F. L. A. W. L. E. S. S. = O.O.C

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In a world where science has made terrific leaps, unexpected consequences have occurred. From the hushed haszardous gas spills to the radio-active phenomenon, humans have at times held powers only thought up in comic books. But unlike comic books, the villains are not born innately evil. Everyone is just a person, surviving in whatever way they can. Sometimes that means rising as a gang boss to ensure your family is well off and your kid gets into college.

Sometimes that means shanking an old lady for her groceries so that you don't starve; or tossing your baby in the river because you can't feed them. Don't cringe. There are worse things in the world than this. The fact still remains though, crime has gone up, and the economy down. Way down. With as intense as the new street drugs are, half of the population is barely lucid enough to notice death, so it goes in a vicious cycle.

The US government attempted to declare martial law at one point, that's how bad it got. But the attempt failed. So now it is organized to where is the criminal public agrees to keep the crime to a minimum. No bombing elementary schools and such, then the cops would look the other way. And so an unhealthy balance has developed, and those vigilantes who won't stand for such an illusionary peace are out numbered and attacked on both ends.

The public wants this balance; they believe it can be helped, and so those trying to stop crime are kept threatened with the new lynching law. That's right, if vigilant is spotted, it has been declared legal for the public to lynch them on sight. Here, the good guys are ketp as disorganized as the bad ones. If you can even call them good guys...


Have I gotten your attention yet?


The military has funded and authorized a team of scientists, the best of the elite, to create a solution to all of their problems from a lab created out of public eye, in space. The project is given the top secret name; F L A W L E S S. These scientists work on what is known in laymen's terms as a super soldier. They succeed, and it turns out to be everything they had hoped for and more. This super's reflexes, strength, speed, agility, durability, and intelligence off the charts, the super even has the ability of flight. The super is considered truly flawless. Until the super starts to exhibit negative personality traits; extreme narcissistic complexity of anger, bouts of defiance and boredom, casual emotion towards biological life besides the super's own, and the biggest problem, loneliness. As a solution to hopefully all of the problems, the scientists come up with another brilliant idea. He set out to do what he was created for, to bring order to chaos. And that is exactly what happened, within a matter of a couple of weeks, he had crime organized from their chaos, planning to use them as bringers of peace and light. Everyone under on
They allowed the super to help create a companion, someone just like them. Besides, two was better than one. This pleased the super greatly, and for some months the super was contented with designing the most pleasing looks for their companion while at the same time learning about how the super themselves were created. When the super was satisfied at knowing the entire process (a couple of months before his companion was finished) he did away with the scientists. By that I mean he killed all of them, it wasn't as though he really needed them anymore, or the world needed them for that matter. Their mission was completed, he was made, and his companion was almost complete. He set the computers to finish downloading the general world information and history into his companion's brain, and left the station from the atom transporter, reappearing on earth.He set out to do what he was created for, to bring order to chaos. And that is exactly what happened, within a matter of a couple of weeks, he had crime organized from their chaos, planning to use them as bringers of peace and light. Everyone under one order, his own, and to help him, his righteous army of crimelords. He goes by the name Flawless.

Up in the space station, the technology used has had an unexpected short out, easily fixed but the handy man. But he's dead. The programmed computers shut off, and the companion's programming is lost. She awakens, as new to the world as a child. Impressionable and ready to soak up any information that comes to her super-geared cortex or a mind. Will she be used to tip the scale of justice? Or will she reject her destined purpose?

Alaice of your villan. Super/Villian.

Name+ Full name
Age+ no older than 30 please, but no ten year olds either....they would die quickly
Abilities+ tell us what you can do, any weapons go here too
Looks+ even though you have a pic, tell us your demenour, characteristics, personality also goes here
Bio+ doesn't have to be a novel, but put something here please
Lair+ where you hide out, any alter egos, and anything extra</code>
This sounds really neat, though I'm a little confused about what would go on. Is this going to be our characters against Flawless oe are our characters joining flawless as heroic villians?
Flawless is the super that I have suggested for someone to play. You're basically battling against each other, and I know I could have fleshed it out more, but I was being lazy enough as it is. Flawless is the head guy of the supers and basically what the villains are trying to do, is bring him down. The character has all the characteristics that were listed above previously.

Extreme narcissistic;
2. Complexity of anger;
3. Bouts of defiance and boredom;
4. Casual emotion towards biological life besides the super's own;
5. And the biggest problem, loneliness.

The Heros will be very dark and grtty, I plan for this Role-Play to be pretty gruesome at times, dramatic, but funny in other moments. Like DC Comics, but a slightly darker nature. I'm sure I'll have more revealed when I throw the IC up. But for now, everything is what you think is going to happen. You're basically making the role-play into what it is. I was just giving you a starting point. : D
Awesome! I'll definately play this. I'll throw up a character later when I have some time.
I'm just starting to wonder if anyone else is going to be interested in this. If not, I've wasted my time.
I'm definitely interested. May be a while before I can get a character up, though.
Superhero RP sounds like fun times to me. I may not be able to get a character up before Wednesday, but I'll definitely be considering ideas and things in the meantime.
Name+ Abigail "Rapunzal" Carter

Age+ 24

-Can control her hair like tentecals.
-Can strengthen or weaken her hair as she sees fit.
-Her hair grows at a much quicker rate than most people, about a foot in two weeks.

Looks+ Abigail is rather soft-spoken, it takes a lot to anger her in any way. When she is angry though her words can become quite venemons. She never judges anyone by looks but by attitude. If you hold yourself highly then she will look at you highly, she respects confidence. She is rather kind and will take people in if they need help. However, she doesn't get out much, her hair causes more problems than it fixes and the actual lenght usually causes people to stare, something she doesn't like. Her hair has caused a few rumors about a beast and more than once an eadger man had come to her door claming to save her from said beast. Her current hair lenght is about 30 feet, braided to make moving about easier. She is actually rather short in person, a tiny 5'1"


Reputation+ Neutral/Unknown (Possibly thought of as the "beast")

Bio+ Abigail was born into a simple family and at first no one would have guessed her to be any different from a normal person. She really didn't start changing until she was 16. Her hair started to grow at an alarming rate and soon she could control it just like any other limb on her body. At first she cut it regularly, just so people wouldn't notice. Eventually she gave up on regularly cutting it when she was 20 and let it grow at it's own pace, forcing her to move out of her family home and into the country so she could avoid questions about it. Since then she has only made light contact with her family and friends and not many people really know about her.

Lair+ Abigail lives in a small stone cottage in the county, her closest neighbours are about 5 achers away. She pays for her home and expenses by running a bead and breakfast, her cottage having plenty of rooms to spare since she lives alone. When running her bed and breakfast her hair usually pulled back into a mass of buns and loops to keep it off the floor, giving her a strange appearance. Other than that she keeps mostly to herself, only socializing with her customers if they need anything.
Name+ Randall "Edge" Michelson

Age+ 27

Abilities+ Edge has no powers beyond his ability to plan and fight. He has a talent for improvising and studied mechanical matters and human and nonhuman biology. Most of his weapons and tools are made from scratch. He uses a variety of blunt and bladed weapons(including arrows) with expert precision.

Looks+ Randall is fairly unremarkable. Short black hair, brown eyes. Nothing particularly defining about his face. Somewhat athletic looking, but that could describe a lot of people. Edge dresses mostly in black, his costume a selection of clothes and body armor, carefully considered to maximize both protection and flexibility. Pouches, knives, and perhaps a tightly tied-down backpack complete his outfit except for his mask. It's black and completely enclosed, looking perhaps like a modified paintball mask. The visor is tinted, hiding his features completely.

Reputation+ Edge has a bad reputation, no one claims any kind of affiliation with him and he doesn't claim affiliation with anyone. Given that he'll attack and kill criminal, cop, and superhero alike, he doesn't have many friends.

Bio+ For the most part, Randall's childhood was normal, except for a general resentment for the state of the world. He graduated high school fairly high in his class, although with no scholarships he held out on going to college until he had enough money to pay for it.

His decision to become Edge came one night when he turned a corner and saw a mugging happening in front of him. Some cold, detached part of his mind took over, and with a few quick jabs with his pocketknife, the mugging was over. He spent just enough time there to make sure the victim was okay and turned and walked away, leaving the thug to bleed out.

He slowly cut off contact with others, except for work, and moved to a small industrial building on the edge of town, the kind of place that rents for cheap and where questions aren't asked so long as you pay on time in cash. He's turned it into a workshop and base of operations, where he builds what tools are going to be necessary and practices with his weapons.

He's essentially declared a one-man war on the entire system. He'll go after criminals the bulk of the time, but he has no reservations about removing a crooked cop from the system or even a super who he feels isn't helping matters. He's found a new target recently though: Flawless. Although he can't deny Flawless's success, he is opposed to Flawless and all that he does, and more recently has begun to target the members of Flawless's organization.

Lair+ A small former warehouse he's careful never to lead anyone to.
Name+ Everett "The Disassembler" Scott

Age+ 23

Abilities+ Disintegrating touch destroys the molecular bonds in matter, causing it to crumble, melt, or evaporate, depending on the material


Seems to have a perpetual five o'clock shadow that never grows into anything but a scanty beard on his chin and upper lip. Wears street clothes for the most part, as he's not into costumes. Usually dresses in dark colors like brown or gray, and black as well when he's on the job.
Personality+ Fairly laid back almost all of the time. Even during the middle of a heist, he doesn't show too much emotion. He almost seems bored with the lifestyle, but there's no point in trying to find a way out at this point. It's far too late for him.

Reputation+Far from your typical egomaniacal supervillain, Everett just sees what he does as his job. Sure, it's a lot different from some people's nine to five routine, but he's only doing it to pay the bills.
That being said, he's done his share of horrible things in his time casing banks. He might be just a two-bit criminal, but he's not afraid of hurting people if that get in the way of him getting his money.

Bio+ No one has an easy time of day to day life these days, but Everett's family was hit especially hard by the upswing in crime and vigilantism. His father and sister were killed as bystanders in a shooting, and his mother took to drinking after that. If it hadn't been for the strange ability he discovered as a teenager, Everett might have suffered even more, but because of it, he was able to offer his services to gangs who wanted to break into banks. Since he was one of the few supers who was able and willing to get throught a vault door, he eventually entered the service of the mob.

Lair+ A crummy, bare single bedroom on the wrong side of the tracks