FABLE: The New Heroes

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  1. ((Please wait for character sheet approval before posting :D Vm/Pm me as soon as you post your char- sheet))


    It has been one year since the King of Albion defeated the Crawler, a dark-creature from Aurora. Albion has become peaceful and prosperous. Now that Aurora has become part of Albion, there are more opportunities for trade and for jobs.

    However, trouble is once again brewing in the depths of a far-off land...

    In the year that followed the Crawler's defeat, Albion's King re-established the Heroes Guild, a place where heroes would be trained. Children from around Albion were found with Heroes Blood, descendants of the first Heroes, and brought to the Guild to learn. The Guild is where they make their decisions. The can become Heroes of Skill, Will, or Strength. They can be good, or they can be evil. They can be pure, or corrupt.

    Something forboding has happened, causing people to become paranoid and worried.
    The King of Albion has disappeared without a trace. He left no note with his family, he left no message with his guards, he simply left. The oldest Heroes of the New Heroes Guild have been left in charge of the kingdom. They protect and help the people, but they can't help but wonder why their King left. Some believe it is because another great terror is coming to the Kingdom, others believe he was assassinated, and then there are people who believe both.
    Whatever happened, the people of Albion are becoming unnerved. They look to the Heroes for guidance, but even the Heroes are becoming worried.

    Though the threat remains unknown, the head of the New Heroes Guild has recieved a letter from the King. The letter tells of an unimaginable threat that approaches, worse than the Crawler, though he does not say who or what the threat is. He only states that "Training must intensify for Heroes and the kingdom's soldiers."

    Character Sheet for non-Heroes
    Occupation (Blacksmith, Tailor, etc.):

    Character Sheet for Heroes

    Hero Type:
    Position (hero-in-training or a trainer)
    Weapon or Spell preferance:
    [TABLE="class: grid, width: 750, align: center"]
    Heroes of Will

    These heroes are experienced in magic and spell using. Spells they use. Heroes of Will, along with All-around heroes, can do something called "spell-weaving" where they use two spells at the same time.

    Heroes of Skill

    These heroes are experienced in aim. They are the best shooters of the Kingdom. They use pistols, rifles, and the occasional crossbow. (This is a sort-of Steam-punk era, so they don't have AK-47s and such).

    Heroes of Strength

    These heroes are best in melee combat. They use swords, hammers, axes, and other melee weapons.

    All-Around Heroes

    All-Around Heroes are equally efficient in all categories. These heroes are the ones who have been left in charge of the kingdom during the King's absence. (Only 4)


    If you want to be a hero trainer, please PM me first :) Most heroes will be "in training". Also, the same applies if you want to be one of the 4 all-around heroes. Questions and suggestions are welcome. (The identity of the threatening force will be revealed during the rp >:D)


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  2. Interested! Will post char sheet tomorrow, if I'm able :)
  3. Name: Raven Primrose


    Gender: Female

    Appearance: leiawip022_phixr.jpg

    A little hot-headed and stubborn. She won't give up easily when faced with a challenge, even if the probabilities of her losing are high.

    Hero Type: Hero of Skill

    Position: Hero in training

    History: At the age of 16, it was discovered that she was the descendant of an old hero (Briar Rose). She inherited her ancestors skills, being able to aim perfectly with guns and other firearms. Though, prior to finding out about her ancestry, she had only held a gun once before. After finding out, she became a regular gun-slinger, preferring pistols over rifles and crossbows.

    Weapon or Spell preferance: Prefers using the Steel Turret Pistol. Steel_turret_pistol.png


    Name: Blair "Bonnie" Arleens


    Gender: Female

    Appearance: PirateWoman1.jpg

    Rebellious and somewhat rude. Bonnie is only nice to people she likes. Few people are allowed to call her Bonnie, mainly her closest friends and family, others must call her Blair.

    Hero Type: All-around

    Position: One of Albion's new guardians.

    Blair was born to an upperclass family, living in Millfields, one of the wealthier areas of Albion. Despite her background, Blair's rebellious nature always got her into trouble with guards. At age 19 she left her family's large manor and went to live in Bowerstone's Industrial district.

    Though she never actually joined a crew, Blair likes wearing the pirate-style clothing. During the "drafting" period, when the hero descendants were being taken, she was found when she showed her incredible fighting and shooting skills. Though it is unsure who her ancestor is, it is known that she is one of the few heroes with Will, Skill, and Strength abilities.

    Weapon or Spell preferance: Skill: Master Turret Pistol, Will: Enflame Spell (sometimes weaved with Force Push Spell), Strength: Bloodstone Bludgeon
  4. I'd really like to join but I have a question before I fix my character. Even if my character for example is a Hero of Will can they still carry a sword or a pistol for extra protection if they only have mediocre skill with the weapon?
  5. Yes of course, I suppose I should've added that ^^;

    Heroes of Will can carry other weapons :)
  6. Name: Ella Vorn
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    cute mage.jpg
    Personality: Blunt, friendly, forgetful, smart, and polite
    Hero Type: Hero of Will
    Position: In training
    History: When Ella was just a few months her parents decided to give her to another family. Her adoptive parents told her this at the age of 13 but Ella did not took it like most kids would. Instead of being disappoint and angry at them she just brushed it away like nothing. She loved her adoptive family no matter if they were poor. At least, they took the decency of taking care of her knowing that they did not have money to do it. Growing up was hard, but Ella kept a positive attitude when the other kids made fun of her and her poverty. Later as she was turning to be a teen, she learned how to sew and make her own clothes which became popular to the village girls. With that, she made enough money to support and help her family out. Her magic abilities were the one that got her to be accepted at the New Heroes Guild. Her main element was Lighting, something she was really good at besides sewing.
    Weapon or Spell preference: Lighting spell , hidden blade
  7. Approved, but technically, Will is magic, so you need to choose some sort of spell your character uses most ^^;
  8. Okis, thanks :3 I still have to post bio and such.
  9. Awesome, one or two more people and I'll get the IC up :D
  10. Name: Kayla Moroe
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    New Canvas.jpg (Without the longsword and the dog.)
    Personality: Kayla is kind and friendly to others, always ready to help friend or stranger yet she is very private about herself, never wanting anyone to learn her past. Stubborn and a hard worker Kayla is determined to become a better hero than her ancestor and is very particular about keeping to the right side and struggle to remember what is the right thing to do.
    Hero Type: Hero of Will.
    Position: In training.
    History: Born to a loving family in Oakfield Kayla spent most of her childhood as a normal kid, her family wasn't rich but growing up in Oakfield was a peaceful and safe though it had less interaction with Bowerstone than half a decade ago. When she got older Kayla started noticing that she wasn't normal, and she learned that her natural skill at using Will was because of her heritage, the famous mage Maze that were revealed as a traitor was most likely her ancestor. Hating to have that hanging above her Kayla became determined to become a good hero, and as she was accepted by the new Hero's Guild Kayla refused to evolve her skills at using lightning, concentrating on using fire spells instead. As a extra protection in case her magic fails her Kayla carries a small katana, fast and light compared to other swords, she isn't very skilled with it but she knows enough to not hurt herself with it.
    Weapon or Spell preference: Enflame.
  11. Great :D

    Alright, I'll be starting the IC soon. Those of you who are in-training can start off in the Heroes Guild training or exploring the area around it ^^ It's in Mistpeak Valley (since I didn't destroy it xD and Bowerlake is now Millfields). Also, for those of you who may be wondering (maybe not), I'll be bringing Bloodstone in >:3 It never explaned what happened to that town anyway, so we can assume it''s hidden away or something.
  12. Alright! The IC thread is up!
  13. Name: Axel Crowe [sue me]
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dark hair [which reaches his shoulders], Green eyes. Stands at six feet three and lithe.
    Personality: Friendly, snarky and a good friend to have at your back
    Hero Type: Skill
    Position Hero-In-Training
    History: Of the Crowe-Lineage (Hero Name: Gear Crowe ----- )
    Axel had lost his right arm in an accident as a young boy. It had been stumped at the middle of the forearm and surgery fixed nerve-ended metal and wiring to be affixed to the torn muscles so that a hand or anthing else could be attached to it [like knives and such]. Wanting nothing more than to have a career that revolved around fighting but having been robbed of it at an early age, he began to plot around his disability. Liking the thought of using guns and mini cannons, he went around to blacksmiths and got weapons made to work in tandem with his condition. He now has an attachment for everything he needs, grateful that he was naturally left handed and not the other way around. He has an armed attachment that he favors: his gatling cannon.
    Weapon or Spell preferance: Steel Toes(for backup) and Gatling Shotgun [in order shown below...]
    The Crowe Lineage was one housing a mixture of strong and accurate fighters. The men were usually trained in both, but geared toward strength rather than grain-accurate aim. The women were trained to aim because of their affinity with the grace of a bow. Soon, guns came into the world and accuracy was an aspiration of both sexes. Strength training was no longer as restricted from the females as it were before to promote equality between both. [Axel was raised by his mother and took on most of the skill attributes of the lineage. Axel never really had a problem with learning Skill, but loved the hand to hand action Strength brought to the table. Of course, after the accident, he was more or less chained to Skill. At least, until he found a solution in the slums by the name of Ignis.

    Name: Jace Vee [yeah~]
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black hair [reaches his nape] and Grey eyes. Stands six three as well. Slim, but muscular.
    Personality: Hard edged and cold on the outside. But once his respect and 'affections' are earned, they are there for good.
    Hero Type: Strength
    Position Hero-In-Training
    History: (Of the Tzen Lineage)
    Jace had always lived in the seedy areas of the city, having to fend for his life. He was more of a mercenary than a gang member and learned to fight the hard way. He specializes in hand to hand, but uses his axes first. Not much is known about Jace since he is prone to keep to himself more often than not.
    Weapon or Spell preferance: Brass knuckles and Steel Toes

    The Tzen Lineage was one of the lesser-known clans, but no less strong. After Chen Tsai Tien had gone missing after the first war, the clan had more or less faded into the background completely and the members had scattered. That was how Jace ended up in the slums with his mother, both of their surnames changed to Vee for a reason he could not place, but had gotten separated soon enough, leaving him to fend for himself for the better part of his life. The Tzen were Asian decendants who merged with those of Mysteria, (which explains his gray eyes) and were more geared toward strength than anything else. Some leaned toward skill and others will, but strength was their main culture.

    Name: Gauss Vee [will explain this later....]
    Age: 43
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Raid hair, Gray Eyes He is a giant at six nine with scars all over his arms because of his specialty.
    Personality: Gauss is eccentric for his age. He is random at best, and him being serious is almost a rarity. However his skills are a force to be reckoned with.
    Hero Type: Hero Trainer
    History: (of the Tzen Lineage but changed his name) He also grew up in the slums, doing things he wasn't proud of. Soon, he had found his calling from the line of fighting to be a trainer. He loves what he does.
    Weapon/Spell choice: He loves melee fighting but also takes pleasure in skill and magic [more often than not combining the three]. So he uses all weapons and most spells [although he favors earth-imbued ones].
  14. Name: Uunia Galbranth
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: White medium length hair, bright yellow eyes, brown sun-kissed skin,
    Personality: Heavily sarcastic, cruel, and ruethless, he has no time for weak opponents and will kill them on the spot.
    Hero Type: All Around
    Position: hero-in-training
    History: Being the sun of a wizard under the the king, Uunia was thought to be the next Magus to walk the hall of heroes, but after the death of his father and mother from a bandit Raid in the confines of the forest, his view on life changed. With his father working for the king, Uunia was taken care of but his actions after his parents death were rash. Fighting, petty theft, and mouthing off to the guards landed Uunia in constant trouble. After a year of dealing with the rambunctious teen, the King finally decided to send him to the hero's guild after seeing Uunia use lighting on several suits of armor, seeing potential in him. When he was inducted into the guild, the slaughter of his parents motivated him making him want to pick up the sword and the bow more and more to avenge there deaths. He took everything the hard way, going after bandits that littered the road to killing a monstrous bug just after three years of being in the guild. Within the guild, a few could tell that he had a sense of cruelty. His jokes were always dark, his fighting style was ruthless, and in one of the combat training, he actually nearly killed his sparring partner. Now that he is well into the guild and showing that he is not just some lowly student, he now goes on a few of the quests for the guild, taking on some of the more evil inclined jobs that suit his nature.
    Weapon or Spell preference: Bow (Hates guns, "Damned things...too F#*&in loud...") Katana, Lightning, Drain Life, Multi-arrow
  15. Well... It's alright... ^^

    Except, so far, the guild has only been up for a year and if you want to be an all-around hero, you were supposed to PM me and ask ^^; (it says at the bottom of the info/intro part)
  16. Name: Eileen Webster
    warrior_female.jpg For clothing and general appearance, not weapon.
    Shes very calm, going about her ways with an easy preference of speech and honor about things. She can tell the difference between good and bad actions and will always try to do the good thing, whenever possible. She values friendship as well, going through lengths to save her friends and random civilians from danger when it happens
    Hero Type:
    She has been around for awhile, helping out whenever possible. She has become a combat master in general, a hero of all around talents, this would prove useful for the coming days when evil arises once more. Since the guild has been open for awhile and the King vanishing randomly she has took up teaching the new heros, they would need to know how to use their gifted abilities wisely during future battles after all.
    Weapon or Spell preferance:
    She prefers a sword and crossbow over other types of melee and ranged weapons. For spells she favors just about them all but mainly uses Multi Strike, Lightning, Slow Time, Heal Life, Fireball, Ghost Sword, sometimes Multi Arrow if needed, and finally when necessary the Force Push is an excellent win to a situation. Sometimes combining Lightning with Fireball to create a mixed ball or streak of both of them into an opponent is entertaining.