ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST F looking for M or Doubles

Discussion in 'PARTNER CONNECTIONS' started by Flannel&Leather, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Still looking for partners for my craving list
    Or if you have role play plot ideas message me.
  2. Still looking. Updated list
    Also send me your plot ideas.
  3. Suuppppp

    (Awkward hello out of the way)

    Yo saw your little wanted add and you seem Pre Cool so I definitely would not mind Rping with you if you are still looking for people that is.

    Your Harley Quinn X Oc thing seem like it could be fun well most of them look like they would be fun. And I am sure I can think of some other ones if needed.
  4. Currently looking. See list for cravings or send me your plot ideas.
  5. New pairing added
  6. Added new pairings :)
  7. Looking for my cravings.
  8. Still looking, for cravings.