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    Hello!! Welcome to my Path Of Exile Thread.
    If you don't know what Path Of Exile is, please Click here for all the info on the game!
    This thread is being made for a few reasons:​
    1. Path of Exile, like many other multiplayer games, is a lot more fun when you're playing with friends!! I play this game pretty seriously, and I am always looking for more friends to play with!
    2. To help new players with builds, gears, ect so they can have more fun playing the game!
    3. To showcase builds that are fun and are inexpensive.
    4. To be a resource for information about the game for people I already know who are playing so they can optimize their gameplay with the tips and tricks I have learned over the years.
    5. To have fun playing Path of Exile with friends.

    Currently, I have a group that is pretty consistently playing every Monday night. Our goal is to have everyone's characters reach level 70+ so that we can start doing high level maps together, keep upgrading gears, and make some nice currency doing it!

    The group consists of:

    @Ruby. @Mahariel @The Mood is Write @Fancy Turtle @Lovelessesbutterfly and me @F0X

    So, if you have Monday Nights Free and would like to join us for some Path of Exile action, let me know!
    Useful Resources:
    Where and How to Shop for things This is the way to find items you need.
    List of Unique Items that might be good for you! Use above link to shop for them! Unique items aren't always the best for a build. But they are generally GOOD items. They will give you models of what your rare items should at least look like to preform well.

    Want to see some PoE action?? Check out my stream!!

    There is now A DISCORD SERVER for all the POE action!! Feel free to join for even faster communication, help, and gaming!
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    **DISCLAIMER: Not all builds are created by the players themselves. If a player would like to give credit to the Original Creator of the build, please do so! This is to show what builds people are using, not JUST showcase their own builds.**

    F0X'S Builds:
    Name: Tallinthalous
    Class: Level 90 Deadeye Elemental Lightning Arrow
    Passive Tree: Tallinthalous' Tree
    Skill Sets:
    1. Lightning Arrow+Added Lightning Damage+Increased Critical Damage+Faster Attacks+Greater Multiple Projectiles+Weapon Elemental Damage
    2. Burning Arrow+Faster Attacks+Faster Projectiles+Weapon Elemental Damage+Increased Critical Damage+Added Lightning Damage
    3. Herald of Ice+Curse on hit+Assassin's Mark+Blind
    4. Wrath, Vaal Haste, Bloodrage, Blink Arrow
    5. Split Arrow+Increased Item Rarity+Increased Item Quantity+Culling Strike (for that extra $$$)

    Tally's Gear (open)


    When it comes to gear for offense, you want High Crit Chance, High Attack Speed, and High Elemental Damage for this build. This build can be done with 4 link Items only, but the more links you add, the more damage you gain. Also using a very cheap damage flask called Atziri's Promise is a great way to boost your DSP even more.
    For Defense, I focused on LIFE, High Evation, Dodge, and Max Resistances. My Build is still QUITE fragile with only 4K HP. I also midigate Elemental Reflect, one of the only things that can kill me, with a Unique Bow called Voltaxic Rift.
    Tally's Stats (open)


    Build Summary:
    My build focuses on high elemental damage with incredibly fast clear speed. I stack Evasion so that I get hit as few times as possible, (My Estimated chance to dodge is 40%). This build can be done pretty inexpensively and still be very effective.

    Ruby's Builds:

    Mahariel's Bulds:

    Moody's Builds:

    Turtle's Builds:

    Loveless' Bulds:
    Want a Spot on the Build List? Let me know and submit your build and I will add you to the list!
  3. *finds a nice corner in the thread to set a box up in before climbing in and peeking out*
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  4. *feels wrong stating that she has a build when someone else is literally making it for her*
  5. I mean, you said the design you wanted, I just ironed out the details. :)
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  6. Maybe I try Ironing out one of my other one's on my own? Then run it by you to see what you think?
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  7. I have my firestorm build, but that ones just a tweaked somebody else's
    I'm not sure I have any of my 'own' builds....
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  8. Check the disclaimer above.
  9. hm, well, I'll submit my build later then, gonna go take a shower then level my summoner =^.^=
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  10. Code:
    Passive Tree:
    Skill Sets:[spoili]
    [spoiler=Gear Info Here]
    [spoiler=Name goes here with Screenshots inserted]
    Build Summary
    If you'd like to submit a build, please use the format above!
  11. Would screenshots from the character information on the site be ok? I'm only asking because I can't screenshot on my mothers laptop, and taking pictures with my phone would be both a pain, and be of horrible quality(given that on top of being a phone camera, I can't hold still to take a decent photo)
  12. That is fine!
  13. System Requirements? I just spent 5+ minutes searching the website and have found none.

    • MINIMUM:
      • OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7/8
      • Processor: x86-compatible 1.4GHz or faster processor
      • Memory: 2 GB RAM
      • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800 GT or ATI Radeon™ X1950 Pro or better
      • DirectX: Version 9.0c
      • Network: Broadband Internet connection
      • Storage: 8 GB available space
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  14. Nevermind, really wish I could have joined y'all. It looks fun.
  15. What's missing from your system specs?
  16. A Windows operating system.
  17. I just did a quick Google search and it says you can play on mac. You can download it right from their website instead of through steam.
  18. I've yet to make a Monday session :D
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