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  1. A fair warning -
    I'm shy! And have lots of anxiety issues regarding social situations! Also something something depression. Basically my reply patterns can be spotty and PMs kind of stress me out. Once we get a rapport going, I'm usually fine, but the starting messages can overwhelm me. It goes like this: "aw man I'm too anxious for this right now, I'll do it later." [forgets] "AW SHIT I waited too long, what do I do!?" [forgets again] "I guess this was never meant to be. /floats into outer space"

    So I'm totally a-okay with little prods like, "hey are you still interested?" or "did you forget?" because the answer is, 99% of the time, "yes." To both.

    - Once I'm into a role-play, I can definitely get out multiple posts a day, every day, but as a safety net, let's say I typically respond two-four times a week.

    - M/M or F/F only. I am not interested in M/F. At all. Please please please don't message me and say 'well okay I know you said you're not interested in m/f, but would you do m/f?' Because my response will be 'Are you Olivia Wilde?' and if the answer is anything but 'yes,' then no.

    - Queer/non-binary characters are cool as well.

    - I am not comfortable role-playing F/F with men. That's not on you, it's on me, and I apologize. M/M I don't care, though.

    - I do not have a word minimum or anything like that. My only expectation is 'no one liners' and 'please give me something to reply to' (which for me, usually means 'interaction by the end of the post.') I do normally write at least 3 paragraphs per reply, but please do not feel pressured to match that.

    - I'm looking for a partner to write with, not for! I like plotting and getting excited about the role-play with you. Please don't be passive 100% of the time. :(

    - That applies to characters as well. I don't live by 'dom/sub' rules unless we're strictly talking about a BDSM relationship. Completely passive, 'will fall over if you blow on them' characters are not fun for me to play with.

    - I don't mind doing more than one role-play with the same person, especially if we work well together!

    - Though I have several plots/ideas I will list, if you have a plot/idea you really want to try out and you think we'll be a good match, please lay it on me!

    This gets its own section

    Main pairing here is Souji/Yosuke (THIS IS A YU FREE ZONE, SOUJI SETA FOR LIFE)
    Doubling and whatnot is fine and often encouraged, but this is my OTP and I will die with it. (sobs in the distance) I've started 3 P4 role-plays on this site and all of my partners ended up deleting their accounts like a week later. I'm cursed.

    These are all very basic ideas, and I love brainstorming, so they're very open to changes.

    Idea 1
    It's a few years after the bad ending of the game. Souji and Yosuke have moved away to Tokyo for university. Since Adachi was never caught, he ends up in Tokyo himself, where he begins another crime spree. One (or both) of them finds out by accident, which prompts Adachi to blackmail them in exchange for their lives. I suppose it's more like Souji/Yosuke/Adachi. I have an introduction as Yosuke. Note: I haven't played P4G far enough to reach the accomplice ending, but I'm open for this as well.

    Idea 2
    Pretty basic idea of 'what happens when your shadow dies?' It could be Souji's, Yosuke's, or both of their shadows. What does happen exactly is also up to us, but I can only assume nothing pleasant.

    Idea 3
    Totally AU here. Souji is strapped for cash in college, and decides to make porn for some quick money. Yosuke finds said porn on the internet. Angst ensues.

    Idea 4
    Dojima passes away, leaving Nanako in Souji's care. Nanako doesn't know about his blooming relationship with Yosuke - and nor does anyone else.

    Persona 3 (Minako/Aigis, Minako/Mitsuru, Akihiko/Shinji, Minato/every dude except Ken basically)
    Elder Scrolls (IV, V)
    Dragon Age (OCs only)
    TWEWY (Joshua/Niku, OCs)
    Harry Potter (Fred/George, OCs)
    Pokemon (OCs only)
    Silent Hill (OCs only)
    League of Legends (Vi/Caitlyn, Leona/Diana)
    Guild Wars 2 (OCs only)

    I'm bad at this. :-D

    Magic, elves, other fantastical races, twisted fairy tales (Alice in Wonderland, Little Mermaid, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.), grimdark, magical wars, dragons, shapeshifters, succubi, incubuses, combat, psychopaths, insanity, basically any high fantasy nonsense you can think of, steampunk, androids, monsters, apocalyptic settings, dystopias, runaways, manipulative assholes, Strong Female Characters, power struggles, supernatural nonsense, drugs, gangs, prostitution, stockholm syndrome, the list goes on (if I think of any more specifics I'll throw them in there.)

    NO :(
    Pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, rape (can happen, but not as a sexual scene,) bathroom stuff, 'pure' submissive/dominant characters, anything requiring extensive historical knowledge

    Will add more as they come.

    Would prefer to play pirate; I already have an introduction written for this.

    The pirate and her crew are in layover at the royal city. The princess has always hated the royal life, but upon hearing the news of an arranged marriage, she decides to get out of it for good. She sees the pirate's ship, and devises a plan: she is going to ask them to kidnap her.

    Magic and other plot devices are more than welcome!

    One: Before school starts, the teacher has a fling at a gay bar with someone he assumes is around his age. Once the year begins, he realizes in horror that his one night stand was one of his students.

    Two: The teacher has a debt with the mob, one that he's been trying to escape from for quite some time. The student is the mafia boss's son. Once the teacher learns this, he's horrified, but the student offers him a deal: his silence for the teacher's love.

    As children, the two boys exercised their dark fantasy by killing a homeless man. Both of them enjoyed it immensely, and the crime went unnoticed. As they got older, one twin continued down the path of crime, while the other swallowed his pride and entered the safe, normal legal life. In their mid twenties, the twisted boy decides to seek out his brother to remind him who he really is.

    Normally these role-plays are M/M, perhaps occasionally M/F, but I've been wanting to try doing one with two female characters. Tbh I'm not even really sure how it would work; if you're into ambiguous genitals (penis+vagina, or something a bit less obvious than that,) we could perhaps throw that in. I just thought it might be fun.

    A-la "But I'm a Cheerleader" with a little less satire. Two kids sent to a "pray the gay away" retreat, one whom rebels and thinks it's bullshit, the other who is convinced they must be wrong and need to fix themselves.

    Essentially, both the human and vampire are artists. The vampire has been very well known to various communities for a very long time, and has raked in a significant fortune from doing portraits. One evening, the vampire gets drunk off of her rocker, and ends up getting taking home by a fling. Unfortunately, the fling backs out at the last moment, and leaves her at his apartment with his unsuspecting room mate. Vampire doesn't know where she is, smells the room mate, feeds off the room mate, passes out. The next morning, the human finds our intrepid vampire on the floor by her bed, rightfully freaks out, wakes vampire up. At some point the vampire notices that she is an artist, and offers to take her to her mansion for lessons. The payment? Blood.

    Lots of wiggle room, even for how they meet; this is just what I have written as an introduction, but I can happily adapt to something else. Mostly - two artists, one a vampire, vampire takes human into her home, takes her blood as payment, stuff ensues! (I copy + pasted this explanation from another thread, thus used 'she/her' pronouns. Dudes are all right too.)
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  2. Wow someone who has the same issues as me.

    anyway hi would you like to do the twin psychopath rp with me?
  3. Say what, do the Twin Psychopath with Minato and Ryoji with me and I'll be yours for any other plot you want. I warn you that I shall poke you relentlessly every few days.
  4. And then me and maid were forced to have a fight to the death!

    jks if it's easier I can do the teacherxstudent no.2 instead, as long as I get to be the teacher :3
  5. Sorry about that, I missed your post!

    *Nevertheless take out the Maid Bazooka"
  6. @Titanium @Maid of Spades

    MY POST BROKE AHH. :( I don't know what happened. Anyway - I love playing crazies enough that I don't mind taking on both of you for the same plot, so never fear!

    Titanium - Did you have a preference for which brother you played?

    Maid of Spades - Heck yeah I'm down for that! I don't have much experience playing either of those characters, though, so I hope that's all right. @_@ Did you have a preference for who you played?
  7. I think I will play little creepy Pharos turned into bishounen psycho Ryouji :3! Do know that you have now a blank card for a new roleplay along with this one, if you wish it so!
  8. Could I be the one who tries to have a normal life?
  9. @Titanium
    That works well for me! :D I was thinking an age range of mid-late twenties, how's that sound?
  10. Yes that's completely fine, perhaps even at the time he's thinking of proposing to his girlfriend because that's 'what normal people do'.
    As for appearances what did you have in mind? Identical? Fraternal twins? Or like identical but different hair colours?
  11. @Titanium
    Haha. A wedding crasher. I can see him reveling in the opportunity to ruin that. Perhaps identical twins? Still allows enough room for difference in appearance, but I have a thing for identical twins.

    That's the second time my post has been deleted aside from pings. :I Weird.
  12. Wedding crasher? That sounds hilarious
    id probably suggest virus + trip as the appearance since they kinda look like they could be in mid-twenties, what do you think?
  13. @Titanium
    Virus + Trip? Are those characters from something? D: Sorry, I'm not familiar!
  14. Aha that's okay they are from dramatical murder [ive never actually seen the anime myself]
    they look like this:
  15. I have the same problems you have as far as social interaction goes, and suffer from depression as well. Luckily, I am pretty forward when I don't have to see or show any face such as when on the web, and as such would like to boldly request the first plot for Teacher/Student with you. I think I would like to be the student yet the more aggressive one, if this is all right?
  16. If you're still looking for an MxM, I'd be interested!
  17. I am always interested in doing a vampire x human roleplay, if you have room for more. It would be MxM.

    Oh ok! Yeah, I've heard of DMMD, I just haven't played it, like you. All I really know is the blue haired guy... anyway, I like the look of the two of them a lot, so that's all great to me. :D sdfgvdxfdsgf

    This thing is literally broken. I don't even understand. Not ignoring the rest of you, I just can't post anything after this without it disappearing.
  19. ...I'll contact you privately, hang on!
  20. @That Butler
    I only have the one plot running around in my head atm, but if you've a particular idea/setting in your head, I'd love to hear it!

    @Broken Templar
    Was there something in particular you're interested in? :3
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