprisoned Daisuke's blood began to boil once the leader was mention. "That bastard double cross us!.. We almost died for this camp and he fled!?..probably with the treasure...THE TREASURE!?" Daisuke said but raising his voice made him uncontrollably cough again as the smoke interuppted him of his voice.

    "We'll keep fighting back to back if we have to-" He said replying to Howakhan's words but once Howakhan stopped walking Daisuke looked at him before looking in front of them and meeting the mysterious man who was not like any other soldier they had encountered. Laying his eyes upon him Daisuke tried to remember where he seen this man before. Hearing his demands he clenched his fist trying to make a battle stance but Howakhan was already on it dashing for the man. Daisuke was shocked at what happened next, Howakhan's sharp moves had failed him in that instance as the blow to the stomach threw him off followed by a simple hit on the head which soon laid Howakhan on the ground.

    Daisuke gasped at the defeated Howakhan, He was taken down without much energy and Daisuke couldn't believe the man in front of him had the power to do so. He couldn't tell what this man was thinking or get a read for his body language. He spoke once more asking Daisuke surrender or subdued. He thought for a moment.. "You're not imprisoning me for shit I didn't start!.."

    Pointing his palm in the man's direction Daisuke began to unleash the same attacks he fired with the togs, His hand started to emit that same light but nothing shot out. It puzzled Daisuke as to why it was taking so long but the man approached him calm and quiet and was soon face to face. It scared him as Daisuke quickly tried to throw a punch to his face but the man dodge the punch as if he seen it coming a minute early. The man delivered an elbow to Daisuke's face immediately he found himself on the ground his face was in pain as he looked up at the man the last sight was the hammer coming in contact with his face hitting him like a golf club swing.

    Daisuke laid out on the ground trying to blink his eyes the pain got worser added to all the other injuries he had recieved from this battle started to take a toll on his body and slowly closed his eyes slipping out of consciousness as the armor of the man gleamed along with his hammer Daisuke's fading thought was it was him it had to be their leader. The wind blew on their unconscious bodies.
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