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  1. I really really hate bioware right now, they came out with a new DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition today which of course made me really really happy because the last one known as the descent dlc was not released the Xbox 360 which of course pissed me off. Little did I f****** know that biowhre would screw the fans over again, not one but twice. Now I have to save up all my f****** money for Xbox one which of course is going to cost a lot. I like to finish my game before I move on to a new set but because Bioware have to be a bunch of selfish pricks I have to get a new system.

    You're probably asking yourself why would I want to get a DLC, it's just a bunch of killer content right. Wrong it is the end of the Dragon Age Inquisition series, which is a major thing! What the f*** Bioware seriously I get descent but why the final chapter.
  2. #PCmasterrace >:D >:D >:D >:D

    So you're telling me that they released the game on Xbox 360, but NOT releasing all it's content for 360???? That's not cool DX Bioware really knows how to piss off their fans... Or maybe it's EA... Or both XP

    But that practice isn't as uncommon as one might thing sadly DX Console exclusive content in games to encourage you to get one console version over the other while in reality, it's just gonna piss off the opposite console DX In this case they're encouraging you to upgrade... Well they seem to think we're made of money -.-

    And BTW, they made a small team to create a tool to transfer your data to the new xbox one/PS4. That team probably could have dealt with the compatibility for 360 -.-

    What's in the DLC anyway? COULD it be possible that it's just not possible to run on 360? (As unlikely that may be)

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    One of my friends use to say that. People try to defend her and she's like "Fuck off, I don't need you to defend me" Fun times XD Just a bit of nostalgia for me.

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    "Changing the past doesn't solve anything but changing the future can mean something"
    And that was so her mindset too... Saaaayyyyyy, you wouldn't have happened to be a Washington gurl once upon a time have ya? XD

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  3. Well, you can't really blame them for doing that. The Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC are better machines than the Xbox 360 and PS3. They can handle the game with fine detail, unlike the last gens where they had to reduced so many things. The DLCs (Descent and Trespasser) can not be handled on the last gen consoles because of the limited memory on the systems.

    The Xbox 360 and PS3 are trash compared to the Xbox One and PS4 and more people are getting the new gen systems. The PS2 and Xbox were trash compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Then, the Xbox One and PS4 will be trash compared to the next 'brand new' consoles.

    I think that BioWare did the right choice to stop supporting the last gen consoles. They were holding back from the PC and the current gen. It pissed off a couple people, but BioWare and EA would rather have a couple pissed off fans than hold back other consoles and lose money because of it.

    EDIT: Which is why I am thankful that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be only on the current gens and PC, not on last gens. If it was going to be on there, then I would of been disappointed at BioWare and EA.
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  4. What's in the DLC to make it not compatible for 360/PS3? They fit the entirety of inquisition, so why is it's DLC not working?

    back other consoles and lose money because of it.
    But they wouldn't loose money over it DX They would gain money. They made the entire game compatible with 360/PS3, and made a profit. Making the DLC compatible for 360/PS3 can't be nearly as hard of a task as the entire game, and that means less money to do so, meaning more money from people like commander calibrations. But now they don't get her money because it's not available for her.

    Like Andromeda not being on 360/PS3 is understandable. But you can't put an ENTIRE game on 360/PS3, and then sit there and pretend that DLC is too much for for it DX
  5. They released jaws of harkon, a rather large DlC for Xbox 360 and for mass effect they released the citadel and the omega dlc in the same console. So what the hell is going on with that. I'm just going to have to save up all my money for an Xbox one
  6. Well, they did fit the whole game in it. Barely. The frame rate isn't that good as the PS3 version dropping down in 22 seconds. Plus, they had to remove some features that were on the current consoles. Poor graphics, bad audio, and many other issues bad enough.

    At the start, it seemed like a good idea to them. But, with the limited space on the hard drive, they couldn't support it anymore without giving up key parts to the DLCs. They would rather lose fans and money than remove anything more important.

    If they would to allow the last two DLCs, then the frame rates would be shit and the graphics on there would be unplayable to many gamers. Then, BioWare and EA would have to deal with people bitching about that and getting upset.

    They aren't pretending to say that, they said the reason why they can't put the rest of the DLCs on the current gen. I know that being ripped off sucks, but you should know that when you are buying something.

    Mass Effect 3: Citadel and Omega DLCs were able to work with last gen, because it was made during the last gen. Even before the PS4 and Xbox One were out. If they were released for current gen, then we would be deal with the same issues. Jaws of Hakkon was given as a gift to say sorry for leaving behind the last gen users. Plus, it had issues as well like fame rate and graphic issues.
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  7. Alrighty then, I'll take your word for it. (I don't know anything about the game yet, I've only just started origin.) Although I still find it a bit fishy considering it's coming from Bioware/EA -.-
  8. Y'know, I'd have to say the real fuck up was that they released it for the previous generation in the first place. When you have to gut the quality and functionality of your game to make it run on the system, you probably shouldn't publish it on that system. It was very clearly a game made for the newer generation of consoles from the start, and they really should have kept it that way to avoid these kinds of stupid problems.

    But of course that would have required EA to choose quality over cash and that was never going to happen. :P
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