F x F? I think yes.

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  1. Hallo~

    I am cravings some FxF action!
    I use my samsung usually most of the time. So if it takes me a while to reply then Im sorry. I hate my phone.
    I prefer atleast a paragraph minimum. I don't really do fandoms. :/ Sorry. I could try! I just have never done it before.

    Topic? OKAY.
    Fantasy stuffs~

    Pairings¿ HMM..
    Kidnapr x Kidnapee_
    Ghost x Human_
    Android x Master_
    Maid x master_

    Just some I can think of. Give me ideas. I need em. Let`s roleplayyy. Okayy? <3
  2. Hiya! I'd love to roleplay with you. :) Out of the roles above do you have a favorite?
  3. Hmm. Well, I have an hankering for Kidnappings or GhostxHuman or maybe Android x Human. :3
  4. Hmm....what about one between an experimentee and an experiment? Cause I have an idea. :)
  5. Sounds interesting. Pm me about moreee. (:
  6. If you are still open, I'd love to roleplay. I'm pretty new to the hobby so I'll be counting on you to make the thread and whatnot, but I'm definitely up for it if that is fine with you. I'll even pick the ghost/human pairing. I noticed you said you were a bit slower with replies which will probably work super well with me, since I'm not online all the time. That is, of course, if you are still up for another partner.
  7. Of course. Always up for a new one. I'll just need some helping coming up with a plot.
  8. The Kidnapper x Kidnappee is quite interesting! I am new to this site, but I think I can write some decent paragraphs. If ever you still need someone, or at least if the partner role is still up for grabs, I'd be more than delighted to volunteer to be a part of it. Also, perhaps we can even make new plots together!
  9. Of course! Message me and we can talk about it! :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.