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  1. Welcome to my Funhouse!
    A little about me!

    I'm 22, a female, and seeking active long term partners to roleplay with. My favorite themes for my roleplays are romance, horror, supernatural, fantasy, dark, action and adventure. I can write from anywhere from 1 to 12 paragraphs depending on what my partner is giving me, or if there is a lot to work with. I consider myself an adept writer, but I'd be happy with anyone that is intermediate and over. I dislike one liners, so I ask that my partner always push for two full length paragraphs on average, but if things are particularly slow a paragraph won't disappoint me. I also expect my partner to be able to help drive the plot forward and to add in their own twists and turns.

    If you couldn't tell by the title, I almost exclusively only do lesbian roleplays and I prefer the submissive character of the two. However, I don't mind futanari characters. Side characters can be any gender or orientation. I mainly do roleplays through private messages, and I am fine with sexual content of pretty much any level. With that being said, here is my generic list of pairings and plots that I am currently interested in. If you have something in mind don't hesitate to throw out your ideas as well.

    Generic Pairings!

    Human x Any Supernatural Pairing
    Supernatural x Supernatural
    Super Hero x Sidekick
    Super Hero x Villain

    Princess x Knight
    Singer x Band member
    Popular girl x Badass girl
    Nice girl x Baddass girl
    Agent x Agent
    Sheriff x Saloon Owner
    Idol x Idol
    Samurai x Nobility
    Ninja x Nobility
    Sailor Moon!
    Usagi x Seiya
    Usagi x Haruka
    Attack on Titan!
    OC x OC
    Legend of Zelda!
    OC x OC (Either hyrulian, rito, zora)
    Resident Evil!

    Original Plots!

    Demon Hunters

    Our characters grew up together in the church and are basically nuns, or priestesses, whichever you prefer. Like all drafted into the sacred order of demon hunters, they possess magical holy powers to help fend off demons and evil spirits. They're only just acquaintances being that there are so many members of the order, and there isn't much time to socialize, but things change when they are partnered up and sent on a mission to a small village with rumors of demon activity.

    Cross Dresser?!

    A noble knight has been personally picked by the king to be his daughter's bodyguard after a vicious attack on her life. But there's only one catch, her highness' bodyguard is a female, something completely unheard of in their kingdom.

    Idol love <3

    A popular teen aged idol apart of an idol trio decides she wants the full teenage experience and enrolls in a public Japanese school. There, she meets my character and finds friendship and maybe even love.

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  2. The demon hunter idea sounds interesting :)
  3. Hey there!

    I'd be interested in popular/nice girl x badass girl or either of the supernatural pairings. I have a few other ideas as well. If you're interested, shoot me a pm?
  4. I shall PM you both, and also going to add a few more things to my generic pairings.
  5. Interested in these pairings:

    Popular girl x Badass girl
    Nice girl x Baddass girl

    Interested in this plot:

    Cross Dresser
  6. I sent you a PM. For future reference, any interested people can PM me. :)
  7. Added a couple of things to my list. :)
  8. I like the sound of the Cross Dresser plot.
  9. Hey, I was thinkng of the Princess/Knight but maybe instead of knight we could do maid?
  10. I don't think so, but if you have an interesting plot you can shoot it to me.
  11. Added more things to my list. <3 Send me a PM with a clear idea of what you want - be prepared. :)
  12. Seeking another partner, possibly.
  13. Still searching. Serious inquiries only.
  14. Searching. :D
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