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  1. ● You can call me Gilgamesh or Tyler; I like Ty, but doesn't really matter to me. I'm a twenty-year-old male. I enjoy reading and playing video games. I currently don't have any limits.

    ● I'm cool with role-playing both males and females, and I am definitely willing to double, triple and quadruple and role-play many other characters, especially for the role-play I'm about to pitch to you. And I'd expect the same out of my partner.

    ● I want to better my writing and push myself to new heights, so if you find anything at all wrong with it or somewhere I can improve, don't hesitate to say something. I'll welcome your criticism with open arms.

    ● I have no limits regarding gore, sex, violence, drugs, and swearing.

    ● I really enjoy romance in role-plays and would like this role-play to feature some.

    ● I really enjoy OOC talk.

    ● I prefer role-playing through PMs, so go ahead and contact through PM if you're interested.

    ● My posting speed can be pretty slow, but on the bright side, I'm a patient guy, so feel free to also take your own time responding. I can pretty much guarantee you won't hear a peep out of me regarding posting time.

    ● I prefer to skip character sheets and get right to it, but if you'd prefer to have them, I can whip something right up!

    So, on to the roleplay! If you're not familiar with the comic Fables, it's basically about fairy tale characters such as the Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, Beauty & the Beast, and Jack the Giant Killer come to life who live in our world but hail from a realm called the Homelands, where countless other characters from folktale and legend live.

    If you'd like to know more, here's the wikia (warning: spoilers for the comics!): Fables Wiki

    Basically, what I had in mind was a roleplay based on the Fables comics. However, instead of taking place in our own world like the comics, the setting will be in the Homelands, home to all the fables. It'll follow the major fable characters and how all the kingdoms weakened and fell to the Adversaries, a massive, conquering army that swept through the realm.

    Feel free to PM me if interested!
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  2. Still looking!
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