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    General Information
    • Timezone: GMT/UTC +8:00
    • I like serious roleplays more than casual ones. Which mostly means that I like an rp that goes past the literal. Other than what your character does, write about details, thoughts, fears, and emotions.
    • Decent grammar and punctuation is preferred, but I don't mind typos.
    • Depending on which plot you choose, you can ask about my character's kinks and attitude. However, sometimes I'll withhold information so as not to spoil the rp for you.
    • Other info is in my roleplay resume, I will read yours as well.

    I've got my plots organized by genre, but it's just a loose categorization. For example, just because it's mainly categorized as a fantasy type of rp, doesn't mean that it can't have some minor elements of horror or thriller. While I've got the gist of it set up already, I am still open to changes. Especially changes as to how your character will fit in and changes according to your preferences.

    Ones labelled with TAKEN aren't available anymore.

    I'll start off with a plot intro. No, it's not a starter post for the rp. It's more of an introduction to the tone of the story and the styles I'll be using in the rp.

    Fantasy (open)

    TAKEN - Poison (open)

    P o i s o n
    Nobody knows her real name.

    Or who she really is, for that matter. Sold off to the slave market at the young age of twelve, the young girl could barely remember what happened before she ended up inside a slave trader's ship. She forgot her name, her family, her life before. Sheila had taken up the name and identity that her masters had given her. She had served an aristocratic family, the Aliyah Clan, for a decade before she escaped. Under their care, she was trained to assassinate, to charm... and even to seduce. But also in their care she had suffered: beaten, bullied, and abused sexually and emotionally. She was tortured, in that place, so that her memory would fail her, to keep her in place, and so that she would never again come up to them and ask "Who am I?" Her past was a secret they kept under lock and key, and she learned never to ask again. Sheila was used to it, it became her life. Until the dying words of one of her victims, a woman who her masters wanted dead, changed her life.

    "Why? Why?" the woman pleaded in a hoarse voice as the poison took over her body, racking with coughs. "This isn't who you are. Why would you kill your mother?"

    That made her stop, just stop and listen to this dying old woman's words. But Sheila had done her job too well, her "mother" had died within a few minutes. But at least she had gotten some useful information, her family was alive and well. Her once dormant desire for the truth was now awakened. Sheila, scared but hopeful, followed the few instructions that she was given. She ran away and hid under the protection of a rival clan, the Ishna Clan.

    To some extent, she is free. But she is not free from the restraints of her fake identity and the threat looming above her. Surprisingly, even though she is merely a slave among the many others that they have, the Aliyah family did not take her leave lightly. Secrets will be unraveled from the interminable cycle of fate. They are hunting her down while she tries to hunt down the truth.

    Will you join the hunt or will you save a traitor?

    What roles am I looking for :

    1. The eldest son of the Aliyah Clan, who is in charge of capturing Sheila. Using his mastery of illusionary magic, he murders a member of the Ishna Clan and assumes the identity of the victim in order to get close to his prey.


    2. A member of the Ishna Clan. He befriends Sheila and helps her in her quest for truth, since he himself also is searching for the truth of his identity. At a young age, he was adopted by the Ishna Clan for his magical talent.

    General character attitudes of the two above can be discussed, as well as other role ideas that you have.

    Setting : A vast kingdom located at the base of rugged mountains. Each town is ruled by a Clan of magic users.

    A few reminders: No godmodding. I know that this is a fantasy roleplay, but just as my character has her limits and flaws, so does yours. It is still possible to have a powerful yet believable character.

    Phantasia and Synesthesia (open)


    Psychological (open)

    Morose Delectation (open)


    9 : 0 0 A M

    The front door was locked.

    Myra stood outside the door of her relative's house, her ear to the phone. "You can go in at the back, The key's under the first flower pot." Following directions, the brunette went around the house. A line of flower pots stood by the windowsill. When Myra lifted the pot, the key wasn't there. "Um, where is it...," she lifted the second one in the row before her uncle give a reply, "Nevermind, found it." Myra shrugged it off as a small mistake of faulty memory. "'Kay kiddo. We're going to eat out at a party, and we're going home late, maybe even late morning. So you can whip up something or order takeout," Myra smiled and replied with a short, "Gotcha," before ending the call.

    She opened the door, it led to the kitchen. Myra stood still, she couldn't find it in her to place a step inside, and her hand held the door knob tightly. She felt that something was wrong, but she couldn't pinpoint the exact cause. Everything was in order, nothing seemed out of place. But instinct triumphed over reason. She closed, then locked the door shut, and kept the key in the pocket of her shorts. Instead, she decided to visit her friend, she was a neighbor.

    Little did she know that she made the right decision, for now.

    6 : 0 8 P M

    "Not going home yet?"

    "Nah. Nobody's there, and it's boring. They're at some party or whatever... Is it okay with your mom if I stay here for the night?"

    "Sure, she doesn't mind. But are you sure it's okay to just... just leave your house like that?"

    "Yep. Leigh, It's locked anyway," her friend raised an eyebrow, "And I called them, but both of them wouldn't answer. Messaged them too."

    Leigh companion snorted with laughter, "Somebody's gonna be piss drunk later... Ever since that incident last summer, it's phones off before the booze."

    "Oh right. I remember that... Yeah, guess I'll just leave them a message at home, in case they come home early. Can I use your phone?"

    Leigh nodded and led Myra down to the living room. Myra waited for the rings to go to the machine, but to her surprise, someone picked up on the second ring. "Hello...? Helloooo?" the low, genial voice of a man answered. Myra's blood ran cold. "Who the fuck are you and what the hell are you doing in my house?!" she blurted out, Leigh was taken aback at the tone. The man at the other end chuckled.

    The line went dead.

    6 : 2 1 P M

    The past few minutes felt like agonizing hours. Right immediately after Myra hung up, a call went through, but none of them dared to answer. The call went to voicemail.

    Myra, Leigh and Leigh's mother locked up and checked all sides of Leigh's house. The paranoia was maddening. The police arrived, and searched the house. The investigation included the whole neighborhood in tracking down the intruder, and ensuring everyone's safety. An almost forgotten detail---what was the message?

    "Come with me now."

    10 : 0 0 P M

    The police left. And the suspect was nowhere to be found, evidence was scarce. No fingerprints, nothing was stolen or damaged inside the house. Myra was advised to stay at her friend's house, and she gladly complied. Her parents couldn't be reached, despite efforts on the part of Leigh's parents. "Please," she pleaded, forcing back the cry, the despair. So young Myra tells the address of the party to the police, and the officers promised to check on them. They never did break that promise.

    But they had to break the news to her eventually.

    Mystery (open)

    The Violinist (open)


    Aroma (open)


    Crime (open)

    Danse Macabre (open)

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  2. I will RP with the Fantasy and i can be the Ishna guy who doesnt remember his past as well
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