F.lux ; For your eyes! :]

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Original poster
f.lux™Better lighting...for your computer

Studies show that blue light in the morning and reduction of blue night towards the night hours
makes computer screens easy on your eyes!

"Results suggest that low color temperature light creates... a lowering of psychological activity."
Towards the wee hours of the night when you're typing away your roleplay posts, f.lux will help
your eyes get accustomed to sleeping once you're done.

The developmental science behind f.lux technology is discussed Here,
in an EHP article, "What's in a Color? the Unique Human health effects of Blue Light, written by David C. Holzman.

What about you? Have you ever used a program like this?
Why or why not?

Did you know about the blue light effect?

Would you use this program now that you know?


I started using f.lux a couple of days ago. I'd seen it on a lot of my friend's computers in school (engineering school).
We're always programming late into the night and my eyes get watery and tired.
Afterwards, it is hard for me to sleep sometimes.

I can honestly say that f.lux helps my eyes! I feel less strain when I'm on the computer after 10.
Usually, around that time, I put my screen on lowest brightness to lessen the strain.
Now, the brightness doesn't matter!

Around sunset-time (nowadays, 5:30-ish here?), my screen starts turning an orange/pink-ish hue.
It's easy on the eyes and you can always temporarily disable it if you're working with colors!
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This is interesting. I don't usually have issues with my eyes hurting, but I will check this out nonetheless!

Thanks, Sakura : )


Original poster
This is nifty, Sakii!
I've had discussions about the blue light with Kehvarl, actually, and how I typically take a bath before bed to make myself more tired.
This is a super nifty idea and I might try it as well ^_~