FABLE: The New Heroes

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  1. Raven Primrose entered the New Heroes Guild and looked around inside. It was like a small palace. A stone structure built near the lake in Mistpeak Valley.

    She hadn't been here long, but she was already learning more everyday. Though she was a Hero, she was only good at Skill abilities. At the Guild though, she had began learning more about the other hero abilities. Personally though, Raven preferred being a gunslinger.

    As she left the structure, heading towards the training areas, where there were shooting ranges and arenas with dummies to practice on, another woman walked in.

    This woman was Miss Blair Arleens. One of the few heroes experienced in all three hero abilities. She was the one in charge of checking in on the Guild. Most of her time, however, was spent in the streets of Bowerstone, Albion's largest city. She was one of the heroes in charge of watching the kingdom in the King's absence. She had also been assigned the job of making sure the training of heroes was going along smoothly.
  2. Ella Vorn walked slowly as she examined the Heroes Guild quarters. In her opinion, although it seemed small it made her feel really tiny. She was here for one reason and that was to get stronger in order to defeat the darkness that lurked around and the dangers that approach the town.

    Finally, Ella arrived at her destination which was meeting the trainer. Huh, someone beat me to it I see, she thought as she looked at a younger female who she guessed was another student. Not knowing what to do, Ella stood by the other trainee and smiled politely at her and nodded her head in the direction of the trainer. Hopefully they would not stare at her because of what she was wearing.A hand made dress made by her, it was simple but yet it looked like an art piece. Delicate gold patterns of leaves surrounded her arms in smooth lavender silk. The dress embraced her curvy body perfectly as a long skirt hung loosely at her side. Her medium wavy pale white hair made her features look young and innocent yet fierce.

    "Hello" she said in a smile kind voice as she looked at the female that might be around her age.
  3. The mountain air was crisp, flowers dipped in a slight wind and the crystal clear lake glittered in the sun as Kayla Moroe walked along side the lake in Mistpeak heading for the Hero's Guild after one of her walks around the lake to rest from her training and the guild was impressive to look at from the outside. This place was beautiful and it felt like home already though she hadn't been here for too long, it wasn't so different from Oakfield as it was a place where humans lived alongside nature, after all old stories of heroes and the guild it was also a relief for Kayla and others like her that they could use their powers openly without fear and also learn how to use their skills properly without hurting others.

    Reaching the impressive guild Kayla entered through the large wooden doors and headed straight for the practice dummies again, even though she had a sword to practice with she spent the majority of her time training her Will, it was in her blood and came natural to her. Being new and a stubborn work-a-holic that spent hours a day training Kayla didn't now many of the other young heroes yet and while it was a bit boring at times she was too busy training to take time of herself to socialize. Standing still in the circle with dummies meant for will training Kayla concentrated on the feeling of power coursing through her veins along side her blood, intoxicating and a bit overwhelming at first she almost imagined it crackling and jerking like lightning waiting to be unleashed. Clenching her jaw, grey eyes narrowing in frustration, Kayla drew back her power slightly until she once more let it flow, a small sigh of relief escaped her as she felt the raw heat burning through her veins as the fire waited to be unleashed at the dummy.

    Raising an arm towards the dummy Kayla let the fire fly at the inanimate object, trying her hand at the fireball technique, the enflamed sphere hit the edge of the dummy, her arm had wavered under the pressure of her Will and caused her to miss. Her satisfaction smudged by disappointment Kayla stroke back her long brown hair and prepared another fire ballconcentrating even harder to hit it fully this time.
  4. "Oh, hello," Raven replied. She turned to look at Ella and smiled a little, glad to meet one of the other trainees. She had just gotten there, so it was nice to know that she wouldn't be alone as she wandered around the guild.

    "Well, well," Blair said, walking over to Ella and Raven. Raven jumped a little, startled. The other woman smiled, "New trainees, I'm guessing?" Blair pulled her hair back, tying it in a messy pony-tail. "I'm Blair Arleens. I'm one of the heroes in charge of watching over the Guild, though I'll have to get back to Bowerstone soon," she explained.

    Raven nodded politely. "Nice to meet you ma'am," she said.

    Blair returned the nod and smiled. "Anyway, if you two have any questions, I'll gladly answer them right now."
  5. Ella Vorn looked at Blair and shook her head since she did not have any questions to be answered, at least not at the moment. All she wanted was to start the training as soon as possible and not waste time. She was a bit disappointed that the trainer had to leave soon meaning that there would not been enough time to train their Will abilities. "Oh, I have a question..." Ella said raising her hand like a student would " is there more people coming to train or is it only me and...her" she continued and looked at the girl when she said 'her'.

  6. "Oh, there are others around who will help you train," Blair replied, looking around. Turning back to Ella, she smiled a little. "Most of the time though, you'll have to train alone or with another trainee. We like heroes to try and be independant. Of course, should you need any help, we have plenty of other heroes to assist you."

    Blair looked around once more and sighed, "You just have to find them."

    Raven tilted her head to the side. "Is there no way to communicate with them?" she asked.

    Blair nodded, "Yes, but it's best if the Guild Master tells you about that. He should be here shortly if you want to wait. Or, if you want, you can go out and try practicing. He'll find you." She nodded to the two politely. "I'm going to go check on other trainees, I trust you'll be okay?"

    Raven nodded and turned to the other girl. "Oh, by the way, my name is Raven," she said, holding her hand out.
  7. Uunia started to make his way back to the Hero's guild, the guild he had already broken thanks to a grouping of bandits that had ambushed him along the way. His katana all but shattered, it was much worse for ware, as well as his bow, the draw string snapped after getting away. He was a young hero, but had already started out strong, killing one of the bandit chieftains and clearing out the road to Oakvale. However, despite his more heroic acts, he was considered a big trouble maker. Having gotten used to drinking and going out fighting the guards, and on many occasions killing few of them as well as citizens, many of the other heroes have been weary of him, some confronting him about his encounters in the law. He dared not mouth off to the more veteran heroes but the younger ones trying to make a name, he was not one to shy away from combat. Only two have had the gall to strike him, and both ran back to the guild with arrows in there asses.

    Upon making his way into the guild hall, he stepped from the portal and pulled back his black hood. His clothing was all dyed black, hard leather pants, shirt, gloves and boots. He skin was a sunkissed brown, with his mana lines goin up his arms and starting to show on his face. his hair was long white and unkempt, despite hsi young looking face and the tiny horns starting to appear on his scalp. He had on scar over his right eye, his eyes them selves a bright yellow. He made his way towards the training grounds as he spotted a few new faces. He grined at the sight, and made his way over to the gather, "Well, well, well, seems as though the guild is starting to finally get some fresh faces...maybe I might get a little moving target practice in..." he said with a dark chuckle.
  8. Elle Vorn was about to tell Raven her name when a man appeared out of nowhere. His words made her uneasy but she kept her face relaxed and friendly. He did not seem like the kind of guy that will play fair games but cheat to get his way. Elle eyed him closely, taking in his dark clothes, the white of the hair that was visible and his bright yellow eyes. Somehow it didn't scare her away but made her all the more intrigue. "I head pigs were the right target to practice for moving objects" she said sarcasticly, her tone serious with a hint of mock. Trouble, that is what he looks like amd probably is...
  9. Raven glanced at the man curiously as he passed. He certainly didn't seem to friendly, she thought. She turned back to the other girl. "Um... Anyway... What's your name?" she asked.

    Blair was heading outside to the arena, walking towards Kayla. She had seen Kayla once before, but hadn't spoken to her. "Hey," she called, walking over. "Just checking in with you, how is your training going?" she asked.

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  10. Starting to feel her energy draining as she stubbornly continued training Kayla released one last ball of fire, it was small and not as scorching hot as before. Hitting the dummy leaving it smoldering softly Kayla sighed and brushed back some strands of brown hair from her face, she was debating whether to force herself to continue or not as a woman approached her, it was one of the heroes ruling the guild and Albion in the King's absence.</SPAN></SPAN>

    "Hello ma'am," Kayla said with a respectful nod to the black haired hero. "It's going quite well, though I still lack in many aspects." As often were she stubbornly kept reminding herself of her flaws, it helped spurring her on to overcome them and grow. </SPAN></SPAN>
  11. Blair nodded. "It's good to hear that." Blair had been watching her for a few moments. She could tell that the girl's energy was running out, which wasn't very good. She would have to learn how to challenge her energy in an easier way that wouldn't waste it so much.

    She stepped over. "If I may give you a tip. Try to focus more on what you're going to do, and less on how you're going to do it." She lifted a finger. "What I mean is, instead of thinking 'I'm going to do this' think 'This will happen.' That way, you use up less of your energy," she tried explaining. "Think of the aftermath. That's what I do, at least."

    She shook her head a little. Blair looked up at the girl. "Well, I prefer skill and strength, so my tips on will may not be too good."'
  12. Eileen Webster one of the more longer standing members of the Guild was walking around it, exploring in a way. She knew the area well, eventually she found the area everyone else was in, taking a place near a wall, crossing her arms upon her chest as she watched everyone practice, or teach, it was refreshing to watch so she continued to make her way through the place, her straight sword upon her left hip, loosely hanging in the belt with a black scabbard, it was a type of blade mean't for speed and precision, able to block and counter other swords easily. She took out a practice longsword from the weapon rack, tested it with a few talented twirls and then took up a balanced combat stance, he legs were spreaded slightly, one ahead of the other as her right arm, the one holding the sword flipped over her head, sword tipped just by her ear, then with a single movement stabbed forward, hitting the training dummy upon the neck area, then reared back quickly, swinging once more in a single, quick movement to the leg, right where the knee was, an easy area for armored opponents for this would shatter the knee armor and make bending the knee difficult and the fight somewhat easier. Rearing back again she spun completely around to the right, sending her blade to the other side of the training dummies neck, this would be a decapitation, a kill, she lowered the sword and smiled softly.
  13. "Hmph, I'd think you'd make a better target than some damned swine. At least you would be a far more satisfying challenge." he said as he looked over to Ella with her comment about pigs and target practice. He thought of how easy it would be, given the proper time, to string the arrow at its notch. He imagined the feathers lightly brushing against his already grim covered hands, and the sudden delight of seeing the emmenint death come flying to his target's chest. Such a thought made him sigh wantingly, leaving a satisfied smile on his face. He would then chuckle and looked to his fellow hero in training, "Too bad the Guild Leader forbade many of our combat practices...I miss how did things in the old days. Facing each other in a ring, the only thing to protect you are the sword in your hands, a bow at yoru back, the magic in the other and your wits...such a time I would have longed for. Bit...now I'm rambling I guess..." he said as he pulled out his broken weapons while hearing the blast of a fireball in the distance, "I've been meaning to find that black smith of ours. Ever since he botched my blade last time, I've been weary of sending it to him and now I'm without a decent bandit killer. Have either of you seen him? Perhaps this time I won't give him a good thumping for using shoddy steel." he asked as he looked to both Ella and Raven.
  14. Elle pointed a finger in the direction he wanted to go. It was not far from the training grounds, located on the left. She had been there before countless of times and knew the smith man well enough. Her adoptive father was very good friends of him and since they were kids. Sometimes at he would go visit the man and he would teach her and his father a few things about smithing. "He should be there... do not give him trouble please, he is a good man with a good heart...something you need" she said to him softly as worry creep into her face. She did not doubt this man was dangerous, he thirsted for spilled blood. I can't let him do anything wrong. "Do you want me to show you the way?" she asked as she looked into his yellow eyes with deep intensity.
  15. Desmond shivered as he walked the frozen pathways of Mistpeak, taking as few breaths as possible. With each intake of the stinging cold air, he inwardly cursed himself for not adapting quickly, and hoped that he would before much longer. Such a drastic change in weather was sure to be bad for him in more ways than just the discomforting chills, he thought as he pushed ahead through the snow. Sure enough, only moments after finishing his thought, he sneezed. Once. Twice. Three times in a row, followed by a pained groan.

    The young man stopped for a moment and looked down, holding his face in his hand, "I hope I'm not catching something.. ", he said to himself quietly. He then tucked his hands down into the pockets of his jacket, trying to warm them a little. It didn't help much. The coat he wore was of a thin, but tough leather that wouldn't tear easily but didn't do much in the way of keeping the cold out, dyed white and lined with gold around the sleeves, tail, collar, and two bands each around the upper part of both arms; Appeared to be made more for style than actual warmth. There were two little metal plates attatched to the coat - one at the end of the right sleeve, the other on the left shoulder - and another, somewhat larger plate on the chest of his white cloth shirt he wore beneath his coat, pieced together of maybe five or six smaller ones. Also between his shirt and coat were two bandoleers, one running across his chest and mid-section, starting just under his right arm, and the other wrapped around his waist. Strapped onto his back was the rifle those bullets belonged to, a fine clock-work rifle of master quality, and at his left hip was a side-arm, a steel turret pistol. One look would tell you he wasn't just some villager, visiting kin up in the mountains or going for a hike.

    The young man brought his head back up finally, taking in the view of the guild. How he had missed it before his little sneezing fit was a mystery, the sight was beautiful, in large part because of the lake so close by it. After the initial awe, his first thought was of an artist quickly growing bored after his first small creation, leaving the rest of the impossibly large sheet blank, aside from a few scribbles here and there. There were other little pretty sights here and there, he was sure, but for the most part there was just nothingness.

    He continued onward, moving a little faster now that his destination seemed so much closer, impatient to slip into the guild and warm up a little. Desmond's golden curls whipped around behind him as his pace increased further, nearly breaking out into a full sprint before he'd remember the horribly cold air's effects on his lungs. Only when he'd nearly reached the guild's door-step did he slow down and turn back, finally thinking to make sure his companion was still behind. If he'd left him out there.. "B.. Brody? Are you still with me?", he called out, his eyes searching for the young servant.
  16. "Master Des? Desss...?" Brody O'Darroch called out for his master through his frost bitten surroundings. He had told the older boy he was going off the side of the road to relieve himself, and when he came back, Desmond Cale was nowhere to be found. So, he searched, and searched.

    Until he heard a growl. It started low and deep. But it grew sharper, higher. The young tan man was hard to miss out in the snow. He wore black slacks with a black t-shirt and a simple brown leather jacket with two black outlined pockets on the sides, two on the chest, the wrists were outlined in black, and a O intertwined with a D emblazoned on the back in black. On his face, he wore a pair of black eyeglasses with small round lenses. On his feet he wore black leather shoes and on his hands he had black fingerless leather gloves, and around his neck he wore a bullet hung by a chain. He was sure his shouting hadn't made him less of a target, but he was cursing himself enough as it was.

    "Good doggy..." He said in an even, albeit falsetto, tone. The young servant began to turn around as he reached to his holster on his left leg, above his extra ammo, and grabbed his first pistol he had inherited from his father, a Steel Turret Pistol with a O intertwined with a D engraved on the left side of the handle, like his jacket, and his fathers name, Calum, engraved on the right. The growling came back louder. "Here doggy, doggy..." He knew he was just antagonizing it now, but he was nervous, he was searching all around him but all he saw was white. No source for the growling, and no Master Desmond. He was afraid he was imagining it, but it was so loud...

    He reached to his right holster and brought out the engraved pistol, a Master Clockwork Pistol, that Desmond had bought him for his 16th birthday. It had an O intertwined with a D engraved on the right side of the handle, and his name, Brody, engraved on the left side. Desmond had always encouraged him to embrace his family lineage, even if there wasn't much to be proud of.

    "Bring it on!" Brody shouted as he readied himself to fight it off, whatever it was.
  17. Hearing his name called, Desmond took a few steps toward the voice. Before he could get too close to the voice though, his servant's form appeared to him clearly in the distance, but there was something else. It was hard to make out, but he could definitely see something moving in the snow. Camouflage meant little to nothing if you couldn't keep still, and whatever was near Brody was moving in.

    Without putting any thought into what could have been approaching his young friend, Desmond reached back to grab his rifle, removing it from his back and readying it, butt to his shoulder. He tilted his head to the side, staring down the sights toward the thing that was moving. As the young man's focus tightened, he could roughly make out his target: A wolf. Without hesitation, Desmond pulled the trigger. Hit. The creature stumbled as blood poured from it's hind leg, scrambling to escape.

    Watching the furry white creature flee, Desmond sighed. He flung his rifle back over his shoulder, letting it rest there as he slowly walked over toward Brody. "You alright?", he asked as he neared, his empty hand raising to wave to the younger boy. Hopefully, he'd be so happy that Desmond came to his rescue that he'd forget that he'd left him behind. He bit his lip, feeling some slight guilt for getting the boy in that situation in the first place.
  18. "...He was that close to me. And I didn't even notice.." Brody was in shock, to say the least. One second, he's searching his surroundings, ready to fight off anything that comes at him. And the next? An explosion of blood appears out of nowhere, and just as quick as that, the wolf is gone, and Master Desmond is back. Master Desmond was back. Where had he gone to begin with? He had told him be right back. He should have been watching his back...

    "You alright?" He heard again. He looked up. Master Desmond was waving at him.

    "I'm... fine.. Where were you, master?" Brody steeled his resolve. It was his duty to take care of Master Desmond. Not the other way around. He refused to be deadweight. Not when his master was just joining the Heroes' Guild and needed his support to rise to the top, his master needed him finally, and he was determined to pay Desmond back. He holstered his O/D Pistols and held his hand out to Desmond. "Thank you, by the way."
  19. "I.. Sort of went on ahead.. ", he said, turning his gaze to the bloodstained snow and scratching the back of his head, "But I swear I thought you were right behind me! Really!" He tried to assure his companion that he hadn't actually forgotten and abandoned him, but the regretful look on his face was proof enough that it was a lie. "I apologize, Brody", he said as he closed in, sighing once more, "It wont happen again. I promise. "

    Desmond looked to the hand Brody offered, ignoring it and instead pulling the boy in for a one-armed hug with his free hand. Still staring downward, he held his servant for a moment. "Think nothing of it. I'm just glad I realized you weren't there before something bad happened", he said as he let go and took a step back, lifting his head to show Brody a small smile. "Come on, we're almost there", he said, gesturing for Brody to follow as he turned around, heading back the way he'd gone before. Before much longer, the two would arrive at the guild, perhaps not far off from the other recruits and instructors.
  20. He knew his master, no, his friend, probably his best friend, but he wasn't willing to let Desmond know that yet, had meant no ill-will. But it still left a nagging doubt in his mind. What if Desmond hadn't come back in time? Would he have been able to take out that wolf by himself? Would the wolf had surprised him and taken him out before he even got a chance?

    They continued down the path that Brody assumed Desmond had mentioned led to the guild. He wondered what awaited them, and if they'd be able to conquer what awaited them. As a team, they were unstoppable, but separated? He wasn't sure he wanted to see how that concluded if today was any indicator.

    Finally, the guild came into sight.

    "Whoa." Brody gaped.