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A bright and shining mid-afternoon unfolded as citizens ran merrily (in horror) around as yet another wondrous crime unfolded in front of them...

A flash of blue, blind, then sight, sounds, so many! She held her head, covering her ears in instinct to block out noise, it was much more than she was used to, so much stimulus. The sunlight was also more than she was used to; she closed her eyes tightly until she felt she could open them. Colors, everywhere! Sounds, and what was this? Feeling, feeling something. She turned her head, and directly next to her was a large truck, (of course she had no idea is was a truck) it was bent in the front and around her form. She pushed it away gently, making it jerk violently back a good foot or two. Oh no, had she broken yet another thing? But far more than the truck interested her, what was the forms coming out of it? They were making such noises.

“WHAT. THE. FUCK!” Out stepped an infuriated Nip, one minute she’s driving away, very near success. The next she’s crashed into something, or someone was more like it. It of course didn’t occur in her mind that this person could withstand a car crashing into them, she was just pissed that her mode of transporting all this cash was now wrecked, and wouldn’t start again. Behind her Spud was staring wide eyed at the girl she was now advancing upon. “Get the hell out of the way before I blow your half-whit (who was she to be calling anyone half-whit?) ass to next Tuesday! Do you know what you just did? Do you know what you just did?!!!” Nip shoved a pistol into the girl’s face. The looked at her with worry and dislike in her golden eyes. Oh how pitiful….wait a minute. It suddenly clicked in Nip’s head that she just ran into her with a truck and it didn’t do anything, and she looked…well Nip didn’t know how to explain it, but for starters she was a person in a bed sheet that was now ripped up on its side. On her leg it said B E L O V E D. What the heck did that mean?

“Nip, Combustion’s catching up! Forget the girl and grab as many bags as you can!” Spud shouted; both shoulders full of duffel bag straps. Nip backed away from the girl that was now studying Nip as closely as Nip had been studying the girl. She turned away as the woman or girl(she couldn’t tell) suddenly smiled warmly at her. Freak.

Gun shots were fired by Doodle as beast gathered as many bags as he could, which was a whole lot! “Hey Spud.” Beast said thickly.

“Not now Beast!” Spud was fumbling with the duffel bags, trying to balance them.

“But Spud-“ “NOT NOW.”


A plume of fire shot past them. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME COMBUSTION WAS HERE!” Spud yelled, dropping all of his bags in panic. He didn’t bother listening to Beast’s response, which was an ‘I’m sorry’ no doubt. He needed a plan, no way were they gonna make it out with all this cash by running while fire fallowed their every step. He glanced at the girl, why the hell was she still standing there? Well, everyone else was hiding in the shops or had hightailed it out of there, looks like she was the lucky loser this time.

He grabbed his 9mm and ran over to her, pointing it at her head. “Don’t move beautiful, chances are you’ll be let go if you co-operate. JUNK BOYZ, grab the bags and start heading out, your brilliant leader has a plan.”

“It looks like the same plan you usually have…” Nip gave her a snark reply as she began half carrying and half dragging the bags off into the alley adjacent to them. Beast and Doodle snickered as they fallowed. Spud rolled his eyes as they left. The girl was looking around her, completely unconcerned of the gun he was holding to her head, what the heck kinda planet did she come from? She could at least pay attention when a villain was threatening her!

“HOLD IT there my heated friend. Wouldn’t want an unfortunate mishap with a lovely young lady would we?” He said loudly as Combustion approached.

Almost immediately she understood, these what’s that moved, they were not what’s, but who’s. They were alive, like her. Her mind deduced that these who’s were similar to the unpleasant things she found in that foul smelling room. Only they were whole, she could easily see the similarity in structure, so that meant that the unpleasant one’s she found in that foul smelling room were broken. She had felt pleased that these one’s were not broken, and curiosity coupled with interest bit at her every fiber, but she didn’t want to move, lest she break something again. Her eyes wondered around her surroundings, her mind recording everything about her. Learning new things with every second that passed; she clutched the bed sheet she had covered herself with tighter.
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Randall watched with some interest as the getaway ran into a complication, lowering his bow as he watched. He regarded the silent girl with probably as much confusion as her captor did, before mentally grumbling, "All the world needs, another useless super."

Well. He could care less about them taking a super hostage, but it looked nicer if they lived. He pulled down his mask over his face, becoming Edge, and slipped down off the roof onto a fire escape, having to use a little parkour to get above and behind the bank robbers unnoticed, two stories above them. He crouched on the roof, studying them, until he had a plan in mind.

For perhaps the only time in his career, he was grateful for Combustion. A good distraction.

He strapped his bow back to his backpack, descending as silently as he could onto the fire escape and pulling a side-handle baton from his pack. He looked over the edge, and sent himself and his backpack over the edge at the same time, both dropping at the same time onto two targets.

He moved in a whirling rush of blows, sending robbers to the ground out cold, behind Spud in an instant and pulling the aim of the gun away from the girl's head, ramming the end of baton into his side again and again, throwing him onto the ground and giving him a final wind swing across the head to knock him out, before straightening up and looking at the hostage.

A bedsheet? Sure it was somewhat more modest than some superheroines had, but it was damned odd. "Not a good idea to let yourself get taken in like that on your first day. If it's your first day." He said, he voice a low growl.