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  1. Welcome to a medieval adventure. The plot is revenge.

    (( https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/fabled-huntress.54887/))

    It begins with one story, belonging to Lucy the wood elf, but she is not alone.

    "When I was 12 I went hunting by myself my parents dident know I spent hours tracking a buck I found him drinking from a puddle I pulled the string back on my bow as far as it could go I had one chance to hit it so I took my time aimed and released it hit the dear in the heart I went over to the deer and said hyro hyn hidm wanath witch means May he find peace after death. I skinned the buck and took the meat I carried it in sack I was walking I stopped and looked around I saw smoke in the distance it was coming from my village when I got there every thing was burned nothing left I said to my self I will find who ever did this will pay with there HEAD!!!!! 2 years later I still have not found out who did it but I am getting close and when I find him I will chop off his head and feed his body to BEARS!!!!!"

    Name Lucy
    Race Wood Elf
    Voice:soft calm happy sounding
    Languages: English and native toung
    Abilitys:deadly with a bow. Master hunter. Skilled at making healing potions and deadly poison

    Character Sheets:
    Other (optional):
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  2. I am
    u already know mine
  3. Name Anna Leeward
    Gender: Female
    Age: appears 22
    Race: Mermaid
    Language: English, Gaelic
    Voice: Smooth and clear, singing voice is enchanting (siren)
    Abilities: Strong magic, most often used to hypnotize and manipulate. Strength of her grip is impressive.
    Other: When dry she walks indistinguishable from a normal human (except a slight greenish tint to her skin). Being soaked or wading in water any deeper than her knees will immediately revert Anna back into mermaid form.
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  4. So how are we going to start this
  5. Well that's what I was just wondering. I started the in character thread, you can post about what your character is doing now at 14 and I'll end up crossing your path somehow. Sound good?
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  6. Yeah walking across a beach damn it's hot takes off shirt and jumps in the watter
  7. U here
  8. Walks along a beach and desires to go for a swim
  9. Sorry, I forgot you are just starting at Iwaku. I started a new thread in the fantasy section called "Fabled Huntress" that is where you should post about the beach :-)
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  10. (you don't have to quote every time, it's a little distracting) :-)
  11. K sorry
  12. Are you excepting others for this adventure? If so I would be interested.
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