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  1. Lost a few partners recently, while others are super busy with life stuff so I'm itching for some new RPs.

    I don't have an extensive plot in mind but I do have some ideas that I would be interested in talking over with someone. I'm also open to any ideas you have as well.

    Idea #1 : I was thinking of something with a very high powered Executive of some kind. He's on top of the world and nothing can bring him down. He is arrogant and used to getting everything he wants and its always handed to him on a silver platter. He is in need of a new assistant and pretty much meets his match with my character. This plot requires a lot of drama for me because it can easily turn into slice of life and I can't stand slice of life. So feel free to help me think of all sorts of trouble to stir up for these two.

    Idea #2 : This one is more vague but can easily turn into something interesting with the right partner. I had this idea recently of an adult version of the kid's show "Dragon Tales". Basically two characters find a mysterious object or book and it takes them to this dark, magical, dangerous medieval world where dragons rule the land. The characters can both be in the modern world together or one can be in the modern world and the other in the medieval one. We can talk that out if you want.

    Rules: (For lack of a better word)

    1. Content is important. I don't want one paragraph and one liners are just unacceptable but I also don't want ten paragraphs of nothing I can work with. Its a story, help me guide it to the next scene. Don't leave everything up to me or the RP will get very boring, very quickly.

    2. I'm not a grammar nazi but try to check your post before submitting. I don't want to spend time figuring out what you're trying to say.

    3. I would like a partner that can post at least once a day but a few times a week is fine as well. I understand life happens. I try to post daily myself but if I cant, I usually don't let a few days pass before I put something together.

    4. Communication is of utmost importance. Please do not just drop the RP. If you aren't interested anymore, let me know. Going on vacation, let me know. Something came up, let me know. Have an idea to make the story better, talk to me! I find the RPs I enjoy the most are the ones where I have had the most OOC conversations with.

    5. This is Libertine so there will obviously be sex but I need more plot than sex. I lose muse rather quickly if the only thing I'm writing about is sex. I can be rather descriptive but will also work with what you give me.

    If you have any other ideas I'm open to that as well! The two ideas above are not exclusive. Let's chat!
    PM me or write below!
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  2. Would love to chat! :) I've got a medieval/fantasy RP that I want to work on, and would like to discuss it with you if you're up for it.
  3. Send me a PM! :)
  4. Sure thing :)
  5. Still looking btw
  6. As the self-entitled Fantasy-Addict, I am interested in this particular plot. Mmmhm, would you like for me to send a PM?
  7. Please do. :-)
  8. Sent. ;)
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