Fable II: Help me name the Villagers

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  1. I'm naming all the villagers in the Gypsy Camp. We've already got a CAAAARRRRRLLLLLLLL and a PAAAUUUULLLL from Llamas with Hats. But I need more names.

    Also, on a side note, which houses do you all usually buy in this game?
  2. Was about to suggest CARL from walking dead to keep the theme...
    But Llama's already does that. XD

    What about LAAAAAWWWWW?

  3. I can dig it. *writes down 'LAWWWWW'*

    I want to name one of the kids Homicidal Llama
  4. What about Killer Ostrich?
  5. Eh, it's interesting, but not out there. Puns are always good.
  6. HomicidalHombre, RegicidalRamirez, GenocideGomez.

    Are they Latino? Cause that's my naming convention for Planetside.

    What about..

    RamBro, BroLander, Broseidon?


    Cato Sicarius.
  7. Name some after your IRL friends

    then refuse to disconnect them

    "I'm not talking to you Dave, I'm still mad about your ridiculous prices on swords."
  8. Name the most peasant looking one, "Shit Maggot"
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  9. Name one FerrethornPerv!

    And another James Bond!
  10. Has somebody been playing BroForce lately?
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  11. Had it for months. Just got to finish it after murdering Satan.

    Fun time waster.
  12. Just got and beat it myself (on PS4). Bro/10 would play again.

    Back on topic, one villager has to me named 'Bro', or maybe 'BROOOOOOOOOOOOO' to keep with the naming theme.
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  13. Fuck, I
    I like
    Can I
    We shall
    Can we
    Fuck, they
    Fuck, we

    All good names :D
  14. I picked this up too. Not sure when I will get around to playing it though.

  15. all of them
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    Names: Dead Parrot, Black Knight, Gay Lumberjack...

    ... I may have been thinking about a certain comedy troupe... :ferret:
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  17. Fixed that for ya. You're welcome. :D
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  18. Clearly you should continue the trend


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