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  1. Hi there and thanks for checking out my request thread! Please make sure you take a look at the information on my profile to see if we're compatible.

    • My favourite genre is medieval/fantasy but I do have pairing ideas for more modern RPs
    • I'm not after anything long term or super in depth and I'm not too fussy about post length either. All I ask is for more than two lines per post and decent grammar and spelling.
    • I like my RPs to be fairly smutty, but if a good plot develops out of it, then that's great, too.
    • I am an experienced RPer. I was doing it for about half a decade then fell out of it for a while, so forgive me if I'm a little rusty
    • I like non-consensual/rape scenes in my RPs where your character is the dominant one. Nothing hardcore or rough and definitely no violence or cruelty. PM me if you need further explanation on this.

    Bold = my character
    Blue = I have a basic plot idea

    Princess x Knight
    Mage x Ranger

    Princess x Kidnapper
    Prince x Servant

    Modern (some magic can still be involved though)
    Pop star x Obsessed fan
    Bully x Victim
    Wizard x Normal girl

    More to come when I think of it. If you have any ideas, feel free to let me know. :)

    Please PM me if you're interested.
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  2. Oooh. Mage x Ranger. That one sounds really promising to me.
  3. Princess x Knight
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