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As the title would suggest, I'm looking for some partners!

First and foremost, let me be frank: I am looking for active, engaging players to have fun with. I'm not interested in writing a duel-penned novel, but neither am I willing to settle for bullet style play (i.e. *walks up to her* sup?)

Female roleplayer here of ten or more years, will play with either males or females. I'm fairly passive and easy going, and as such I tend to gravitate towards more dominant partners. Seeing as how this thread is being posted under the Libertine category, it should be no surprise that romance, smut, and other adult themes will be included.

I've really been craving a modern fantasy setting. Think along the lines of the "Vampire Diaries" universe, where monsters and creatures are diverse, magic is plentiful, but it still takes place in the present day human world. That being said, I'm pretty open to discuss options. I'm even fine with you starting right off the bat with a post if you like a little random mystery.

I know this post is pretty bare bones, but seeing as how I don't have a definite plot in mind, I wanted to leave it vague enough to attract a wide array of players. So if you happen to be as relentlessly bored as I am, please send a PM my way!
Not open for further replies.