Fable Orphanage

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    Girls' Dorms
    Name|Age|Female|Grade|Played By...
    Dorm 1
    Rosamund Ackermann|6|Female|Kindergarten|Played By... Polystical
    Pandora Foster|9|Female|Fourth|Played By... Felilla
    Dorm 2
    Klarissa Accardo|14|Female|Freshman {9th}|Played By... KayLove
    Nadia Lewis|12|Female|Seventh|Played By... Polystical
    Dorm 3
    Charlotte Evans|13|Female|Eighth|Played By... Kitsune
    Dorm 4
    Xiomara Romanov|17|Female|Junior {11th}|Played By... spoopily
    Hazel Richards|7|Female|Kindergarten|Played By... Kitsune
    Dorm 5
    Riley Adams|13|Female|Seventh|Played By...Ruby
    Benevolence Pinch|16|Female|Junior {11th}|Played By... Felilla
    Dorm 6
    Valentina Conti|17|Female|Junior {11th}|Played By... Karma200

    Boys' Dorms
    Name|Age|Male|Grade|Played By...
    Dorm 1
    Andrew Kitzman|5|Male|Kindergarten|Played By... KayLove
    Wesley Petersen|16|Male|Sophomore {10th}|Played By... Kitsune
    Dorm 2
    Alexander Ross|17|Male|Junior {11th}|Played By... Ruby
    Edgar Abernath|17|Male|Senior {12th}|Played By... Felilla
    Dorm 3
    Lucas Baskette|15|Male|Freshman {9th}|Played By... Ruby
    Alphonse Abernath|12|Male|Seventh|Played By... Felilla
    Dorm 4
    Hyun-Ki Park|16|Male|Sophomore {10th}|Played By... Polystical
    Phoenix Keller|17|Male|Junior {11th}|Played By...Poetic_Justic3
    Dorm 5
    Leo Benning|16|Male|Sophomore {10th}|Played By... Sashakiki
    Jamie Davidson|14|Male|Freshman {9th}|Played By.. Poetic_Justic3
    Dorm 6
    Ignacio Romanov|17|Male|Junior {11th}|Played By... spoopily
    Josey Thompson|18|Male|Senior {12th}|Played By... ForgottenBlood
    Dorm 7
    Hayden Sinclair|18|Male|Senior {12th}|Played By... Hamburglar of the Lord

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  2. Pan Foster
    Pan gripped her stuffed bear, Nesti, to her chest as she stared up at the large building she would be living in. This was it; this was Fable Orphanage. Of course, she knew this wasn't the actual school. This was just the girls' dorms, tucked away from the rest of the campus, behind a beautiful garden. It would be a pain to walk to the main school building, but buses were provided. She knew all of this from the pamphlet, which was tucked away in her adorable Frozen backpack, courtesy of Miss Fable herself.

    Pan couldn't help but think how wonderful Miss Fable was. She had only met her once, during Pan's interview, but it was obvious she had a beautiful soul. She had provided Pan, a girl who had very few possessions, with clothing and Nesti and luggage. She even gave her a budget to personalize her room. Miss Fable was one of the few people that made Pan feel like Pan, a girl who was a bit more mature than other children her age.

    With a sigh, Pan walked up to the door and pressed the doorbell button. Behind her was Missus Lori's car. She would miss Missus Lori, but she was happy to find a place she could stay unless she got adopted. Missus Lori carried her bags for her as they waited for someone to open the door. A moment later, a pretty, yet slightly awkward, lady answered the door with a smile on her face. "Ah, you must be Pandora. I'm Nelly Locke," her accent was a South African one, although many people would confuse it for British or Australian. For Pan, it was unmistakable.

    She nodded and dropped her gaze. "Would you like to see your room?"

    Pan nodded again as Miss Nelly reached out for her bags. With a small exclamation, Pan turned around and gave Missus Lori a hug. "Call me if you need anything," Missus Lori whispered as she returned the hug.

    In the next few seconds, Missus Lori had let go and was already driving down the path, leaving Pan alone with Miss Nelly. "Come with me," Miss Nelly said.

    To Pan's surprise, she didn't grab her hand. As she was wondering why, Miss Nelly said, "Lillian said you didn't like being treated like a child."

    "No, ma'm," Pan answered immediately. The fact that Miss Nelly could remember such small details about many different children was remarkable.

    "Well, here we are," Miss Nelly pushed open the door to Pan's room, which was already decorated on one side. "You don't have a roommate quite yet and classes don't start for a few more weeks, but feel free to make yourself comfortable."

    "Thank you," Pan walked into the room just as the doorbell rang. Pan walked over to the desk, where her hamster, Wendy, was. "I missed you, Wendy. Been doing good?"
    Ben Pinch
    Ben sighed as she wound her way through the gardens. She had already ditched her social worker and was simply exploring the grounds. She felt no need to go to the house just yet as she swung her bags back and forth. She spun in a circle and jumped once. Pluto barked and jumped up on her. "Shh!" she bent down and pat her dog on the head. "No, no, no. You have to be quiet."

    A voice replied and Ben froze.
    Edgar and Alphonse Abernath
    "You ready for this, Al?"

    Alphonse shook his head as they approached the door. "No."

    Edgar laughed and gave his little brother a side hug. "You'll be fine."

    The two of them walked up to the door and pressed the doorbell. No one answered for a few minutes and the two brothers looked around awkwardly.
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  3. Andrew

    Andrew has already made it to his dorm room. At the moment no one else was there, which was a good thing because at the moment he ran around with a pet rabbit on his head.
    The young boy didn't have much in his room, just what was provided and his soccor ball. He had no cage for Tikki, he didn't the little bunny to 'be in prison'.
    After running around the room, for almost no reason but for excitement that he got his own, he placed Tikki down on the bed and started to dribbling the soccor ball between his feet.
    Andrew wasn't that good with soccor, since he was only five, but he still enjoyed it.


    Klarissa made her way towards the building that was the Fable Orphanage.
    She had just arrived and would be figuring out her dorm room. The girl carried only one suitcase along with her guitar. Along side her was a rottweiler she named Balthasar.
    Klarissa had SAD that would normally start around November, but instead of looking for help, she would keep to herself and stick with Balthasar for company.
    The temper she has was a result from her past, but she is able to mostly channel that anger through her guitar.
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  4. When the brother and sister arrived to the orphanage, after several minutes, they split up to check out their dorms.

    I should be more cynical and tell myself it’s not okay , {To feel this good when I’m with you} , I try my best to fight it, say I hate you but I always stay... Woah, woah, woah cause...Nobody Love by Tori Kelly

    Tiny walking around with her pug companion, Happy. She turned some corners, shifting her bags over her shoulders as she looked around for her dorm number. She seemed to be going the wrong way after a while, and was grateful Ego wasn't there to witness it. She turned around, waiting for her puppy to catch up before walking forward, passing the door just as the bell rang.

    She looked down at her puppy before opening the door slowly. "?" Just seemed to be two other people and she held the door open. "Evening!"

    They can't comprehend, Or even come close to understanding him, I guess if I was boring they would love me more. Guess if I was simple in the mind, Everything would be fine. Maybe if I was jerk to girls, Instead of being nice and speaking kind words, Then maybe it would be OK to say then. I wasn't a good guy to begin with...Man on the Moon by Kid Cudi

    Antony was strolling to his room, having no pet yet to look after. He found the room with ease and opened the door, peering inside. He was actually informed that he indeed had a roommate, and he wasn't sure how to feel about that. Tiny did get lucky and had no roommate to speak of just yet, and he had to scramble to probably not cause any trouble for the roommate who didn't seem to be here just yet.

    He rested his bags on his chosen bed, winded his shoulders and starting to unpack. He first rested his basketball on the bed, wondering if they had a court to go with this massive place. "Hm."
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  5. The Edwards Twins
    The twins were riding the city bus down to where they would be staying. Earlier that morning their parents packed their bags and loaded them onto the bus and told the bus driver where they were going. She agreed, but the driver didn't look like she really liked what they were doing to them...who would? They were only five years of age and their parents already oped out on keeping them. Their parents just said that they were going to live somewhere else away from home and them, never to see them again. Of course they cried, but of course they left anyway not knowing what to do when it was time for them to hop off of the bus. They had never seen an orphanage before...neither a school since this would be the first time they'd ever stepped foot into one. Jaylen rubbed his eyes and laid his head on his brother before dosing off without Kaylen minding. What was in store for them next? Who knows...what they hoped is for some direction and an explanation on why they had to move away. As Jaylen dosed off, Kaylen's mind wandered wondering whether their parents still loved them...or even cared anymore. These thoughts are not what he wanted to think, but how could he not? He began to rub his eyes as well, but for a different reason. Water began to over fill and he suddenly started to sob once more unable to hold it in for the short time he did. To take his mind off of things, he picked up Tina's cage and poked her, earning a small lick from her as she went on and ate her food. He chuckled a bit and continued to watch her do whatever she was doing.

    Soon, the bus had slowed down and came to a stop. The bus driver parked the bus then got up and walked to where the two boys were sleeping. She tapped them gently, "Wake up hun, we're here." she said nicely to the both of them. The two of them yawned and rubbed their eyes before standing up and going on their tippy toes to look out of the bus window. The place was huge, at least to them and they actually felt a bit excited and scared to go inside. The driver chuckled a bit and grabbed their bags, "Come on, i'll help you inside." she told them before going off of the bus with them following behind, one having Tina's food and cage in hand. They both went into the front office with the bus driver who had their papers and checked them in. She then lead them up to their room and unpacked their things then put them away before having a talk with the two, telling them things they should know before she headed off. When she finished, they both nodded then hugged her back before watching her wave goodbye and leave the room. The two boys sat in the middle of the floor and watched Tina, not knowing what to do next. "Kay...want to play with our cars?" Jaylen asked. Kaylen nodded and sat the cage up on the drawer then took his car and controller out just like Jaylen did. They both giggled and started to have a little fun despite the sudden changes in their lives.
  6. (I've had really bad writers block so this post isn't the greatest, I promise I'll write more in the future.)​

    Riley Adams

    Riley slammed the door shut behind her, her bright blue eyes giving the room a once over. "Thank God that's over." she groaned. Her head was already pounding and she just got here. The lady downstairs wasn't any help either, with all her perkiness and such. She despised people like that, after all, her foster parents had been that way. And anything that had to do with her foster parent's she hated. Walking over to the bed by the window, she sat her stuff on the bed and began unpacking her things. Once she was done with that, she ran a hand through her messy, blonde hair before laying down on her bed.

    Alexander Ross

    Alex tightened his grip on his bag as he walked towards the front doors of the boy's dorms. He was looking down at the ground for most of the way, not really wanting to make eye contact with the other two guys waiting at the door as well. His social worker had dropped him off and was already driving away, Alex only wished that she didn't leave him here. He didn't want to be here, in fact, he didn't want to be on this great big earth at all. Life sucked, but he had promised his foster parents that he wouldn't do anything stupid while he was here and he would do his best to honer his promise as well. He pulled down his sleeves to hide what was there before looking up at the other two. "Hi, I-I'm Alexander, call me Alex. Are you two waiting for someone to open the door?" He asked, glancing towards the door.

    Lucas Baskette

    Luke had already been at the Orphanage for around thirty minutes or so and he was sitting in his dorm room. He was waiting around for his so called roommate, if the kid would show up that is. Apparently his roommate's name was Alphonse, what type of name is that? But then again, his Momma would always tell him not to judge a person by their appearance. Was someone's name the same as their appearance? He'll just say it means the same thing. The fourteen year old ran his hand through his black hair before laying down on his bed. He'll just wait until later to unpack. Putting his hands behind his head, Luke then began dozing off to sleep.
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  7. Josey

    "I'll be fine Andy, this isn't the first one I've been to..."

    "What? No..I haven't even seen him yet so how would I know if he's cute? No, i'm not at the dorm..Look, I'll call you back later ok? Kk...bye"

    Josey sighed and pressed the end button then tucked his phone in his back pocket. Brock was sitting beside him looking at the people walking by and sticking out his tongue to cool down. Josey smiled down at him before picking up his bags and his leash, "Come on Boy." he told him before walking inside the building. He took out the folded piece of paper in his shirt pocket then looked at it, "Alright...where are you dorm?" he asked himself and sighed. He had on a male tank that showed his sides and his tattoos complete with jeans and sunshades. He was fresh from an orphanage in California, so he barely had any idea about Washington except for the trips he took here. All he knew is that his orphanage barely had a dress code and you basically had to be naked to abuse it, he didn't know about this one though...who really reads it anyway? Josey finally found where his dorm was and Brock instantly started barking. When he opened the door the dog growled and barked at his new room mate. "Chill Brock, go sit." he said. The dog listened and jumped up on the second bed then laid there. "Sorry about that, he'll open up later on." he told his room mate before taking off his shades and sitting them down on the computer table that was on his side. "I'm Josey, and you?" he asked before sitting his bags up on his bed and started to unpack. "Shit, where is it...?" he cursed at himself trying to find his schedule paper. It wasn't even ten minutes yet and he had already lost something important. Brock barked and ran out in the hallway then came back with the paper in his mouth. Josey sighed and smiled, "Thank you." he told him before petting his as the dog returned to his original spot.

    (@spoopily )
    They can't comprehend, Or even come close to understanding him, I guess if I was boring they would love me more. Guess if I was simple in the mind, Everything would be fine. Maybe if I was jerk to girls, Instead of being nice and speaking kind words, Then maybe it would be OK to say then. I wasn't a good guy to begin with...Man on the Moon by Kid Cudi

    Ego heard the door knob wobble, still staring down at his things. He didn't witness the door open, but he did glance over as there was a bark up at him. The guy had a dog? Sweet! He gave it a crooked smile before shoving more things into place. "It's cool." He shrugged nonchalantly. "Antony." He murmured gently. "Pleasure to meet ya." He lifted his head, nodding it shortly. It was a 'Antony' thing, his way of greeting people.

    Ego had most of his things out already, slightly wondering how cool it was that his roommate had a dog. Jack pot.
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  9. [​IMG]

    A yawn stretched Hayden's lips wide, eyes drooped and half-lidded. The monstrosity that was his very own room hadn't yet registered in his mind; the burning sensation of a computer screen blaring in his eyes and the ache in his hand, however, did. But that fact hadn't stopped him, not quite yet, and neither did the too frequent head nods. A shit pile of research sat bright in front of him, the laptop beeping for another hour of charging. Probably tab fifty something, but definitely not the fiftieth school he'd stared at. Of course, Hayden needed the perfect one, the one that could set him soaring into life with a set path in front of him, like a formula on a cheat sheet for a math test.

    Nothing but the buzzing in his head ever reached him. Not the exhaustion that ached his bones or the pain in his abdomen. All that Hayden paid close attention to was what stood in front of him and the fact that he could still move fluidly and without difficulty. The pain of having staid awake for so long seemed as dull as the throb in the back of his neck or the burn in his eyes. Or as non-existent to him as the full bottles of expired Valium and Zoloft not two inches away from him with a half full glass of water. Fighting this, Hayden had learned, nearly felt nigh impossible, especially with the fact that he was still sitting in this Podunk orphanage that barely had any space for a kid like him very well nearing young adulthood. It was this last year of school and then he was gone. For good. Having lost the chance and being put right back where he started.

    That couldn't happen and it wouldn't if his mind had anything to say about it.

    The slam of the door just barely registered in his mind, though his eyes never left the page. A man, tall as can be, with a slide pudge in his stomach that constricted from the two sizes too small suit that probably saw more days than it should be allowed to, stood staunch and stalwart at the entrance. "What in the Sam Hell?" his thick southern accent, a slow draw to Hayden's already face paced mind could handle, called out over the buzz in Hayden's ears. He whipped around, blinked twice, and then rubbed his eyes.

    "Huh?" was pretty much all he could muster. When did he sound so tired?

    "Have you even gotten any sleep since I last saw you?" he sauntered through the mess of papers that cluttered Hayden's floor. What a southern style man like him was doing in Washington baffled Hayden, but he never questioned it. The man's eyes fell onto the unopened medication on his desk, of which Hayden scrambled to hide. Far too late, apparently. He picked them up, face twisting into a scowl. There was concern alight in his eyes, though the anger in his expression did well to mask that. "I thought you said you were taking your medicine."

    "They were making me drowsy."

    "Three days, Hayden," he merely said. Hayden arched a brow and leaned back into his chair. "That's how long it's been since I last saw you and you're exactly where I left you," he explained.

    "Don't make me go back there," Hayden inched away and his head declined to face the desk, "Paul, you know I can't handle that again. I can get on routine myself and I can take the medicine now."

    "It's expired," Paul said, to which Hayden gave a small 'oh' in response, "Dammit, boy, this isn't a good way to start the next semester."

    A lengthy pause held the room, and neither did much to move or acknowledge one another in that span of time. Paul's eyes glazed in thought and his brow pinched tight over the bridge of his nose, whilst Hayden shuffled his feet and kept his eyes on the wood of his desk. A sudden thud caught Hayden by surprise and immediate response was an exhausted flinch. He looked up to find a white bag with his name on it and a bottle of water beside it. Not necessarily registering what was currently happening, Hayden only provided Paul with wide eyes and arched brows. His hands went to the bag, however, something he hadn't realized he'd done until the replenished bottles of medication were in his hand.

    Well, they weren't exactly replenished.

    "Those tests they did a few weeks ago were to check if you were prone to diabetes," Paul broke the silence, "They also told me you weren't taking your medication, so they decided to give these to you early. It's Zyprexa and Prozac. Can't do much about the drowsiness if it happens and you might also need to eat better and work out more, since you might gain weight with the Zyprexa, it's why they had to make sure you weren't at higher risk for diabetes." There was a small pause before Paul set a hand on Hayden's shoulder, "Take these, please, and I won't report this recent episode, 'kay, bud?"

    "That bad?" Hayden looked up, blinking.

    Paul merely gestured to his room, "Three. Days. This ain't hypomania, if that's what you were thinkin'."

    "I didn't know," Hayden mumbled, scratching the back of his hand.

    "That's the point, kid," Paul sighed, patting his back once more, "Take this day to sleep. I'll have someone come in to clean up your room. Just came in to check on you before the big day tomorrow." He gave one last look at the room before he let out a large breath, "God am I glad I did."

    A loud squawk caught Paul's attention and he turned to see the bird happily in its cage. "You took the time to feed the damn bird, but not yourself? What the hell, Hayden?"

    "Eheh, woops?"

    "Get some damn food."

    "Got everything, kid?" Paul asked, shifting the car into park. He turned to look at Hayden fully, a smile on his face. His fingers kept a steady rhythm on wheel and his eyes kept flicking forward to the courtyard in front of them.

    Giving a nod, Hayden made a gesture with the dufflebag in his hand. There was a tired smile curving his lips, but the bloodshot in his eyes and the pallor had all but lifted with a night's worth of rest. Of course, a slight tiredness hung over his actions but for the most part, Hayden looked far better than he had before. Things weren't normal, though; the creeping doubt slowly rooted itself in the back of Hayden's mind, keeping him just this side of content. At least it wasn't a bleak neutral that sometimes the medicine or even his own mind tended to instill on him. Those days set a sense of ennui in the atmosphere and Hayden found that to be far worse than any uphill and downhill swing in the entire roller coaster of his mind.

    Gripping the bag tighter, Hayden swung himself out of the SUV, Paul following his actions though he stopped to grab the bird whereas Hayden wandered onto Fabel's grounds. The trek to the boy's dorms wasn't awful, but it did come across as quite frustrating for Hayden's social worker. The downside of having ADHD along with bipolar disorder, was the fact that, since it wasn't severe enough to warrant medication, it did make for some rare moments in which Hayden found himself unusually unfocused. Wandering the grounds was one such moment, as the summer time offered an array of different bird types and their varying calls, like any normal day, filled the air. It often ripped Hayden from the path and Paul would occasionally have to direct him back on it.

    "Crows are the among the most intellectual of birds. They and ravens often score rather high on intelligence tests ," Hayden commented, smiling up at one teetering along the edge of the boy's dorm building.

    "Yeah, you've told me plenty time before," Paul sighed and opened the door for the both of them and a few kids trailing behind.

    Hayden hummed, avoiding any kind of contact with the other males that filed in to find their rooms, "Did you grab Holtz' food and stuff? It's about that time to feed him."

    Paul gave a nod, "I put it in your bag; you still don't have much."

    "I don't need much," he responded, opening the door to room seven just to his side. His eyes lingered on his soon to be neighbors, but it wasn't long enough to warrant any kind of introduction. Paul followed quickly behind him, already setting Helmholtz' cage upon the provided dresser in the corner. "Thanks," Hayden muttered, throwing his bag on the bed, "Is there anything else I left in the car?"

    "Nope, this is all you got," Paul turned, gesturing to the bird and the bag as he did so, "Like I said, you still don't got much."

    Giving another hum, Hayden made to sit on the bed, "I guess you gotta leave now?"

    "Mhm. Just gonna stop by the head office, do some mandatory paper work and then I gotta file some more crap back home." Paul made a gesture outside, in the general direction of where he likely parked.

    "Well, come visit when you can," Hayden finally looked up, a small smile on his face, "You've stuck with me for so long, I can't imagine breaking contact just yet."

    "'Course kiddo," Paul clapped a hand on Hayden's shoulder, "but don't forget to make friends. I'm only technically your social worker for as long as your still in high school."

    "And after that?" Hayden said, frowning at the sudden contact.

    Paul gave a shrug as he made for the doorway, "Who knows? If you still like me by then, we don't gotta say our goodbyes." He gave a wink before starting his shuffle out.

    A light chuckle broke from Hayden's throat and he gave a curt wave in reply. "I guess we'll just have to wait 'n see," he called out. The moment Paul left, he slumped forward, giving a scratch to his head. Usually, he wasn't too difficult to deal with but who knew exactly how his roommate would respond to some of his unusual high swings. He could always play it off as being the usually teenage, but the rules did dictate that lights out by midnight. At least, that's what he'd read. It would be hard to adjust to and sometimes midnight wouldn't do if his energy was through the roof. The medication should deal with that, but there were occasions it refused to work. Those days were fine, for him at least, but in terms of long-term health, it didn't do much good.

    Hayden gave a sigh, sliding back until his back hit the wall. The bag was carefully slid atop his lap, hands crossed over it. His eyes kept moving from the slight fidgetiness of his hands and fingers to the agape doorway. This would most likely turn out to be quite a lengthy year.

    Moments later, Paul returned with the cello inside its case, mumbling something about big, bulky crap in his car and forgetting things.
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  10. Ben Pinch
    With a sigh, Ben realized the voice was probably just a result of her overactive imagination and she began to trek towards the house, pausing every few minutes to breathe in the smell of roses and lavender. Miss Fable's gardener had a good choice in flowers. After ringing the doorbell, a nice young lady answered it and directed her to her room. Ben pushed the door open to find a girl already there. "Howdy!" Ben grinned as she dropped her bag and ice skates onto the side of the dorm Miss Fable had let her decorate. She smiled when she saw most of the craft table was already set up. "I'm Benevolence, but you can just call me Ben. My full name can be a bit of a mouthful."
    Edgar Abernath
    Edgar looked over at the newcomer, "Pretty much."

    He glanced at his brother, but he honestly didn't expect Al to say anything. He'd always been a quiet kid, but the death of their mother had taken a toll on him. "I'm Edgar and this is my little brother Alphonse," he pat Al on the head and the younger boy blushed lightly. Someone else strode up to the building and opened the door. Edgar peered in cautiously. He wondered where the Dorm Head was or if there was one.

    The boy that had come with the adult left them behind as a man strode up to them. The disheveled guy scratched the back of his head with a laugh, "Sorry. I was making some dinner. I'm Alistair Perkins."

    Scottish? And geez, this guy looked insane. "Erm, let's see. Edgar and Alphonse Abernath; rooms two and three respectively and Alex Ross, room two also. That's seems about right."

    Ed and Al shared a glance as they shifted their cat carriers in their hands. Blueberry let out a low meow in protest. "Well, rooms one through five are on the bottom floor. I best get back to my cooking before this whole place explodes."

    He scurried away, leaving the three boys standing in confusion. Edgar turned to Alex with a smile, "Guess we're roommates."
    Alphonse Abernath
    Alphonse watched his brother interact with the Alex person with a bit of contempt. He had never really been a talkative one and his anxiety didn't help much. Of course, their Dorm Head or whatever was a total whackjob. Al tugged on his brother's sleeve, "I'm going to find my room, Ed."

    Edgar nodded and gave his brother a small hug, "I'll be across the hall if you need me."

    Alphonse nodded and scurried away. To his horror, his roommate was already there. And... he was asleep. Al tried to close the door as quietly as possible, wincing when it clicked closed and walked over to the unoccupied side of the room. Panks mewed loudly and he hissed a warning to the cat. She glared at him with annoyance as he let her out of the cage. "Be a good girl, Panks."

    With a small sigh, he began to unpack as his cat explored her new home.
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  11. Leo
    Leo cautiously opened the door to his room. The lay at the front desk had told him that he had a roommate but that he hadn't arrived yet. He placed his dog on the ground and his suitcase on the bed. The room was nice enough, and the air felt nicer then it had back home. He started unpacking, placing his pictures on the wall where his bed lay against and put his clothes in the drawers. He sat down and watched as Button explored his new home.
  12. Josey
    Josey unpacked and put away the last couple of things before sitting his laptop up on the table then sat down on his bed. "Antony? Cool." he told him while getting up on the bed and folding his legs while checking his school papers. "I wonder what we're doing next..." he thought out loud while shuffling to the next paper. After awhile he looked up to his room mate again, "Have you been here before?" he asked him. He was cute looking to Josey, definitely something he would tell his eager to know everything friend back home on the phone later. He was getting a shy vibe from him, "Are you shy?" he asked blinking. Josey wasn't one for starting conversations either, but if he did and you answered back then it's probably a little hard to get him to stop talking. He smirked, if he was shy he didn't have a reason to be. Josey wasn't mean spirited and if his room mate was, Brock would probably sense it first before he did.
  13. (I just realized my characters are all roomed with yours @Felilla Sorry!!)

    Riley Adams

    Unfortunately, Riley didn't get the liberty of decorating her half of the room. Maybe that would come later, though her roommate did have style. She would never admit that though. Riley wasn't one to admit things to other people. Her attention was pulled elsewhere as the door to her room opened. From there, a dark haired teenager walked in with a bright grin on her face. "So you're my roommate! I've been really wanting to meet you, I'm Riley Adams. Some people call me Ri, I don't care what you call me." She said, giving the other girl a small smile. Riley then unzipped her bag, pulling out an assortment of band t-shirts and jeans alike. She then made her way over to the dresser on her side, opening it with one hand and stuffing her clothes in it with the other. "I've been here for around 10 minutes. I reaalllyy don't like the place so far." She said with a sigh, slamming her dresser drawer shut. Riley let out a huff before turning around to face the other girl. "Say Ben, what do you think of Miss Fable's Orphanage so far?"

    Alex Ross

    Alex nodded towards Alphonse before looking bad down at the ground. A few moments later the door opened and a man stood there. He somewhat reminded the seventeen year old of one of the Doctors off of Doctor Who, but he didn't really think that much of it. From what he could tell, the man was crazy. At least he sounded that way. With the Scottish accent and the disheveled hair he certainly did give off the vibes of crazy. He gave a small thanks to Mr. Perkins before turning towards Edgar. "Yeah I guess we are roommates, sounds fun I suppose. " he said with a smile. "I-I hope you don't mind if I go ahead." Alex then turned to go into their room. He made his way over to the bed near the window and sat his bags on the bed. He then let out a long sigh.

    Luke Baskette

    Luke was awakened by the sound of a door opening, he opened one blue eye to look at the other boy. The boy seemed to be uncomfortable, especially when he realized that Luke was in here. The fourteen year old sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eye. "Hey," he said slowly in hopes not to scare the boy. "I'm Luke, your roommate. I sorta fell asleep there, sorry 'bout that." He said with a small laugh. Luke pulled his beanie off his head and tossed it on his bed before getting up off the bed. He walked over to the other side of the room and leaned against the wall. "I see you got a cat there, does she bite?"
  14. Nadia Inayat Lewis
    She had wanted to take a taxi to the orphanage but her social worker, Maggie had insisted on driving her. Nadia supposed that Maggie wanted to spend as much time with her as possible to convince Nadia of at least trying to get adopted. But that was never going to happen. The only family that Nadia wanted was her real family and they were dead and it was all that woman's fault. If she hadn't of kidnapped her, Nadia's mother would have never let the stress and nerves get to her and she would have been more cautious--
    "We're here!" Maggie said cheerfully, interrupting Nadia's thoughts. Nadia peered out the window of Maggie's minivan and marveled at Fable Orphanage. It looked great. "Do you want me to go inside with you? I can--
    "I already made all the arrangements." Nadia interrupted, hopping out of the van and lugging her bags onto the sidewalk. Nadia gingerly placed Pigeon's carrier on the sidewalk. Maggie hovered nearby trying to help when she could, but only managing to get in the way. Finally she just stepped to the side and watched Nadia. When the girl was finished Maggie stepped forward and stuck her hand out awkwardly. She knew Nadia wasn't the hugging type.
    "Well this is goodbye." Maggie began, giving Nadia a tentative smile. The twelve year old returned the expression. "so you know you can call me if you need any help. Not that I think you will. But you know if you do--"
    "I understand. Goodbye Ms. Maggie." Nadia said, grabbed all of her stuff and walked inside. When she arrived inside the receptionist offered to show Nadia her room but Nadia kindly said no and that she would find her room herself.
    When she found her room Nadia was dismayed to see that her roommate had a dog. She glanced nervously down at Pigeon's carrier and hoped that her roommate had a good handle on her pet. Nadia could keep Pigeon from attacking the dog, but it was a two way street. Further entering her room, Nadia placed her bags beside her bed and Pigeon's carrier on her desk on the opposite side of the room. She then turned to her roommate after a few minutes.
    "Hi, I'm Nadia."


    Hyun-Ki Park
    He had arrived by taxi, with nothing but a sketch book and the cloths on his back. He stood in front of the building, shifting from foot to foot and wondering if this was really a good idea. What if things got messed up? What if someone found out? He shook his head vigorously and forced himself to walk inside. No one would find out if he stuck to the script and kept his mouth shut.

    He headed to his dorm immediately and when he entered the room he was so happy to see a bed that he almost burst into tears. He flopped down onto the bed and closed his eyes, breathing in deeply.

    Rosamund Sun-Hi Ackermann
    Officer Blake was worried. Really, really worried. Even though Ms. Fable was trustworthy, he wasn't sure if his current charge should be allowed to be adopted. Most people that applied to adopt Rosamund in the past had only wanted her to entertain others or get government stipends. He was worried that Ms. Fable would allow the six year old to be adopted by a monster, and the consequences would be irreversible. Glancing in the rearview mirror, Officer Blake saw that Rosamund was sleeping, her arms wrapped around a large teddy bear that he had gotten her (against the wishes of his superior who repeatedly told him not to spoil the kid).
    When they got to the orphanage, Officer Blake briefly thought about just driving away and deciding to adopt the kid. He didn't mind her foul language or bouts of nonsense tirades. But...He was a single guy who had a dangerous job. He would hate to adopt the kid only to get killed on the job and leave her on her own again. No, it was better to leave her in the care of Ms. Fable.
    "Up and at 'em, kiddo." He called softly, getting out of the car and giving Rosamund a gentle shake. The six year old yawned loudly and slid out of the car, blinking up at the main building.
    "What a big big big big big big big house. Huge, really big, super big, ginormous, collasalnormous. Big big big house." Rosamund stated all in one breath. Officer Blake shook his head and laughed as he pulled her bags out of the trunk. The girl didn't really have much aside from a months worth of clothing, an art kit, and her giant teddy bear, but Ms. Fable had promised her a budget to buy more essential things and a few items of entertainment.
    When they got inside, Officer Blake gave Rosamund's things to the receptionist and gave Rosamund a hug. "See you later, kiddo. High Five for the road?" He asked, with a grin and crouching down so Rosamund could give him a high five.
    "High FUCKING FIVE!" Rosamund squealed and Officer Blake nearly busted a gut laughing, but managed to remain completely serious.

    When Rosamund was led to her room, she was thrilled to see that her roommate was already there. Rosamund dashed over to the girl, bouncing on the balls of her feet and practically exploding with excitement. "Hello!" She said, maybe a bit too loudly.

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  15. Klarissa

    Shortly after Klarissa arrived in her dorm, a young girl made her appearance as well.
    Balthasar, being over protective when it came to strangers, stood up and began to growl.
    "Down Balthasar." Though with one simple command, the growls subsided and he calmed down.
    "Hi, I'm Klarissa....sorry if you're not a dog person," the girl said once noticing her cat. Klarissa got a bit nervous and lowered get gaze towards her dog.
    Hopefully she could learn not to be so shy towards her roommate. after a moment, she collected her nerves and looked back up to give a smile. She might be shy when it came to strangers, but she was still polite and would learn to get over it sooner or later.
  16. Pan Foster
    Pan put her hamster back into her cage when she heard the door open. A particularly chipper girl came in, smiling brightly and full of undeterred enthusiasm. Immediately, Pan liked her. The young girl practically screamed a greeting at Pan and the older girl smiled warmly. "Hello, my name is Pan." She decided to keep it simple. Although she preferred being around kids her own age, there was times when she could be a bit... overbearing. "What's your name?"
    Ben Pinch
    Ben tilted her head, "Hmm... How do I feel about this place? Well, I personally met Miss Fable and I can honestly tell you her intentions are certainly in the right place. She doesn't even make money off of anything here and still manages to pay the staff. I also quite enjoyed the garden and I'm glad I get to keep Pluto." she pat her dog on the head. "I've been in worse places and that's honestly all I can say."

    Ben had never been a pessimistic or even realistic person.You would think the death of her parents would've changed that, but it gave her all the more reason to stay optimistic. She glanced over at Riley and her side of the room, "We are going redecorate your room soon; hopefully before classes start."
    Edgar Abernath
    "Uh... Sure?" Edgar followed Alex into the room and set down his cat's cage. His eyes immediately shifted to his guitar, polished and on its stand. I wonder if Mr. Perkins did that, he wondered absently before unpacking. Blueberry mewed in his cage and he reached down to let the mix run about. "I hope you don't mind cats." Alex had the same feel that Alphonse did; quiet and a bit awkward. He knew his brother had a reason, but Ed also knew it was best to try and make conversation to break people like that out of their shell.
    Alphonse Abernath
    Alphonse looked over at his roommate, startled until he asked about his cat. "Panks?" he questioned before he realized how stupid he sounded. Of course he meant Panks, there weren't any other cats around. Al scratched his arm nervously, "No, no, she doesn't bite." He looked down at the ground and shifted as he waited for a response.
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  17. Hazel M. Richards

    They had finally made it to Fable Orphanage. Hazel bounced eagerly in her seat, craning her neck to see outside of the window that she was next to. It had been quite the drive to what would become her new home. She had heard many good things about Fable Orphanage and Mrs. Fable herself. The things she heard about Mrs. Fable turned out to be true when she went to the interview that was set up for her. The lady had been nice and calming throughout the entire thing, soothing Hazel's nerves. Ever since then, she's been more than excited to come to Fable Orphanage.

    "Alright, Hazel. Time to get out the car," her social worker, Mr. Parker, said, breaking her out of her distracting thoughts. She grabbed a hold of the handle and pulled it while pushing the door open, using all of her strength. Once it was wide open, she hopped out, beaming up at Mr. Parker, who was waiting patiently for her with her Pucca suitcase. Once it was handed to her, they were on their way to the Girls' Dorms.

    Eyes wide, Hazel was awestruck by her surroundings. Fable Orphanage was already amazing and she just got there! She could only imagine how it would be like when school started up. The walk to where she would be staying was quite short for they were in front of it before she realized it. Giddily, the young girl rung the doorbell, butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. Her eyes glowed with joyfulness when the door was open, a lady on the other side.

    "Hello, you must be Hazel! My name's Nelly Locke and I'll be showing you to your dorm," the lady, Nelly, said in a warm tone, taking her luggage from her and holding out her hand for Hazel to take. Before Hazel did, the brunette spun on her heels and threw herself in her social worker's arms. Giggling uncontrollably as she was squeezed and spun around, she held back tears, knowing this would be the last time she would see Mr. Parker. After a while, she was set back on the ground.

    "Now, be good, Hazel. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call me, okay?"

    "Okie dokie!"

    "Alright, have fun and make a lot of friends. I'mma miss you, kiddo."

    "I'll miss you, too, Mr. Parker," Hazel responded, giving him a watery smile. She watched as he returned it before turning to get in his car. Still standing there, she gazed on as he got in and drove off, getting smaller and harder to see. Finally, she turned back around and took a hold of Nelly's hand, who reassured her that she would like it here.

    They made it to her dorm in no time. As Nelly opened it up, Hazel was gazing around. She wondered if she'd have a roommate or not. Once the door was swung open, the seven year old made her way inside. It was quite spacious and huge. Dragging her luggage behind her, she barely registered the door closing behind her. It would seem that her roommate wasn't there yet. Shrugging to herself, she began to unpack her things and put them up as best as she could.


    Wesley Dane Petersen

    "Yes, yes, I know all of those things," Wesley, a young gentleman who was the fresh age of sixteen, said in an exasperated tone to his social worker, Kim.

    "Alright. And you're sure that you don't want me to walk you to the boys' dorm?"

    "Yes! I am bloody sure that I, a sixteen year old, do not want to be walked to the boys' dorm," he responded heatedly, even though he could hear the teasing tone that laced his social worker's voice. That didn't stop him from getting worked up and slightly pink in the face. He puffed out his cheeks while Kim laughed softly at his reaction, trying and failing miserably to hide it behind a dainty hand. Her eyes danced with amusement. She always found it entertaining when he got worked up over the littlest things. You could say that he had...a short fuse. Soon, Kim was able to calm down as her laughter faded away, nothing but a gleeful smile left in its place. The gleefulness began to dim down with the sadness and reality of the situation that they were in. For as long as Wes could remember, Kim had been his social worker from the start. To finally depart, it was hard on the both of them.

    "I'm going to miss you, you short-tempered ginger."

    Smiling softly, Wes responded, "I'll miss you, too."

    With a final nod, the ginger turned on his heel, making his way towards the Boys' Dorm, where he'll be spending his days. He could hear the familiar sound of Kim driving and reminisced all of the times they spent together. Shaking his head, he halted when he reached his destination, which was the front of the building that he, and others, would be staying in. Reaching out, he pressed the button, listening to the bell being rung and echoing throughout the building. Arm falling back to his side, the teenager waited patiently for the door to be opened. As he waited, he took a look at his new surroundings behind his sunglasses. Fable Orphanage was quite picturesque, painting a pretty and lasting image inside of Wesley's mind. His mind couldn't help but wander to thoughts of how everyone else would be.

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