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Political intrigue, fantasy, futuristic, sci fi lite, superheroes, historical fiction, alternate universes. Smittings of romance, but only as side plot.
_____________CHARACTER SHEET___

APPEARANCE || Please use realistic artwork only (No anime/cartoons - If you aren't sure, pop it to me in a PM). You may include a written description as well, if you would like. Please be mindful of the physical attributes according to race and if you have questions, ask.
IDENTIFYING MARKS || Scars, markings or tattoos of significance

FULL NAME (may include nickname/alias/pronunciation) ||
AGE || Please bear in mind the different aging structures and how this will relate to your character's age. Your character should be 15+
RACE || (See me FIRST about using any homebrewed races)
CLASS || (See me FIRST about using any homebrewed classes)
HOMELAND || Where do they originally come from.
ELEMENT ALIGNMENT || Which of the seven elements best suits your character's personality. (see LORE/SETTINGS for this information)
RELIGIOUS BELIEF(S) || (note - I am not using the existing pantheons, so for specific Deity information, ask me)

OCCUPATION || What was or is their day job.
ALLIES/ORGANIZATIONS || Any pertinent allies or organizations to which your character belongs/belonged.

PERSONALITY TRAITS || Four traits which define your character's general personality.
STRENGTHS/IDEALS || Three character strengths or ideals.
WEAKNESSES/FLAWS || Four weaknesses or flaws.
BONDS || What do you hold yourself to? What vows/oaths/promises do you stand by (personal or otherwise?)
BANES || What holds you back? What is your 'own worst enemy'?
MOTIVATIONS || What do they have to lose. Note - the answer cannot be ‘nothing’. Everyone should have SOMETHING to lose.

PERSONAL GOAL || What does your character hope to achieve within their lifetime. This could be anything from career/familial goals, to revenge against an enemy, to unearthing a great mystery. Be creative.

DEFINING ACT || Something from your character's past which helped to define them, today. This could be an act of heroism, a lie they told, a secret they carry or a moment of tragedy.

BRIEF BIO/HISTORY || A brief understanding of their life, as is relevant to the story!

OTHER || Anything else pertinent to the sheet. This can include pertinent family information, weaponry/special items or anything along those lines. (Please run weaponry/special items by me first!)

Fill out the following and DM it to me… Do NOT post it in your public sheet !

1) Conflict (who or what does your character fight or fight for?) --
2) Challenges (what limits your character?) --
3) Mystery (what doesn’t your character know?) --
4) Passion (what drives your character?) --
5) Secret (what doesn’t your character want others to know?) --
6) Rumors (come up with two rumors about your character (things others may have heard - NPCs or PCs) - one is true, one is false) --

NOTE || Stats will be rolled only AFTER characters have been chosen. All characters will begin at Level One - this should factor in to some degree, for their history.
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Piper is a very fair skinned half elf, with proudly pointed ears and rosy freckled cheeks. Her pale, nearly white hair travels past her shoulders and is kept in a messy variety of braids, depending on the day of the week. Piper won’t go anywhere without a merry and friendly smile on her face, which tends to consume all other notable features. Her stomach has an array of stretch marks, as well as a bizarrely placed hummingbird tattoo. She has an array of musical notes tattooed into her arm and forearm. She tends to wear well to do blouses, ranging from pink to blue to white, as well as well cut trousers and knee length boots.

WEIGHT/HEIGHT || 110, 5’2

IDENTIFYING MARKS || A purple and blue hummingbird splayed out near her hip, musical notes crawling along her arm. Three thick, bulging scars expand across her thigh, as well as a thin scratch from her left eye to her temple.

FULL NAME || Naivara Pipilo Lockheart the second, “Piper.”

AGE || 25

RACE || Half-Elf

CLASS || Bard

BACKGROUND || Entertainer

HOMELAND || Cain'Loren


LANGUAGE(S) || Human, Elvish, Uncommon

RELIGIOUS BELIEF(S) || Lusina, worships as a monotheistic religion.

OCCUPATION || Traveling performer and tailor. Salesman. Performer of odd jobs everywhere.

ALLIES/ORGANIZATIONS || Small connection to a local organization called the Ladies' take, is well acquainted with a few noblemen in Cain'Loren. Tends to be noted as a leader amongst poorer children in some areas of the continent.

PERSONALITY TRAITS || Mischievous, jovial, hard headed, spontaneous

STRENGTHS/IDEALS || Quick witted, clever, incredibly loyal

WEAKNESSES/FLAWS || Doesn’t think before she speaks, no filter whatsoever, physically weak, cocky, stubborn

BONDS || Piper holds a particular oath to a bar keep in Ethelemar where she promises to watch over the keep when he’s out of town. Affiliation to many slum members in Cain’Loren. Affiliation to the Ladies’ Take, although it remains slim.

BANES || Pssh, what could hold this small body back other than crippling realization that what she had just planned and executed could go horribly wrong? It’s a fifty fifty concern. Other than that, the inability to not drive a hard punch in a bar fight. Not being tall enough to get the pickle jar.

MOTIVATIONS || Fun fun fun! That and being able to survive another day. Mostly fun and attractive folk. A little coin never hurt. Making friends with the local miscreant children and outcasts is also incredibly fun. An adventure is the main goal man! What’s life without a little exploration and the discovery of a treasure that may or may not exist?

PERSONAL GOAL || Piper’s big goal is to travel the entirety of the continent and make a name for herself. She also desires to create the “perfect” song, one that can make just about anyone adore the music and get her big coin. That, and she really wants to get her stuff back along with new found treasure. Not so much for the fame and glory and wealth, but because she wants to see if she can unravel mysteries and puzzles around them. But again...coin doesn’t hurt.

DEFINING ACT || Piper’s main defining act came in the defeat of a wicked beast that she came along her travels returning home to Cain’Loren after an exhausting track from the coast where she intended to go an expedition in hopes of treasure (The rumors were just that, rumors). The defeat of the creature, what appeared to be a displacer beast, imprinted scars and a new sense of adventure, and molded the young half elf into a confident woman, as well as a platform for all of her bar stories. Legend has it this incredible feat was accomplished with bravery, a trap constructed of twine and a loose tree branch. However this rumor is false, and the unfortunate truth comes down to this. On route home, playing her favorite tune, Piper was horrifically startled by the presence of such a beast, and with one note played wildly out of tune, the creature crumbled in agony, remarkably tumbling off the edge of a well placed ravine. Still pretty impressive, wouldn’t you think?

BRIEF BIO/HISTORY || Naivara was the result of an adulterous relationship between a Cain’Loren nobleman and a Cain’Parrel seamstress. Named after her own grandmother, a woman who had recalled the time before Cain’Loren overtook them, Naivara became a very curious and rambunctious child. Unaware of her own father’s history, she found no hatred whatsoever towards the Cain’Loren people. She was even fascinated by the royal family, and would trek so far as to try and get a decent glance.

However, she would grow tired of slum life, and would eventually slither away from the kingdom to travel beyond the border and see what life had to offer. Naturally, she was beaten down the moment her foot left and she had grown too trusting of those around her. However, after a few scuffles, Naivara learned to fend for herself, and with a new instrument she had stolen in hand, she learned the art of storytelling and would make coin. Using the tactics of a seamstress she had learned from her mother, she slowly cultivated a traveling business and became something of a nomad. Traveling from kingdom to kingdom, trouble to trouble, Naivara had grown a name for herself, little Piper, and was happy to boast with pride her name to the streets. Piper would struggle, however, after her slaying of a beast. Initially, she assumed that this simple kill would be shrugged off, however, it had been noticed. Piper was promised to a prominent nobleman's son in Cain’Loren, despite her traits, due to her bravery. However, realizing she was a slum girl rather quickly, he refused and went so far as to take her things, abandon them with a monster and request she’d fetch them to win his affections.

Piper just really wants her shit back, is that too much to ask?

OTHER || Piper owns a very loyal cat named Leonard that she made friends with in the slums when she returned. She prefers to fight with a bow and dagger, but is not afraid to use arcane magic if required. She’s also been known for...rather lewd, drunken poetry.

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APPEARANCE || Grimm is a lithe and lanky figure, his athletic frame swallowed up by his leather clothing and long overcoat. The jacket itself comes with a hood, which covers up his unkempt dark hair and any other skin that his crow mask misses. The tails of his coat are tattered by choice. Finishing off his outfit is a quiver and longbow strapped to his back, a waistbelt holding his daggers, treats for Mathris, other equipment packs, and a pair of hardy boots.
WEIGHT/HEIGHT || 190 lbs, 6’3”
IDENTIFYING MARKS || Without his hood and mask, one will see a very young male face with ghostly pale skin and pointed ears. However, red blotches decorate him from head to toe, the largest of them all devouring the entire left half of his visage. His eyes are a murky and miserable shade of blue. Finally, a faint line of scar tissue runs around his neck.

FULL NAME || Omedius Phargrimm, aka Grimm
AGE || 23
RACE || Elf
SUBRACE || Pact Elf
CLASS || Archer, Bird Trainer Variant
BACKGROUND || Inheritor

HOMELAND || Mog, Bravgara
LANGUAGE(S) || Common, Elvish, Sylvan
RELIGIOUS BELIEF(S) || Pip, God of Nature (Monotheistic)
OCCUPATION || Grimm was previously Mog’s bird tamer, training and selling them to customers that were interested in advancing their communication with neighboring trade partners. It was more efficient and helped to cut down on wasted travel time, thus earning the Phargrimm’s a semi-respectable position in Mog’s lower hierarchy.
After the incident, he’s now a travelling wanderer, hunting down the rest of his targets.
ALLIES/ORGANIZATIONS || Phargrimm Fated Bloodline (Ex-member)

PERSONALITY TRAITS || Quiet, Merciful, Curious, Contemplative
STRENGTHS/IDEALS || Shooting Accuracy, Level-headed, Loyal
WEAKNESSES/FLAWS || Slow to Trust, Impulsive (Actions Wise), Sometimes Too Detached, Terrified of Heights & Head Injuries
BONDS || Against his will, Grimm is soul bound to the Juniper Tree and birds of the world, the latter which he will hold onto dearly. However, he’s made a conscious oath to eradicate the last three branches of the Phargrimm Fated Bloodline and their trees.
BANES || The biggest bane of all is Grimm’s fear of Death. Whether that be for himself or anyone else. He realizes that stands as a huge block for his plans, as he wishes to destroy the rest of his bloodline, so that will be a taxing internal struggle for him. Along with this, he has a deep connection with his bird, Mathris, and would jeopardize everything else if it meant keeping her safe.
MOTIVATIONS || In Grimm’s situation, he’ll be facing pros and cons upon completing his mission. On the positive end, destroying all of the Juniper Trees and Phargrimm families will bring an end to their horrendous reincarnation ceremonies. On the negative end, a loss will be had--a huge one--and he mentally prepares himself for it every waking morning.

PERSONAL GOAL || Aside from killing the Phargrimms, Grimm would like to show his companion Mathris all of the wonders of Arcane magic, despite it being outlawed. It was forbidden--he knew that. However, it was always a dazzling dream to fantasize about, the delight and awe and colors and lights… The only magic he’d ever seen was the Juniper Tree. Also, if it’s possible, Grimm would like to find a way to reverse the effects of the Juniper Tree Reincarnation on himself.

DEFINING ACT || Grimm could’ve stopped all of this from happening. He could’ve. He still remembered how close his sister was, how in reach she was. If he had been faster and grabbed her before she plummeted… But it was too late for “if only”s. All that mattered was retribution.

BRIEF BIO/HISTORY || Grimm hails from the Phargrimms, a banished group of Higher Elves whose ancestors had performed a forbidden pact in order to gain control over their life energy. To access immortality. However, the attempt was a failure and as a response, they were banished. The Phargrimms migrated north to Bargrava, settling down in the desolate sands of Mog. The public only knew the Phargrimms as a reclusive family that supported themselves well with their Messenger Hawk business.
However, the Phargrimms utilized their messenger hawks and formed connections with illegal arcane merchants in the West, where they obtained seeds for a Juniper Tree. They decided to test the Juniper Tree on Grimm, the oldest child, when he was of age. He was killed, eaten by his father, and had his bones buried at the tree. To his parents’ delight, he was brought back to life… except slightly altered. And not immortal. They decided to try again with his younger sister, whose hand was buried. To the family’s confusion and Grimm’s horror, it didn’t work.
Wrought with guilt and despair for her sister, Grimm decided then and there that this fight for immortality was no longer worth it. The trees and Phargrimms needed to come to an end. So, he stole the rest of his parents’ seeds and left Mog behind in search of the other Juniper Trees.

OTHER || Grimm specializes in Archery and Long Range Combat, along with sharing a bond with all aviary creatures/beasts. However, he only has a telepathic connection with Mathris, being able to see through the bird’s eyes (in which he’s blind for the duration) or hear through her ears (he’s deaf for this as well).

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Fantasy, Realistic/Modern, Magic, Scifi, Romance


APPEARANCE || Brand is fairly plain in appearance. Short, fairly well kempt black hair, gentle brown eyes, fair skin, decent height. If you were to describe an average human, Brand would probably be the perfect candidate. He’s fairly stocky, wears a size eleven shoe… not much else to describe.
WEIGHT/HEIGHT || 5’11” / 175lbs
IDENTIFYING MARKS || An unfortunate accident as a small child left him with a brand meant for a horse on his back upper shoulder/rib cage. This earned him the shortening of his name.

FULL NAME || Brandon Morseau, more commonly known as “Brand”, or “Doctor Know All.”
AGE || 20
RACE || Human
CLASS || Fighter (Monster Hunter)
BACKGROUND || Far Traveler
HOMELAND || Avery, Bethel
LANGUAGE(S) || Common, Elvish

OCCUPATION || Royal Advisor (About to be)
ALLIES/ORGANIZATIONS || The Cairnvord Royal Family

PERSONALITY TRAITS || Kind, curious, lively, thoughtful
STRENGTHS/IDEALS || Loyal, encouraging of others, strangely lucky
WEAKNESSES/FLAWS || Gullible, bad at decision making, patient to a fault, easily distracted
BONDS || Brand values being truthful very highly, as well as kindness. He tries his best to make those around him happy and if given a task will do his absolute best to fulfill it. He considers himself a good friend to all the members of the Cairnvord royal family.
BANES || Brand is very susceptible to guilt and an intense desire to please. He gets nervous under pressure and can be swayed by others easily.
MOTIVATIONS || To make people happy. To figure out how to make himself happy without making other people unhappy.

PERSONAL GOAL || Oh, lots! Brand wants to see everything he possibly can. Every place, every animal, meet many people. Wait, is that just one goal? Or a million.

DEFINING ACT || When he was summoned to an audience with the King of Bethel. That was the moment Brand realized his life was never going to be the same.

BRIEF BIO/HISTORY || Brandon was born to a fairly poor mother, Velora Morseau, in the slums of Avery. There was nothing remarkable about his childhood save for his curiosity, which tended to get him in trouble, especially with his mother. His mother always seemed to have extremely high expectations for Brand, and this often showed itself in the form of throwing him into situations he was utterly unprepared for. Still, Brand learned a lot from these experiences, and Brand likes to learn.
What Brand spend most of his free time on was helping the surrounding villagers. Odd jobs for the elderly, playing with the small. Through word of mouth Brand was offered a small job in the stables of a nobleman. After his excellent work, in fact, he went above and beyond to groom every horse and braid each mane, he was invited to dinner.

A series of events led him to discovering that the nobleman’s servants were actually stealing money from him. A series of events that many attribute to Brand’s exceedingly exception skill and intellect. Deciding to capitalize on this, his mother began to market him to the townspeople as Doctor Know All, and he gained such popularity that the King offered his daughter’s hand in return for Doctor Know All to become his royal advisor.

Feeling rather overwhelmed by this sudden series of events, Brand set off on an adventure of his own outside of his hometown. Rumor is it that Doctor Know All is exploring the world to bring knowledge back to Bethel before taking the princess’s hand and becoming the royal advisor.

OTHER || Brand’s backpack seems unnecessarily heavy. Something that never leaves his person is his journal, which he seems committed to filling. Also, an unreasonably large skillet, food, odd trinkets, water flask...


Little Toe of Justice
_____________Leonard "Kitty Cat"___

APPEARANCE || Leonard is a typical ginger cat of normal proportions. Blue eyes surround slit pupils to aid in night vision or dilate for cute kitty-cat faces. A long tail helps with balance whether he’s on all fours or bipedal.
WEIGHT/HEIGHT || 12 lbs, 10” on all fours, 20” on hind legs
IDENTIFYING MARKS || Faint red stripes upon his fur coat.

FULL NAME || Leonard "Kitty Cat"
AGE || 22
RACE || Cat
CLASS || Rogue
HOMELAND || Mulgrave
LANGUAGE(S) || Cat, understands Common
RELIGIOUS BELIEF(S) || Leonard is your god now.

OCCUPATION || Pampered pet
ALLIES/ORGANIZATIONS || Anyone who feeds him, treats him like royalty.

PERSONALITY TRAITS || Laid back, not one to overly worry, looks on the bright side of things, loves a good laugh.
STRENGTHS/IDEALS || Positive attitude, aims for the simplest solutions, thrives in chaos
WEAKNESSES/FLAWS || Tends to be originator of said chaos, private, stubborn, engages in risky behavior.
BONDS || Leonard can be quite fond of his long term travel companions, particularly because they are a constant source of food.
BANES || Attachment to said companions tend to get in the way of his ultimate goals.
MOTIVATIONS || The world is a scary place when you’re a tiny furry creature. It’s in his best interest to keep taller people around. It’s easier to nap that way.

PERSONAL GOAL || To continue his cushy life for as long as possible and make sure people around him don’t ruin it for him.

DEFINING ACT || Getting caught smuggling shiny baubles out of Fortress Mulgrave. This led to him getting shipped off in a box and into the wide world and larger story.

BRIEF BIO/HISTORY || Leonard was born in the Severed District of Mulgrave. This was hardly the life for any person, much less a cat. He sought to find ways to elevate his life, finding his way into Fortress Mulgrave. He spent a good amount of time living the life of luxury, sneaking food off and playing with all sorts of shiny objects. The guards eventually got sick of his mess, stuffed him in a box, and shipped him off as far as possible, thus beginning his grand adventure.

During his travels, the feline encountered a terrible beast that left him near dead as a snack for later. Fate intervened when this beast was defeated by a young half elf by the name of Piper. Nursed back to health, she gave him the name Leonard. Shortly after, Piper lost all her stuff in a bad deal with a nobleman. While he could have gone on his way, Leonard saw a kindred spirit in Piper. Besides, he sort of owed her a debt anyways. So the story goes: two strays wander the roads of Fable, looking to get rich, have fun, and tell everyone the tale.

OTHER || Inspiration: Puss in Boots.
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Weight: 210 lbs
Height: 6ft 3in
Identifying Marks: A scar on his stomach earned in his duel with his father.

Full Name: Agnar Varinsson
Age: 27
Race: Human
Class: Behemoth
Background: Exile (Panthene ecoclass as a Waith)
Homeland: Farring until exile, now Brenwaith
Elemental Alignment: Earth
Languages: Common, Elvish, Dwarven
Religious Beliefs: Orestra the Blind

Occupation: Agnar was a warrior, and as such, he went on raids until he proved himself. At that point, he started leading raids in honor of his grandparents.
Allies/Organizations: Trygg Vandersson and Layara Ulrickdottir, Waith grandparents who are Panthene. Agnar has spent the last seven years fostering his position within his grandparents’ longhouse in hopes of one day convincing his uncle to give him some men to mount a rescue of Agnar’s mother.

Personality Traits: Focused, Relentless, Loyal, Resourceful
Strengths/Ideals: Friendship, Family, Freedom, Honor
Weaknesses/Flaws: I judge others harshly and myself even harsher, I am exiled from Farring for trying to save my mother, I am slow to trust new people though I will ally myself with new people so long as they are helpful. I fear the obstacles my kingdom of birth might throw in my path so I do not reveal to many that I am from Farring.
Bonds: Mother, Piper, Grandparents, Followers, Women in a similar situation as my mother.
Banes: Father, most things Farmarine (their food is good), I don’t trust easily. I openly stand against cultural issues I deem inappropriate.
Motivations: I used to worry solely about setting mom free, but now I have people to provide for and protect as well. Keeping to the ideals my mother instilled in me is important.

Personal Goal: To save my mother or avenge her depending on what my father has done to her for protecting me. Beyond that, I’d like to settle down with a woman who loves me and raise a family the way I know my mother would have always wanted.

Defining Act: I slew a giant with Piper’s help and rescued a young woman. I also challenged my father to a duel and lost. I was forced into exile for that...

Brief Bio/History: Agnar is the youngest of seven sons. His father was a Farmarine, Varin Baldursson, stole away his mother, Friga Tryggdottir, who was a Waith. After forcing her into a marriage and all the unpleasantries that came with it, she was forced to watch as Varin swept her first six boys into the Farmarine lifestyle training them to be like their father. When Agnar was born, his mother did everything she could to fight to keep her last son close. Whether to get her to stop nagging him, or for some other reason, Varin finally relented and allowed her her youngest son’s affections.

Publically, his mother taught him Farmine ways, but in secret she instilled in her son a love for her homeland and her people. Agnar grew up despising the ways of his father and brothers on the inside while feigning support and delight in them on the outside. His father taught him to be strong and ruthless wielding a great axe without prejudice, taking anything he desired, but his mother tempered it with intelligence and compassion turning him into a man just as deadly with his mind as he was with an axe.

Once he came of age, Varin Baldursson decided it was time for his young son to have a wife. Not confident that Agnar would carry out his duty, Varin held his youngest son back, instructing his other sons to go out and bring back a bride for Agnar. Days turned into weeks and when his sons did not return, Varin sent a servant to search for his boys. What he found was that all six sons had been killed by a giant and the woman stolen away.

Filled with grief and anger, Varin offered anything a man could desire (within his own means) for the giant’s head on a spike. Agnar had no love for his brothers. They were cruel and every bit their father’s sons. But he did love his mother, and for a chance to give her freedom to return to her people, Agnar departed to face the giant.

Along his quest, Agnar crossed paths with a young half-elf woman named Naivara. After she stole Agnar’s money pouch, he found himself stranded in a small tavern unable to buy a room for the night. Hoping to win over the innkeeper through revealing his mission, Agnar began to speak about his brothers and the quest for vengeance he was on in order to set his mother free. Unmoved by his tale, the innkeeper was about to turn him away when an all-to-familiar pouch dropped on the counter between them. Sure enough, standing not too far away was Naivara with a sheepish look on her face.

Agnar was unsure he could trust the thief, but she was persistent...and her abilities were convincing enough to finally win over the young warrior. Together they made their way to the gaint’s home where they discovered that the task was far greater than either of them had anticipated. Once inside the giant’s house, Agnar and Naivara discovered and freed a young woman held captive by the evil being. Their escape was not as simple as their infiltration, though. For when the giant returned, they were pitted against each other and through some fluke, the giant slipped on some oil spilled on his floor. Agnar quickly lopped off the being’s head while he was stunned before setting the place a flame and escaping.

Returning with the head of the giant wasn’t enough to make an honest man out of his father. After his father refused to honor his word, Agnar threatened to end the family line. Only then did Varin relent. However, Friga offered her continued “wifely position” in exchange for the freedom of her sons’ wives. Because the gestured caused his son obvious harm giving him the upper hand despite the financial loss, Varin agreed releasing the six women his sons had married.

Unwilling to leave his mother, Agnar stayed and for two years, he did his best to hide his disdain for his father all the while putting things in motion to whisk his mother away. On the day of escape, his father uncovered their plot and began to violently beat his mother. Walking in on this, Agnar reacted and attacked his father. The two fought and Agnar was badly wounded by his father’s superior skills. His mother saved him from the final blow by striking her husband and wounding him. Agnar and his mother tried to escape, but because of his wound and her beatings they could not move quickly enough together. Sacrificing herself, his mother ensured that Agnar escaped with Piper’s help.

After finding his grandparents in Brenwaith, Agnar spent the next seven years proving himself and rising in popularity within the longhouse. His hopes are to one day return with a band of men to rescue or avenge his mother...depending on what evil has befallen her.

Other: I carry around my mother’s necklace with the Eye of Orestra as a pendant.


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APPEARANCE || She has a strong, athletic build made from a great deal of training, exercise, and labor on the behalf of her guild. She’s a decently tall, solid figure of muscle and soft curves. Her skin is a dark burnt umber that stand is stark contrast to her nearly-white platinum blonde hair. Her hair hands in thick coils, reaching her midback even without being straightened or weighted with water. Her eyes are a pale but piercing gold. Her ears are pointed at the very tips, betraying her elvish ancestry. She frequently wears a combination of black, grey, and white, with the occasional selection of muted colors. Beyond this, she also frequently wears a long, hooded red cloak.
WEIGHT/HEIGHT || 5’9”, 150 lbs
IDENTIFYING MARKS || She has a myriad of scars all over her body, a few noticeable ones on her hands and arms. She has tattoos of wildflowers on her right thigh, marking her as the Foxglove Guild.

FULL NAME || Sienna Kadmir
AGE || 22
RACE || Half-Elf
CLASS || Rogue
HOMELAND || Mulgrave, just inside the Capital city
LANGUAGE(S) || Common, Elvish
RELIGIOUS BELIEF(S) || Most frequently revered deities are The Obsidian Rogue and Kestra, though she’d been known to send a little prayer to Hol, due to her job, as well as Melenna and Soressa, due to being drawn to them. She has a small group of deities she worships as a result. (Polytheistic)

OCCUPATION || Assassin, Criminal for Hire
ALLIES/ORGANIZATIONS || The Foxglove Guild, the Mulgrave monarchy, Lady Kadmir, fellow criminals and assassins

PERSONALITY TRAITS || Facetious, reserved, calculating, curious
STRENGTHS/IDEALS || Resourceful, Adaptable, Diligence. Has the ideals of having undying loyalty to those she serves, as well as personal strength in all forms it takes.
WEAKNESSES/FLAWS || Unwilling to give up information about herself, aloof, withdrawn, Reluctant to make new connections, loyal to a fault
BONDS || Her bond to her kingdom is what she would tell you is her greatest one. More than that, however, she is far more loyal to her guild and Lady Kadmir than even her own monarchs. Given the choice of her kingdom and what Lady Kadmir desires of her, she would choose the latter. She has also vowed to help fellow orphans and abandoned children in the world, in whichever ways she can.
BANES || Her loyalty, even if the face of things that would give her reason to falter in it. Her loyalty in the fact it is first and foremost in her mind and she will gladly let bridges burn for the sake of it. She is a liar, sometimes even to herself. She is willing to believe things she is told, due to who tells her these things, even if it flies in the face of the truth or the fact she knows better.
MOTIVATIONS || Her greatest motivation is serving Lady Kadmir and the Foxglove Guild to the best of her ability. She also serves Mulgrave to the best of her ability by extension, so long as Lady Kadmir is aligned with the monarchy. She’s also curious, despite her saying otherwise, about who exactly her parents are. If she fails her first two motivations, she has the only home and the only family she has ever known to lose. If she fails the third, she loses the chance to ever find another home and family, and to understand where precisely she came from and who she could have been.

PERSONAL GOAL || She wants to make something of a name for herself, as an assassin and a figure of importance. She also wants to learn who her parents are. Her greatest goal at the moment, though, is to keep Lady Kadmir appeased and satisfied with her work.

DEFINING ACT || As a teenager, she made the mistake of allowing an enemy to follow her back to the guild, having been preoccupied with other things. The enemy in question had made an attempt on Lady Kadmir’s life, though after a struggle, was successfully put down by the guild head in question. Sienna has yet to forgive herself for this mistake and has become more wary and far more diligent in the years since.

BRIEF BIO/HISTORY || Dumped on the doorstep of a prominent woman in Mulgrave as an infant, Sienna never knew who her parents were, only that one of them was a human and the other, an elf. The prominent woman in question was Lady Arithiel Kadmir. The frequent savior of abandoned children, Kadmir did with Sienna just as she had done many times before. She brought her to the Foxglove Guild, infamously nicknamed the Guild of Cake and Wine, due to fine food and wine, as well as finer things in general, being an effective method of winning over the head assassin’s favor.

It was in the Foxglove Guild that Sienna was raised with several other children, all of them trained from their youth to become the greatest assassins all of Fable had ever not-quite-seen but most certainly heard of, let alone Mulgrave. The troop of growing children followed the direction and instruction of Kadmir, whom they called Grandmother, due to none of them knowing their parents but instead being taken in by the older woman of indeterminate race, age, and origin. While indeed a grandmotherly figure that spoiled the children under her care, she could be cold, callous, and ingeniously cruel to the children in her care. There were frequent tests of the children’s abilities, as well as how far they were willing to go.

She would ask both minor tasks of them, as well as sacrifices. She would demand the relinquishment of prized items, sleeping outside, facing terrifying monsters in the forests, and breaking the bones of their own hands for her favor and continued affection. This was on top, of course, of pitting many of the assassins in training against one another. Those that failed her, either in these spars or in her requests, soon found themselves even without their “beloved Grandmother.”

Sienna survived into adulthood under the guidance of Lady Kadmir, as did many of the other children, having taken on the elder assassin’s last name as they one by one reached the ends of their training. Sienna herself was frequently employed in spying on the affairs of other kingdoms, infiltrating special events and festivals, as well as a few minor assassinations. Upon completing these final tests, Sienna was gifted the red cloak she now wears.

As of now, she has been tasked with one of her first major missions, supposedly at the request of Lucien Certsei himself.

OTHER || She wears the red cloak Lady Kadmir gave her as a gift quite often. It’s been rumored that the gifts Lady Kadmir gives are….arcane in nature. Sienna denies this; it’s simply a kind gift given by her mother figure. After all, why would Lady Kadmir have any real use for magic?


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APPEARANCE || Refer to image
WEIGHT/HEIGHT || 66kg/170cm
IDENTIFYING MARKS || Calloused palms and calloused feet. Well-worn knuckles and sword training scars. An assortment of light scarring from various incidents in the mountain brush. Has a hit or miss fashion sense.

FULL NAME || Morgan "Davertry", False(?) Prince of Wasslorien
AGE || 17
RACE || Half Elf
CLASS || Paladin
BACKGROUND || Haunted One
HOMELAND || Wasslorien
LANGUAGE(S) || Common, Elvish, Draconic, Primordial
RELIGIOUS BELIEF(S) || Deistic Humanist. Acknowledges the divine, but puts more stock in the determination of mortals than the whims of higher order beings.

OCCUPATION || Vagabond Hero
ALLIES/ORGANIZATIONS || The commoners of Wasslorien. His mom. Assorted commonfolk he has not bothered to keep track of. Village girls, but only in his head.

I laugh heartily, feel deeply, and fear nothing.
I'm confident in my own abilities and do what I can to instill confidence in others.
I am quite superstitious. I see portents in everyday occurrences.
Beauty is everywhere. I can find it in even the homeliest person and the most horrible tragedy.
Bravery. If you want to succeed, you have to take risks.
Leadership. The people need someone to inspire them to courageous acts.
Resourcefulness. Our wits are our most valuable resource in troubled times
Though I act charming, I often fail to connect with others and don't know what friendship is.
I couldn't hide my emotions and opinions even if I wanted to. If people find me unpleasant, that's their problem.
I become irrational when innocent people are hurt.
I talk to spirits that nobody else can see.
Deals are sacrosanct. I never go back on my word.
I am exceptional. I do this because no one else can, and no one can stop me.
It is my right to believe what I will, just try and stop me.
It's not how you feel, who you know, or what you can do - it's how you look, and I look awesome.
Youth. I am a mountain bumpkin who grew up in a cave in the hinterlands and my lack of worldliness often proves my undoing.
Pride. Once someone questions my courage, I never back down no matter how dangerous the situation.
Infatuation. I'm a sucker for a pretty face.
Birthright. I will reclaim my home, and though the path may be long, I will never give up hope.
Fate. A witch told me I have a special destiny to fulfill, and I'm trying to figure out what it is.
Love. I'm a hopeless romantic, always searching for that "special someone".

PERSONAL GOAL || Become King of Wasslorien, restore the kingdom to its former glory, and unite the lands of Fable under a single banner. Purge the world of evil and usher in an era of peace and prosperity. See the world's beauty and find true love. Face his fate, for good or for ill. Goals listed need not necessarily be satisfied in that order.

DEFINING ACT || After earning an audience with King Davertry himself, Morgan attempted to convince the king of his latent princedom. Although surprisingly not executed on the spot for his impropriety and outrageous claims, he was ridiculed and forced into exile under threat of death.

BRIEF BIO/HISTORY || Morgan is a strange lad from even stranger circumstances. He was, or claims to have been, raised in seclusion, deep within the misty mountain caves of Wasslorien. For much of his life, his only point of contact was the austere matriarch he called "Mother", who brought him up in strange, cultish, and insular ways.

It was as far from a normal childhood as it could have been. A constant emphasis on fate and destiny pervaded his time in the caves. Each passing day was another reminder that he was there for a reason. He was a promise from his matron to the Kingdom of Wasslorien, a royal contract fulfilled, a prince of the earth destined for more than life squatting in a cave--if only he were ready to take on the world below.

However, an eternity of rote preparation does not a hero make, so at the age of 16, he set out on his own long before he should have. His life in the caves was cold, literally and proverbially, but he holds nothing against his mother for her peculiar ways or for keeping him away from the world. It was, after all, as awful as she said it was--in both definitions of the word--but the sublime beauty of it all was enrapturing, even if it was not nearly as idyllic as it had seemed on first blush.

But it was as he had been taught: if the world and an ideal come into conflict, it is not the ideal that must change.

It is the world.

...Although perhaps he is merely entering his rebellious teenager phase a few years too late.



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WEIGHT/HEIGHT || 5'11, 155lbs
IDENTIFYING MARKS || A small scar on the right side of his forehead that starts at his hairline.

FULL NAME || Belyth “Bell” Pelendor
AGE || 68
RACE || High Elf
CLASS || Wizard (Bladesinger)
HOMELAND || Cain’Parrel
LANGUAGE(S) || Common, Elvish, Orcish
OCCUPATION || Was once a bladesinger in Cain’Parrel’s army. Now he serves as a sell sword, general wanderer and adventurer.

PERSONALITY TRAITS || Determined, Clever, Passionate, Aloof
STRENGTHS/IDEALS || Love is an ancient calling for which we all exist. The Strong should Protect the Weak, otherwise the strong become tyrants. Limitless and Unyielding are the pillars my resolve is built upon.
WEAKNESSES/FLAWS || I sometimes blame myself for things that happen outside of my control, when others get hurt. My stress can vent itself in anger. I fear I may be chasing a lost cause, and perhaps I should move on with my life.
BONDS || Belyth is bound by the Bladesinger Oath, which he has stripped down to include all people and not just Cain’Parrel since there no longer a Cain’Parrel to defend. He is also bonded to a merchant in Bravgara. He’s done work for this man in the past, and returns to him if summoned. And then there is, of course, Acadia, his betrothed, and Lindyr his mother.
BANES || Belyth's temperment can shift wildly and quickly if he doesn't have something to keep him occupied. He fears for his quest, and holds onto a certain amount of guilt and shame for his past.
MOTIVATIONS || His hope of finding Acadia, his faith in people. Much of Belyth’s unwavering resolve comes from the fact that he has always managed to find a trace of Acadia, and oftentimes in the most remarkable of places from the unlikeliest of people.

PERSONAL GOAL || To find his lost love Acadia and mother Lindyr.
DEFINING ACT || Belyth didn’t win any honors in the war. Instead his defining act was when he traveled to Bravgara and fought in the Meeting of Champions. He didn’t win by any means, but he did do well enough to begin his career in the underground world of Bravgara gladiatorial pit fighting. This led to sponsorship by a patron who helped fund his passage west.

BRIEF BIO/HISTORY || Belyth was born a commoner, the son of a widowed tailor.Despite his low social status he was granted unique access into the lives of Cain’Parrel’s nobility because his mother was the royal tailor. His first time setting foot into the palace was the most important moment in his life; when he first set eyes on the princess Acadia Silwen, the woman he would fall in love with.

Later on his mother would remarry a knight apart of a renowned order of bladesingers loyal to Cain’Parrel. Belyth gladly accepted his step-father’s tutelage as a squire studying the arcane and practicing the martial arts. His passion for the art was largely inspired by the fact that the bladsingers studied at the palace, where Belyth had the chance to meet with his childhood friend Acadia, exchanging glances and small talk whenever they were able.

By the time he was considered a man by his culture’s standards, Belyth’s relationship with Acadia blossomed. Much of their time together was spent in secret but their adolescent eloping did not go unnoticed, especially by the royal family. Their relationship was problematic in that Cain’Parrel and Cain’Loren would exchange the honor of strengthening political bonds through marriage. It just so happened that Acadia’s hand in marriage was politically bargained off long before she had ever even met the man it was supposed to go to. But something strange happened when the King and Queen of Cain’Parrel decided to approve of a marriage between Acadia and Belyth.

This was one slight among many that Cain’Parrel had to answer for. Belyth defended his kingdom as best he could against their invaders, but they were quickly overrun. Cain’Parrel was never equipped to defend against a full onslaught of its southern sister and Belyth barely made it out with his life. It was probably one of the swiftest campaigns in Fable’s history. After their defeat, the royal family refused to bow to their invaders which guaranteed a life in exile for them. Belyth and Acadia were separated, as was he from his mother, his step-father perished in combat.

Ever since, Belyth has spent his time wandering the world, searching for his lost princess.

OTHER || Belyth has a wooden longsword in his possession. The magic that enchants this weapon makes it more durable than steel while retaining a razor sharp edge. It’s his badge as a bladesinger. Belyth's familiar often takes the form of a black cat he's lovingly named Tyr.
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Rests Chin In Hands

Anhlan Ai

APPEARANCE || While petit, Anhlan is well toned underneath the layered garments. There is still a bit of softness about her complexion that lingers from her youth. Her round face carries a soft contour upon shallow cheek bones and a long nose that gently curves. Her dark eyes carry a bright spark of determination and focus within them. The length of her incredibly straight and thick hair reaches down to her hips and is often fashioned away from her face in braids and tethers.

She is a simple woman from complexion to attire. The only feature that sets her apart from her current neighbors in Mulgrave is her apparent ethnicity. It is obvious she hails from Kyxia just in her face alone. Her accent has lessened over the years as she has learned the language of Fable quite well.

WEIGHT/HEIGHT || 5'4" | 110 lbs
IDENTIFYING MARKS || Her appearance is foreign. She will have minor scars along her body, but nothing of note.

FULL NAME || Anhlan Ai, Ana the Carpenter
AGE || 27
RACE || Human
CLASS || Blood Hunter
BACKGROUND || Far Traveler
LANGUAGE(S) || Kyxian, Common
RELIGIOUS BELIEF(S) || The Pale Lady - Known in Kyxia as White Lotus, she embodies what the Nightingales practice and train for. White is a common color among their appearance, and they wear masks of the White Lotus when in battle as a way to “channel” her energy.

OCCUPATION || Carpenter
ALLIES/ORGANIZATIONS || As a foreigner and an exile, Anhlan currently has no ties.

PERSONALITY TRAITS || Focused, loyal, caring, kind
STRENGTHS/IDEALS || Trained fighter, tactician, keen observation
WEAKNESSES/FLAWS || She has a weakness for people in need, a desire to save everyone against the odds, a resistance towards getting involved in large affairs, and issues finding flaws in people she cares about
BONDS || While no longer part of the Nightingales, she still holds herself to the organization’s code, and still feels loyal to Kyxia and her king
BANES || Her upbringing causes a war within herself. She wishes to punish herself for acting against the law, but also feels it was flawed and unreasonable. This makes it difficult to make social decisions.
MOTIVATIONS || She could lose herself and what makes her human. She is constantly trying to determine what is truly right and wrong, and what is acceptable, and how to live. She wants to feel free, especially from the burdens of guilt.

PERSONAL GOAL || She wishes to find a life she is satisfied with.

DEFINING ACT || The forbidden love affair with a prince

BRIEF BIO/HISTORY || It was said the song of her sword was of legendary chimes that lulled her enemies to a peaceful end. She hailed from a land distant from Fable and grew up in a regimented practice to become one of the king’s elite warriors known as the Nightingales. Anhlan was selected from her impoverished family to live a life of servitude to their ruler, King Zhuu. The Nightingales were forbidden from love, for in their oath their love was to their divine king and all that he ruled.

Her dedication and skill granted her high favor with the king. She showed an aptitude to the sword like no other in the land, taking to it like a form of art. It was this which mesmerized her foes and which eventually garnered the interest of King Zhuu himself. Having heard tales of her swordsmanship in honor of her king and kingdom, he requested her presence to witness her talents up close. After being given a beautiful display of her skills, Anhlan was given the role of the king’s personal bodyguard. Anhlan accompanied the king wherever he went, even when he was with his family.

King Zhuu gifted her with a golden sword after they had spent a year in each other’s company, for he had grown quite fond of her. They had experienced a time of peace, and it was to commemorate their accomplishments together. It is her most prized possession, even to this day.

Over the few years Anhlan spent as the king’s personal bodyguard, she had come to know the royal family quite well. It was in this time she met and fell in love with King Zhuu’s first son, Prince Ghenin. It was a slow and hesitant beginning filled with quiet rendezvous and unspoken conversations just by expressions across a room. Eventually they grew much bolder and would cleverly run off into the woods or darkened corners of the palace. While forbidden, they felt unstoppable.

They kept their love for each other hidden for years until the threat of war came to their doorstep. The king became suspicious of the two and ordered Anhlan to the front to serve him on the battlefield. Her renown with a sword was furthered until her capture by the enemy. Having a keepsake on her given by the prince, the enemy knew she was important enough to use as a bargaining chip.

Outraged by this revelation, the king forbade anyone to rescue Anhlan. But the prince left in secret for his love, which upon her release resulted in his death. Anhlan was marked as a traitor, but the king’s fondness spared her life. Instead of facing execution, she was exiled and disowned.

She still carries with her the golden sword and the sorrow of so much lost, but it has hardened her heart over the years. Now presiding in Mulgrave, she has abandoned her former life entirely. The golden sword has been tucked away in secret, though close at hand and heart. No one in town knows who she was in Kyxia or of her renown with a sword. They know her as Ana the carpenter, and her renown now rests in her adored rocking chairs.

OTHER || Her golden sword is said to “sing” as it swings through the air. She still has her white mask as well.

Mundane Monster

The most uninspiring of monsters
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WEIGHT/HEIGHT || 155 lbs / 5'9"
IDENTIFYING MARKS || White tribal markings (lines and dots) on her face, arms, torso, left hip, and legs.

FULL NAME || Baseera Okomo
AGE || 19
RACE || Human
CLASS || Druid
BACKGROUND || Outlander
HOMELAND || S'priga
LANGUAGE(S) || Common (Spoken only. Baseera is illiterate.)
RELIGIOUS BELIEF(S) || Panmar the Tested - Goddess of Glory, Pride, Strength, Zeal, and Fighters

OCCUPATION || Doer of Odd Jobs (read: usually unemployed)
ALLIES/ORGANIZATIONS || The S'priga Tribe, Boglow's Traveling Circus (she traveled with them for a few months)

PERSONALITY TRAITS || Impulsive | Amicable | Courageous | Boisterous

Head over heels: Baseera is double-jointed.
Let's be pals: If you're cool, she wants to be your friend. It doesn't matter what race or gender. Unless you're a jerk.
Pup whisperer: Baseera spent most of her life raising and training war dogs, so she's somewhat of an expert when it comes to them.

Fidgety: It's almost impossible for Baseera to stay still. She's always moving, always bouncing on the balls of her feet, fiddling with random crap she's picked up. It's not the best trait when you need to be stealthy.
Man-centric: She is very interested in the differences between men and women. She likes to get up close and personal to stare at them. She can be incredibly touchy-feely and often doesn't realize that she puts herself in danger when she runs up and touches men she doesn't know.
Ha! Nerd!: Intelligence isn't Baseera's strong suit nor is she interested in making it so. She can't read, she gets bored easily, and she often makes fun of smart people. Or anyone who even so much as flips through a book.
Animal Fanatic: As a druid, Baseera feels a certain connection to animals. Unfortunately, she also feels the need to rescue any animal which she thinks is being abused. She is often mistaken.

All dogs deserve to be happy and Baseera will make sure of this.

BANES || Her impulsiveness...And her illiteracy. Life would be so much easier if she could actually read signs instead of guessing what they say. She'll never admit this though.

MOTIVATIONS || To see the world. What lies beyond S'priga?

PERSONAL GOAL || To start her own tribe. Baseera isn't a fan of how her people do things. She was told since she was a child that men are useless, only good for breeding and nothing else. But on her travels, she saw men doing basically all the things! Some of them may have been annoying or crude, but Baseera was also annoying and crude! After she's finishes traveling, she plans to collect a couple of choice males, and make her own tribe!

She realized that men weren't useless when she found out that the tribe's midwife takes the baby boys to a nearby church to be raised with the hope of them growing into something useful.

Her childhood friend was brutally murdered in front of her.

BRIEF BIO/HISTORY || Baseera Okomo was born into a S'pigari tribe that specialized in breeding war dogs. The Okomo's bred war dogs for the tribe and thus they were held in high regard by the S'prigari leader, Shasta Carbeck. Baseera loved the dogs her tribe bred and she seemed to have a special connection with animals in general, but her heart wasn't in it. She was always asking questions about people--and most alarmingly, men.

When she was seven, one of her sisters gave birth to twins, one girl, and one boy. The girl was quickly embraced and kissed, while the boy was left crying on the birthing mat. The midwife took the baby boy and as she prepared to leave the village, Baseera came to question her. She demanded to know where the midwife was taking the baby to which the midwife responded that she was taking the baby to a nearby church. "Hopefully, he'll grow into someone useful," were the Midwife's words. Baseera was dumbstruck because, before that, she assumed boys and men were useless. After that day, she became interested in the world outside of the tribe.

When Baseera was twelve, a group of older girls told her and her sisters that there were men living nearby their village. The older girls neglected to mention that these men were in fact, Wilde Men. Baseera and her friends snuck out of the village late at night to see the Wilde Men. Their plan was to simply look, but they underestimated the intelligence of these men who they were told were stupid and useless. A massive Wilde man came upon the group and proceeded to snap one of the girls in half. Baseera and the remaining girls were eventually saved by a S'prigari bard who managed to charm the Wilde man long enough for them to escape, but Baseera will never forget the look in her friend's eyes as the Wilde man snapped her like a twig. She can still hear the crunch of bones and the hoarse gurgling scream when she dreams.

When she turned sixteen, Baseera left her village with the promise that she would return. But even as she said those words, she was sure if she would. She joined a traveling circus while on the road and performed with them for a while, before leaving them on good terms to find more adventure. She's been moving from place to place since then. Helping and observing where she can. And of course, fighting whenever possible.

OTHER || She travels with her "war dog", Chicken.
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APPEARANCE || Chise has a pretty face by human standards and though she smiles often, she lacks the smile lines around the eyes and lips seen in someone as chronically cheerful as she seems to be. She has a confident stride (given how short she is) and her voice is a pleasant, soft alto with no trace of a Dwarven accent (although her Common definitely has a Remorian accentn). Her figure is surprisingly slimmer, softer and lighter for a Dwarf.

WEIGHT/HEIGHT || 4'2", 121 lbs
IDENTIFYING MARKS || Besides being short? Chise's skin and hair are just a bit more flawless than they should be. Her body is perfectly symmetrical, including her face, which can unconsciously induce a sense of unease in onlookers who usually can't quite put a finger on why she seems 'off'.

FULL NAME || Chise Fireforge
AGE || Appears to be in her late 20s for a human, which suggests she should be between 80 and perhaps 130 years old for a dwarf.
RACE || Mountain Dwarf
CLASS || Sorcerer
HOMELAND || Remoria
LANGUAGE(S) || Common (fluent), Dwarven (accented)
RELIGIOUS BELIEF(S) || "It's complicated"

OCCUPATION || Handmaiden to the Lady of Remoria.

ALLIES/ORGANIZATIONS || The Lord and Lady of Remoria.

PERSONALITY TRAITS || Friendly, calm, introspective, respectful.

STRENGTHS/IDEALS || Chise has an unflagging work ethic that won't quit. She's powerfully loyal to those she gives her loyalty to. She's smarter than she usually lets peoplep see and thinks things through.

WEAKNESSES/FLAWS || Obsessive towards whatever she's working on and doesn't like to stop. She never questions her trust in others, once trust is given. She's relatively uninformed about much of the world and doesn't know customs or behaviors foreign to Remoria. Her appearance can unsettle those perceptive enough to pay attention to her.

BONDS || Chise is loyal to the Lady Leia Torn of Remoria above all. She's also loyal to the Remorian nobility and the people of Remoria in a general sense. Chise is exceedingly careful about making vows, oaths or promises because she considers herself bound by them.

BANES || Her singlemindness means she has a hard time switching courses of action, once committed to. And, of course, she's a dwarf which means she's short. Worse, she doesn't seem to connect to other dwarves any better than she usually connects to humans and other races.

MOTIVATIONS || Chise is a woman on a mission to find a witch. She's willing to help others with their goals, if they'll help her with hers, but her determination to track down a certain witch is something she thinks about every hour of every day.

PERSONAL GOAL || Chise has given very little thought in her life to her own wishes. But, in the long run, the idea of finding a nice spouse to settle down with will appeal to her greatly, once she realizes it's something she wants. Kids too!
She also has certain metaphysical questions about the nature of existence she'd very much like an answer to, if answers even exist...

DEFINING ACT || No one notices the dwarf. She's short, small, and is good at hiding in places people aren't used to looking in. Which is how she heard of a pair of Torn loyalists plotting to kidnap the Lady Leia Torn, beat her to within an inch of her life for selling out to the Madgars, and then blame the whole thing on the Madgar family. Holding back from ending the threat right then and there was the hardest thing Chise had ever had to do.
When her testimony and certain corroborating evidence put them on a gibbet a week later, she had her satisfaction.

BRIEF BIO/HISTORY || Chise Fireforge's origins are shrouded in mystery. Her earliest appearance was in the court of the Lord and Lady of Remoria, in service to Leia Torn just after the Lady was married to Lord Edwin Madgar. She waited on her Lady, performed errands for her and was known to advise her from time to time.

A few months ago, Chise seemingly left her lady's service and set out to travel the land on her own. She isn't known to have any family or friends outside of Remoria and even most inside the nation don't know she exists (or dismissed her for being a Dwarf in the otherwise human court). Chise has managed to earn her keep as she travels, though, through a combination of cunning, hard work and the discrete application of magic.

OTHER || Chiss wears a pair of fighting knives on her belt and carries another pair of daggers balanced for throwing tucked away inside her cloak.