F searching for a 1x1 league of legends rp (always looking!)

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  1. Hey everyone! My name is Rylee and I am looking for some people that would be interested in a League of Legends themed role play. I am planning on this being 1x1, but if this well received then maybe we can make a group rp.
    A little about me first: I am 16 and I consider myself pretty literate. I do not have any samples (I used to rp on a different site) but I post around 3-5 paragraphs. I am pretty busy during the week days though due to school...but that's a given.
    Anyways I might as well just throw out the characters I am interested in playing as.
    I put a heart next to the characters I want to play more.
    I will also put in possible roles you guys can play as, these are all just suggestions of course
    If there is a * I have a plot for the pairing
    And I am also always the role on the left

    Katarina x Talon / Garen
    Fiora :heart: x Darius* / Garen / Jarvan
    Riven :heart: x OC* / Darius / Talon / Varus / Yasuo
    Ahri x Thresh / Varus
    Quinn :heart::heart: x OC / Garen / Xin Zhao / Darius
    Aether Wing Kayle :heart::heart: / OC

    If you chose the Riven pairing I will love you forever!
    Yes I know they are all women, mainly cause I dont want to play as a guy (but I am willing to double as a guy within the roster of the game.) So please keep that in mind.
    As for what you can play, it's up to you. You can play as an oc, or as someone else from the game, I am not quite picky about it as long as there is a good plot behind it.
    I would like for there to be some sort of romance going on between our characters, it won't be the main focus at all but I would like for it to be there. So keep that in mind.
    Oh and if you're interested in playing with me hit me up: Mystifiedfate
    I am only like lvl 20 right now so keep that in mind :P
    Well I guess that is it! If you are interested then drop a comment or hit me up in a pm
    I hope to hear from someone soon :)
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  2. First I've seen of this, so I hope you haven't given up on finding someone. I'd be willing to do one of these, definitely. I've been looking for a League of Legends roleplay for a while (quietly), so I'd be up for doing this.
  3. No I've already been searching on other websites for like a couple weeks now, I have no intentions in giving up! :P
    But are you really interested! OH MY GOD THANK YOU <3
    Which of the pairings interested you the most? If I must I would rather prefer a pairing involving me playing Riven, I absolutely love her (She's my main in the game) and would totally be interested in rping as her.
    But if she is not your cup of tea I completely understand and I will take almost anything atm.
  4. Perhaps Riven x Yasuo? I love Yasuo to death, and am definitely familiar with him. In addition, it'll add an interesting and more personal element to the rp.
  5. Oh I love Yasuo! His voice actor just sounds so awesome (even though it does not match his character much :P) Works just fine with me.
    Do you have a plot in mind?
    If not we could perhaps make it set sometime right when he enters the league. We could just let it go from there.
    Also what is your opinion on doubling? Of course our main focus would be Riven x Yasuo but an extra character that we take care of on the side could spice things up. Of course this would not have to be a thing from the start.
    Also are you fine with romance being in the rp? Of course this will also not be a main part of the story, but it does spice things as well.
    Besides an eventual romance between our two characters would be pretty cool.
  6. I'll answer those in order they were asked.

    1) I do not yet have a plot, but that's fixed easily enough. Your idea may be the best, as it let's everything go naturally.

    2) I'm fine with doubling. I've done it in many roleplays in the past, and I can keep a barrier between characters.

    3) Romance is completely fine! It'd be interesting to see it grow up between those two, with their backgrounds as they are.
  7. Yeah some sort of free flowing "plot" would seem best at first. After a while we could perhaps pause the rp for a bit and get more of a solid plot if needed.
    Sweet, just for future reference I was thinking of actually doubling as Darius. He could sorta be the...Antagonist of the rp or something. Plus I just love him as a character. xP
    Glad to see you're up for romance, I can tell that I will like you already. :D
    Now for profiles, do you think we will need them? Normally since we're playing as cannons I do not really find them necessary, but seeing as how little info we are given on the champions we could have some basic profiles to flesh out personalities, add to bio's if needed, perhaps talk about our character's opinion on a few other key champions, etc. I can go either way with this one, so that is up to you. We could always flip a coin if needed.
    And my (hopefully) last question will be: are we going to rp in a thread or pm?
  8. Taking my previous approach to this.

    1) I don't think we really need any profiles, since we both seem very comfortable with the characters and it will be more interesting if it's completely new.

    2) If you were doubling up as an antagonist... Huh, not entirely sure actually. *Insert clever idea *

    3) We can do either. Perhaps OOC discussion on PM, and IC in a thread?
  9. Alright, no profiles it is then. :)
    Well you can pick another antagonist, maybe a neutral character or something? It's all up to you.
    Sound good to me.
    Would you like to make the thread or shall I?
    Oh and one more thing, who shall start the rp off? I don't mind starting, I am kinda used to being the first one to go anyways. :P
  10. I'll likely pick someone neutral, as Yasuo is likely going to be slow to accept Riven and may need a third party for a time. I can make the thread easily enough if you'd like me to, and would be more than happy to start, since this is right after he was accepted in.
  11. Alright, send me a link to the thread and I will impatiently wait for you to start us off.
    Oh I am so excited! My searching is finally paying off!
  12. looks interesting, could be Darius, what is this? more Love oriented?
  13. Is this still open? Lol all the characters i know are funny. I'd like to try ammumu, lee the blind monk, some others in my head but mostly females like Morgana and Annie. My username is Julytable look me up
    When ever i play lol i always play riven you could say riven is my dream girl so i will definitely rp any of the riven role plays.
  15. I'll play as Ahri!! I mean..that is my name :3
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