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  1. Hello!! So, I just created a Workshop for all you MtG fans out there, and I'd love to help/see what awesome decks you might have!! You can check it out here! So please, don't hesitate!! Go forth and ask the Magic Questions you've been dying to know, or submit your deck so I can help you improve on it, or tell you just how sweet it is! ^.^

    People I know who might enjoy such a thread:
    @Xnijmai @Seiji @Neko_Green @Artorias @Red Velvet @Time Turtle @Cpt Toellner @Gwazi Magnum @Rain of the Night @Shiri @Hellis @Hunter of Shadows
  2. It's certainly possible

    Maybe we can play dual of the planeswalkers sometime
  3. I don't own that sadly. :(
  4. Ahhhh

    I don't own any cards whatsoever personally, I use my friends, who has about i think...2000-3000 dollars worth of MTG cards, and he's a very experienced player, i'd pull out the deck i made and show it to you if I had it on hand and could remember what it was about
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  5. Will definitely need to check this out next time I get into Magic.
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  6. I will tell you though

    I REALLY like decks that are oriented around demons, and punishing people for doing something(like Hissing Miasma)
  7. When I used to play Professionally, I had a group of friends that I'd test with for about 12 hours a week and we'd all more or less share cards. 80% of all the cards were mine at the time, but it allowed us to all have competitive decks and test regularly. Magic can be EXPENSIVE depending on the format you play, and I hope that for those looking for budget decks for Standard or Modern I can give advice, because there are a lot of things you can do with a small amount of money and still be competitive and have fun!

    So, there is nothing wrong with using other people's cards! Not everyone has the resources to invest in magic like I do. Its the main hobby for my wife and I (as far as paid hobbies) and we have been purchasing Magic since the Alara Block in 2009, and we haven't missed a single set since. ^.^
  8. Sounds good!!
  9. Black has all sorts of great effects like that! There are lots of good ways to punish your opponents for using certain strategies, however its always a good idea to have cards that are Hyper-Focused like Hissing Miasma in your sideboard! If you go against an opponent that only has a few creatures in their deck, and plan to attack you with one or two creatures the whole game, having Hissing Miasma in your deck isn't worth while. Having a removal spell like Murder would be a much better option of the main board, and switching it out when you see they are running a mass amount of creatures would be a much better idea!
  10. I think you mean isn't

    It doesn't have merely hissing, it has Underworld Dreams, it has Diabolic Edict, Dark Ritual, Doom Blade, Tendrils of Corruption, Grey Merchant of Asphodel, things like Desecration Demon.

    It's very good at punishing you for drawing, attacking, obliterating your creatures, forcing you to sacrifice creatures, and eating your lifepoints

    Once I fine tuned it, and used it against my friends, they all agreed I'd made something singularly obnoxious to fight, and the next time we played MTG had all come up with decks to shut it down because they really did not like that deck.

    Hilariously also, the very first deck I made, that I personally thought was lousy(had a lot of phyrexian cards) turned out to be considered one of the most reviled decks my friends had seen, and was really broken
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  11. Correct, I was trying to say cards that effect more situations are generally more useful than those with few. Cards like underworld dreams for example are fantastic because a player draws at least one card per turn, thus it's usefulness is always there.

    But it's awesome when a deck comes together and is something to be feared and rivaled. :)
  12. It wasn't a one trick pony, let me assure you

    And in case you were wondering about the one deck my friends despised above all?

    Lots of wither and infect counters...

    Including the dreaded blightsteel colossus
  13. Here are some of my favorite cards

    Set 1 (open)

    Set 2 (open)

    Set 3 (open)
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG](Or Abyssal Prosecuter)

    Set 4 (open)

    Bearer of the Heavens is also freaking hilarious as well
  14. I just thought of something.

    What would pair well with Elderscale Wurm?

  15. That is a lot of expensive black cards! Also, Planar Oblivion is not a real card. ^.^
    This guy is hard to build around because he is 7 mana, and has 0 ways of protecting himself. So, the two things your deck would need would be lots of Mana Ramp, and spells that would give him hexproof, indestructible, or something like that.
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  16. @F0X

    What? It's not? 0_o I woulda sworn it was
  17. Sadly its not. That card you posted is a fan made card. ^.^
  18. Ugh I hate it when people do that, it's so confusing, I thought I'd seen it somewhere
  19. Yeah, it can be fun for sure, but it can make it hard for players who are trying to make decks from cards on the internet and have a clutter of makeshift cards.
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