F Looking for M Partner (Multiple Ideas Open for Discussion)

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  1. So I have a LOT more time than I have roleplays, so I'm looking for a partner to play a male in some ideas (or if you have an idea, that's cool too!)

    So, here they are.

    Doctor Who (You-Timelord, Me-Companion)
    Criminal Minds (You- Morgan, Me- Garcia)
    Supernatural Creature (Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Angel, FALLEN Angel, etc.) (You- Creature, Me- Human)
    Celebrity/Stagehand (You- Music/Movie Star, Me- Stagehand/Assistant)
    Zombie Outbreak (We're both survivors trying to, well, survive)
    Animal Preservationist (I work with big cats on a reserve, you're a visitor or another employee at the reserve)

    If I have any other ideas I will add them. If you're interested in anything or would like to talk about plots or characters, PM ME!!!

    Come on, you know you want to. Please?

    I'm so lonely...