(F/F, M/M) Let's focus on the naughty parts.

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  1. As the title says, I'm looking for a role-play or two that focuses mostly on sex. I almost feel embarrassed posting this up, but you know what, whatever. I just really need something easy and stress-free to distract me from feeling like poop all the time, and sexy role-plays are easy!

    F/F and M/M only. Sorry, I just don't really like hetero pairings. A few things first:

    - I don't need you to be a professional writer, but please have good grammar/be able to write more than a sentence or two
    - I prefer to role-play with other women
    - I don't do the whole seme/uke dynamic
    - Please pitch in your own ideas; I don't like having to do all the work in directing the role-play. If you want something to happen, just let it happen! I like surprises!
    - I can role-play over the forums here or over PM, whatever you're more comfortable with

    Now for weird plot points and also fetishes that people are going to judge me for

    Something involving a very effeminate dude. I'm not usually into this, but I've been feeling it lately. Perhaps the other character isn't even aware that he's male and gets a bit of a surprise.

    Knotting. Don't judge me. :-( Maybe werewolves or a demon of some kind; I'm not into super furry furries.


    A mature older woman who takes interest in an innocent young lady.

    Something involving blood play. Doesn't have to include periods if that weirds you out. Vampires are cool too. Just putting that out there.

    A succubus and her chosen victim



    Light furry. Involves a hunter stumbling upon (a kitsune? idk, some kind of anthro creature) who is both a) lost and/or injured and b) in heat. Or it could be some sort of alien race.

    An inventor's creation (an automaton of some kind) is a little glitched. Ends up developing a personality of its own and, due to a faulty circuit, falls in love with the first thing it sees.

    I don't really care what the plot is, but orgasm denial/control and also a dominant bottom character.

    Teacher/student. Teacher is at a club a few nights before school starts. Ends up hooking up with future student. Stuff happens.


    If you have something you're really craving, just throw it at me. I'm open to most things.

    I can't take on too many more role-plays though, unless you're okay with me taking 100 years to reply. I can sometimes be slow to reply because I'm tired basically all of the time ever.
  2. I could go for something like this. Perhaps a vampireXhuman rp, or CreatorXAndroid where the android is meant to be a lovebot?
  3. I'm up for the RP with the effeminate dude. We could try tying it into the inventor x creation, too, if you want. [:
  4. I am interested in starting up a roleplay with you, if you are still looking for partners.

    Perhaps we could go on ahead and combine a few of your ideas? I was thinking the effeminate male, the teacher/student, and the voyeurism plots could all fit together. Perhaps the club that the teacher gets dragged to is one that has a bit of a dark backroom that is filled with entertainment of the sexual kind. The effeminate male could be there as one of the ones that is being 'showed' off. Or something along those lines. Not sure if you had anything in mind at the moment.

    I have played effeminate males a few times before; even have one in my character section of my blog. Have another one that you could possibly say is effeminate, but only in looks. He has long hair, is slender in build, and is known for wearing very nice clothing, but he still dresses like a male and such. The main one I am talking about is my character known as Hikaru; he actually dresses up as a female and has long hair like one. You are welcome to take a look at him. And he does not have to be the character that I use; I can always make one for you. I would not mind doing that at all. Also, I am comfortable roleplaying these sort of things in the forum or in private messages.
  5. Light furry. Involves a hunter stumbling upon (a kitsune? idk, some kind of anthro creature) who is both a) lost and/or injured and b) in heat. Or it could be some sort of alien race.

    I'd be happy to roleplay with you with this one.
  6. I really like the idea with you teacher x student, I was thinking maybe the student who maybe liked the teacher would blackmail him into doing etc.. etc..

    I would love to roleplay this one with you ;D
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