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  1. As the Title says, I am going to be in Ireland from May 21st - June 1st!! For those of you who are Irish (Only one I know is @Arcadia ) or who have been to Ireland, what must do's for sightseeing, eating, history, or even just random favorite stuff!!

    Edit: Wow.. This is the shortest post in General Chat I have ever done. T___T
  2. As I explained last night:

    DO NOT order an Irish Car Bomb!!

    DO order a pint!!
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  3. THIS !!!
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  4. I might be a stupid American asking stupid American things but what's an Irish Car Bomb?

  5. They will fuck you up. When I tried them we used FULL glasses of Guinness.
  6. Ah. Has Bailey's in it, I won't touch it.
  7. They'll fuck you up... and it's a good way to ensure that every Irish person in the pub thinks you're a total wankstain.
  8. Try to go to Rath Skellig and visit the puffins if you or the waify has any interest in cute animals. Or else, go to the Giants Causeway up north and the restaurant Cosmo up in Belfast is an all you can eat multi-cultural buffet Whig you should try out. See if you can get to the Marble Arch Caves too.
  9. What part will you be in? I spent a few months in the southernmost area so am most familiar with places there.

    Strongly recommend the Cliffs of Moher if you're close enough. Absolutely stunning. Guess it depends a bit on what you like to do...
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  10. See Arcadia in the flesh to confirm he actually exists. :P
    ... Huh.

    And here I thought people were making an IRA joke.
  11. Cliffs of moor are pretty kewl,

    Kerry is just a cool place to look at in general.

    Oh, and avoid Dublin city like the plague it is.

    I dunno, there's loads of things and honestly I think the best option is just do whatever you want.

    But have fun in our country!
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  12. But now she has to try the don't thing D: AND RECORD IT FOR IWAKU :D that's just how it works.
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