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  1. Hello. I am quite active roleplayer (I am able to post a reply a few times a day). I am looking for quite active male roleplayers.
    - Your posts don't have to be long (But surely more than one sentence);
    - I wish you could answer at least once a day;

    My ideas:
    - Vampire (M) x Human (F)
    - Boss (M) x Secretary (F)
    - Demon (M) x Angel (F)
    - Master (M) x Slave (F)
    - Soldier (M) x Nurse (F)
    - A normal couple
    - Newly married couple.

    If you would like to roleplay with me, please PM me. I am also open for your ideas.
    I roleplay only female straight characters.
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  2. How about a newly married couple?
  3. I'm up for a normal couple, pm me?
  4. Sure, I messaged both of you.
  5. I'm interested in either the Vampire x Human or the Demon x Angel plot, if you're still looking.
  6. Hmm maybe a female demon and a male angel pairing?.
  7. If you're still interested I would like to do the Boss/Secretary plot.
  8. i'll pm you in a bit.
  9. I wouldn't mind doing Vampire x Human....but do you only do one liners? If so, I'll pass.
  10. Of course not.
  11. Do you have a plot in mind for it?
  12. Not yet.
  13. I have an idea or two if you want to pm me.
  14. Hello Elena!

    I would be interested in supernatural/fantasy influenced RP (Vampire/Dhampir X Human, Demon X Angel or something of the like) if you're still open to expressions of interest! My preference of gender is male, so no issues there, and I have a few ready made characters who would fit the bill, although I am quite happy to create new characters! My replies are generally a minimum of 2 paragraphs, and although there are days where I won't be able to respond at all, on the days that I am free I respond fairly frequently (sometimes 3 -4 times).

    Let me know if you're still interested!