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  1. Hello, I've been in and out of the rp game due to work, and personal things, but I'm trying to get back into it, and I have been craving F x F plots. I don't have any rules besides the normal, "Stay away from one liners," and "Don't disappear for 3 weeks." I don't mind mature content, as long as it doesn't stray into things like Blood play and kinks way outside of my comfort zone. Here's a list of ideas:

    Warrior x Goddess she serves-A woman who devoted most of her life to fighting unwinnable wars for her country has been drawn out of retirement to fight again. Age old scars, and insecurities plague her daily, and as a new enemy approaches, she has to choose between fighting this battle alone, or casting aside her pride, and asking for help from a goddess that has always been looking out for her.

    Empress x Conquering General-An empress that rules with an iron fist, wants to leave a legacy behind for her people. In order to do that she has to conquer the independent countries around her, and increase the amount of power she has to wield. Her secret weapon is a general who is completely committed to her cause. And to her. But what happens when there's a small hiccup in cementing her legacy, and a malicious conspiracy, and assassination attempt force the empress to fake her death...And her betrayer takes over her throne. For 3 years the General thinks she's gone, until the empress herself shows up on her doorstep one day with a plan...

    Pirate x Prisoner-A pirate, who is in love with the open sea, and the freedom it brings, is put in close quarters with a young woman who has never tasted freedom of any kind before. The captain of the ship wants to use this "delicate" captive as a ransom, but unfortunately no one is willing to pay for her. So the captive becomes the resident cabin boy, until they decide what to do with her. Will she adapt to life on the sea, or will her new life chip away at her just as the old one did.

    Dragon x Thief-This kinda has a Thelma and Louise feel to it. Thieves love gold. And dragons love gold. Put the two together, and you have a dragon shapeshifter who gets mesmerized by anything shiny, and her partner, whose greed forces them to raid the rich, and wealthy at every opportunity. These two are wanted dead or alive, and as their pasts catch up with them, will they be able to stay together or will their partnership unravel?

    Hunter x Monster girl-In a wasteland, ravaged by harsh weather, and the gods of old. A lone huntress, tries to keep a small community of people from starving. It's hard because the game is scarce, and there are strict laws about hunting after dark. But one day, she manages to hit something big, and she tracks the creature through the woods till well after the sun sets. Her persistence leads her to something that definitely is not prey. And that starts a series of coincidental meetings.

    Hero x Villian-Two very different girls, go to the same College. Live in the same dorm. And happen to be roommates. They also happen to live double lives, and their alter egos hate each other with a passion. But when their not crimefighting or causing crime, they continue to get closer to each other. What happens when the line between friend (or more?) and enemy begins to blur?

    Vengeful human x Bound demon- A human that has been through absolute hell, and wants everyone around her to suffer, summons a demon who has the power to make her violent musings a reality. In exchange for her soul, this demon has to follow all of her commands until her vengeance is exacted.

    Assassin x Trainee-A world weary assassin gets put in charge of a blood thirsty trainee. They go on several missions together, and the cardinal rule of training is to only kill who you're assigned too. ...The trainee breaks that rule, and the full power of the assassination troupe is coming after her. Her mentor has to decide if she is willing to protect her charge, or leave her for the wolves.

    Arranged union -Warring nations are trying to come to a peaceful resolution, and they want to bridge the gap between their people via arranged marriage...Too bad both parties hate each other.

    I'm also open to any ideas ya'll might have sooooo.....
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  2. I've been wanting someone to do a hero x villain story like that with me for like, forever omg
  3. Vengeful human x bound demon sounds interesting too
  4. So hunter/monster girl
    And the dragon/thief definitely intrigue me.

    My question is, is the monster girl plot actual monster girls or just a female creature of some sorts?
  5. Dragon x Thief sounds super fun. Some sort of heist pot would be awesome for this.
  6. If you're still interested Pm me for which one you wanna do the most.

    And either creature, or monster would work. I kinda wanna work out details like that if it's picked yunno? XD
  7. Right?? Pm me so we can work out the details XD
  8. Pm coming up ^^

    HeroxVillain seems to be popular, sorry if I'm being too mainstream XD
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