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  1. Hello friends!

    If you're looking for an intermediate to advanced roleplayer with a love for plot and development, but also sex and romance, then you're in the right place. I'm very adaptable to styles and preferences, and although I have my likes and dislikes, I can usually be inspired and motivated to write about almost anything. Please don't be shy to post here or shoot me a PM!

    As the title suggests, I'm a female, looking for male or female partners to write at a high intermediate to high advanced level. I prefer my partner to play male characters, but side characters are anything goes. As a rule of thumb, I prefer my roleplays to be at least 50% plot, and the other 50% or less to be sex. That being said, I don't shy away from fetish or gruesome/abuse type scenes, so if you have an itch you'd like me to scratch, feel free to bring it up.

    I prefer to work specific plots out with my partner, but, just to give you a taste I tend to prefer roleplays that are more on the realistic than fantasy side. I really dislike furries/futas or vampires/werewolves, and unless the plot is really more sci-fi or realism centered with just some fantastical aspects, I usually lose interest. I love the history genre, and I'd like to give Lolita or MasterxSlave a shot, as I never have before because I've been worrying about it becoming cliche. Generally, I will play the more submissive character, although there are exceptions. Despite that, I still insist my characters have development and sustainability, and are not just 'victims' in the roleplay.

    If my style or preference fits your needs, please write!


    • Thomas Harrison series (Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon)
    • Saw
    • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    • The Host
    • OITNB(Would be willing to use characters from the show, if RP will consist of elaborating on their specific backgrounds)
    • Matrix series
    • The Forest (pc game)
    • The Valley of Amazement
    • Memoirs of a Geisha
    • White Oleander(specifically the incarcerated mother x coming of age daughter relationship, expressed through letters- not exactly a typical RP but more of a collection of stories)
    • Lolita(the book)
    • 1984
    • The Color Purple
    • Captain Phillips
    • Life of Pi
    • Spirited Away(got an idea to give this a darker twist, pm if interested)
    • Misery
    • The Shining
    If you liked any of these, ask me how we can turn them into plots! :)

    Pink= would absolutely love to do
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  2. Are you still looking?
  3. Yes, I am!
  4. Some stuff has been added, including a 'fandom'-esque list:worms:
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  5. I'm really interested in the Spirited Away Idea :3
  6. I'm super happy to hear that! Shoot me a pm, please. I'm currently on vacation so I can't really get anything started- only phone, no computer- but maybe we can get some basic planning in.

    Thank you for writing!!!
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