F x F pairing search (Possibly M x F)

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  1. Hello all, Huntress here.

    I currently have a slightly underdeveloped plot that I'm looking to bring to life with someone who is interested and willing to help me build the story.

    I'm a minimum of two paragraphs gal, with decent spelling and grammar, I mean as long as we can understand each other then we're good.

    I like to get into the details and the thoughts of characters.

    I also don't typically play multiple characters but that's not something that I will stop you from doing if you're interested in doing so.

    The plot here is an FxF plot that will most likely involve smut and a large sum of death, blood, gore, fear, anger and pain, of course we will have drama (hopefully not anything too childish though).

    Our two characters used to be Hit-men/Assassins. They made a good team and they eventually became something more.
    Both had feelings for each-other and they both expressed these feelings until one disappeared.
    Rumors stated she was killed and of course with this, she was assumed dead.

    To deal with this, Character A chose to step away from work for some time. After a certain amount of time she was begged to return since she's one of the top guns for hire. After thinking she was ready to return she did.

    She's been assigned a new target, one surrounded by rather odd claims, hence why she was called in for the job.

    What will Character A do the next time she takes aim and see's a ghost through her sights?

    So tharr she is!


    I'm a fairly active roleplayer, the longest I've gone without responding is probably a week, if it's longer than that it typically means I've forgotten about the RP. It happens and all I can do is apologize. That being said I aim for at least a response a day or every other day if I'm stumped.

    Like I said the plot still needs a chunk of work which I'm willing to do with someone who has interest in this.

    I've intended this story to be FxF but that doesn't mean I'm not open to the idea of it becoming an MxF if I can't find a female interested in this plot.

    Anywho, shoot me a PM if I've got your attention,
    If you could, just so I know you've read through everything, include your favourite song in the PM too!

    Thank's ya'll, can't wait to hear from people that are interested in developing this!
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  2. (")(o3o) howdy, I can get behind this plot, sounds kinda neat. Did you have any more ideas like setting and such? I tend to play the dominant party, but if that's okay feel free to shoot me some details and info.