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  1. Hello!
    Here’s a short presentation of what I look for [​IMG]

    First, mistakes happen but please be literate. I’m not spelling obsessed and English is not my first language though [​IMG]

    Some ideas in no particular order:

    Private Eye x Prostitute (maybe a client’s wife sent him to investigate)
    Walking Dead Governor type x wife or daughter of rival town governor (hostage? Convincing him to spare her husband/dad? Taking her in after town destruction?)
    Nazi officer x Jewish girl (maybe during the war then after when she is meant to testify against him?)
    Enemy officer x female Spy
    Mob boss x undercover female cop
    Mob boss or Cop or Investigator x Rival mob boss’ daughter/wife (could be Prohibition, old school gangsters era)
    Crooked Cop x Prostitute / Happy Ending Masseuse (the wrong client? or she knew of his bad rep and hoped to avoid him forever?)
    Soldier coming home x wife (he’s seen things that changed him… at first she is shocked)
    English officer x American rebel’s daughter/wife (hostage? Convincing him to spare her husband/dad?)
    Lawyer or Broker or Businessman x stripper or lap dancer

    I like many existing pairings… Could be Don Draper x One of his many married conquests (Mad Men), Rebecca x Brian de Bois-Guilbert (Ivanhoe), Darken Rahl x Cara or Kahlan (Sword of Truth/Legend of the Seeker), Melkor x Luthien (Silmarillion/Tolkien), Amon Goeth x Helen Hirsch (Schindler's List), Ba’al x Sam Carter (Stargate), Tom Riddle x Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter), Littlefinger x Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones), Lucrezia Borgia x Cesare Borgia, Piter de Vries x Jessica (Dune), Dracula x Mina Harker (prefer Victorian setting)… feel free to suggest others, I may like them too!

    No bdsm, furry, vore, toilet stuff, full-on rape. Blackmail, reluctance, dub-con, roughness all ok. I only play the lady, sorry no exception [​IMG]

    As you can see I can do many settings, modern, historical, sci fi, fantasy, post apocalyptic… as long as there is a plot! One shot ok if I love the idea! [​IMG]

    I've had several people asking for the same scenario- first come first served! I will be crossing off those I have already started [​IMG]
    Btw I just don't drop a RP without a word. I may not answer every 3 minutes but I haven't dropped it or forgotten or moved to outer space

    Last thing, allow me some time to answer, I’m not constantly online (really!). Have a good day !
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  2. I'm curious as to if you have one in particular you may be craving. Let me know!
  3. Any non crossed one is up for grabs! do you see something interesting?
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  5. Mob boss or Cop or Investigator x Rival mob boss’ daughter/wife (could be Prohibition, old school gangsters era)

    I love this idea, love the Prohibition era, never had the chance to do an RP in it as of yet.
  6. Great! pming you!
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