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  1. FANG HQ
    January 27th

    The line of fresh recruits, mostly human, all wore white and blue jumpsuits, waiting for an officer to dismiss them for lunch. Alas, the officer wasn't what they expected, and the tense salute-like pose they bore quickly changed to one of confusion.
    A man approached them, wearing an old red revolutionary war jacket, refashioned to look slightly more clean and modern. Various weaponry was on his person, such as the M1911 on either side of his waist, the ACR hung from his back, and a machete tightly gripped in his hand.
    The strangest thing about this man however, was he lacked a head. Many of the recruits took a step back, unsure how to treat the soldier approaching them, many murmuring things like

    Where the hell is his head?
    Does that THING work for us?
    Think he can see us?

    The man stopped just short of the group, enough room for him to point his machete at each person, answering their questions. His voice was experienced, rough, and dry sounding.

    No, you sorry excuses of pig fat work for me. I am Agent Headless, Agent Horseman, or simply Agent H.
    And Final question, Yes Private Forester, I can see. Speak too, if your head isn't to far up your ass to realize it.

    As the machete pointed towards each person, the crowd took a step back, not wanting to be in the way of the sharp metal. Forester, the one Horseman addressed cleared his throat and took a step forward.

    Uh, Agent Headless, sir, we were waiting to be dismissed for lunch.

    If the headless man could laugh, thats what he was doing as the amused voice spoke back, motioning to the group to follow.

    The officer that would be addressing you today died two nights ago. Thats why you maggots came in a week early, and why I'm missing training right now. So lunch is pushed back until WE are done training.

    Canadian Forest
    January 25th

    Officer Henderson and his team of six other FANG soldiers quietly surrounded the small hut. In it, was believed to be a Warlock raising the dead. This was Hendersons last field mission, and by this time next week, he would be introducing recruits into the organization.
    He motioned for four other soldiers to follow him, while two others stayed back to cover their asses. The five soldiers approached the cabins door, two branching off to cover windows on either side of the door, the other two stayed behind Henderson as he kicked open the door. They rushing the room, the glass breaking the windows as the two other soldiers were ready to give covering fire to their officer.
    Surprisingly, the room held no life in it, but more surprisingly, the Warlock was dead. Torn to bits, his limbs scattered and his head chewed on like a puppy toy.

    Damn. Think one of his creations did it Henderson?

    Henderson knelt down over the head of the man and rolled it over, recognizing the marks, his eyes growing wide.

    No. Call in HQ, this is bad.
    What is it sir?
    Officer Henderson, something is out here with us. The scanner is going crazy, it can't- SHIT!

    A third soldier called from outside, but he was stopped short and he gave a scream. The team quickly left the cabin, and watched as one of the soldiers left to watch their back, was tossed from the shadows of the woods, and impaled on a tree branch. The team opened fired in the direction of where the body came from, and a creak gave way as whatever the hell it was uprooted a tree, and pushed it down towards the team. Everyone jumped out of the way, but it gave the monster time to snatch another soldier up and disappear into the woods.

    What the hell is that!
    Its him, the Bid Bad Fucking Wolf.
    Call in the chopper, lets get the hell outta here!
    No-We are taking him out. He killed two of us; we are killing him.

    The team silently agreed and took up formation as they followed the giant paw prints. The forest opened up into a clearing, in the center of the clearing, laid the soldier taken away from the team. He groaned, still alive, though his leg was missing.

    H-Help me.

    The team quickly neared, and a loud howl echoed around the clearing. Before a shot was fired, the wolf emerged from the forest, his claws swiping at two soldiers, hitting them aside. Henderson raised his rifle, but the wolf turned quickly, his tail swatting the officer aside. The massive wolf slammed his paw down onto the injured soldier, his ribs cracking under the weight. The other two soldiers opened fire, but the bullets only annoyed the monster as he snapped one up, his jaws cutting him in two.

    Henderson pushed himself up, and loaded a grenade into the underbarrel of his assault rifle, but by the time he looked back up, the battle was over. Henderson was the last of the squad, and he raised the rifle in a last ditch effort, but the wolf was already upon him.

    The paw pressed Henderson against a tree. Smirking at the old man, the wolf licked some blood from the old mans temple, then took a bite of his head.

    January 27th

    Though the recruits trained only a little under fifteen minutes, Drake ached entire body ached. He was the first to spar with Headless, and he was on his ass in under twenty seconds. It was head to tell if the Horseman even broke a sweat, but it was clear he was enjoying it as he flipped, punched, and kicked the recruits like they were a vampire in the heat of battle. Headless was the first to head out for lunch, but Drake was nearly certain he wouldn't be seeing him in the mess hall any time soon.
    Drake headed out of the training room, limping slightly as he made his way to the cafeteria where already, several people were grabbing their food. Some of the more mythical creatures were eating as well, Drake spotted what appeared to be an ogre eating half a pig in the corner, a Harpy eating a salad on a ledge in the cafeteria, and two headed dog munching on some dog food.
    Drake quickly grabbed a tray, and looked around for a place to sit.

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  2. cb826236d823ac153a7220fa41e61706.jpg
    Elizabeth "Red" Hines aka Little Red Riding Hood

    Elizabeth had spent the entire day yesterday to the break of dawn trying to search down any sign of the Wolf as she helped pick up the gruesome scene that laid before them, doing her best to mentally block the flashbacks from her own memory that threatened to come forth. To no avail though, the Wolf seemed to have once again disappeared without a trace leaving Red in quite the fowl mood as she made her way back into FANG HQ just in time for lunch.

    She could hear the whispers and questions about what had happened to Henderson, they were losing quite a few of their best people to the Wolf it seemed which only sparked Red's motivation more. She planned to train straight after lunch, leaving no time for her body to relax but relaxation wasn't something Red ever made time for. As she made her way into the area where everyone gathered for lunch she gave a soft smirk to her red lips. 'The newbies have met Agent H, I see.' She thought to herself, rather amused as she watched a few of them limp around.

    She rather liked Agent H's way of training with the recruits, you go too easy on them, they get soft and there was no room for soft in the world they lived in.

    Hearing the growling of her stomach from her lack of nourishment, Red quickly grabbed her food and took a seat away from anyone else, she wasn't quite in the social mood today. Although some would argue that was no different than any other day. She certainly wasn't in the mood to hear all the questions about Henderson and what happened, her mind had already started to try and block the horrific scene out as she stuck her fork in her food and brought it to her mouth, keeping her head down as she ate.​
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    The energy withing the library was stoic and empty, like an ancient tomb housing it's treasured pharaoh. It sat on the third floor of F.A.N.G. HQ's main building, taking up most of this floor and even spreading up a bit into the fourth floor. The library consisted of a large circular first floor with a group of desks and tables in the center. The second floor (which poked up into the building's 4th level) circled above the library's main floor, but left the center empty as a wooden railing allowed those above to view the space down below. This second floor adorned the first like a crown. However, despite its size, something prowled the library. Something guarded this massive collection of books like a hawk. The library was available to all members of F.A.N.G. (except of course for some of the restricted areas), but something had settled in. Little clues of its existence were everywhere.

    A pile of books with an empty, coffee-stained mug nearby. A stack of scrolls with a notebook and pen, on which maddeningly complex diagrams had been drawn and labeled. Rows of chalkboards with unreasonably long equations and chemical formulas spilling from one green board to the next were lined up against walls, dozens of coffee-stained mugs resting on the ground or tables near them. Artifacts and strange objects sat in glass cases with small paper labels on them and entire notebooks pilled besides them, all filled with notes and theories. Signs were posted everywhere, all with the same handwriting reading things like, "DO NOT TOUCH," "DO NOT OPEN," and "DO NOT MOVE THESE." Each noted was adorned with a little pair of letters at the bottom.


    This quiet library was a home and a workplace. And the caffeine addicted guardian of this place liked it that way. And Alastair Tipton was very good at being a caffeine addicted guardian.

    The tiny, curtained corner of the library that housed his bed lay in a mess. He hadn't bothered to make the bed, considering he hadn't slept in it for about three days, and before that, another three days. The source of his near constant coffee consumption came from his personal philosophy, "If one can replace sleep with caffeine, then one can get more done." However, despite so much evidence of his existence strewn throughout the place, Alastair was not currently in his library, rather, he was next door. When he'd come to F.A.N.G., he'd requested that his laboratory be moved close to the library, and so, in order to get to his lab, one had to cross through the thousands of books. Or take a service elevator from the headquarter's ground floor, but the library route had a much better view.

    In the lab, sterile, white lights illuminated every detail that lay on the operating table. Two assistants monitored the tubes going into the... thing under the scalpel. Alastair peered above it, sharp instrument in hand and surgical mask over his face, his eyes studying every detail. The thing before him resembled an incredibly long eel with a head that resembled a scaly horse. It was so long that two other tables had to be brought in to lay it's massive length down. A team had brought it in from Africa this morning; the locals had called it Inkanyamba. This thing could supposedly control weather. Alastair wanted to know how and if the effect could be recreated. Climate control was a very tricky process that was possible through complex enough magic that required a lot of preparation. If this thing could just change the weather when it wanted, then it was worth studying.

    As Alastair cut into the unconscious creature, its body rose and fell softly as the alchemically enhanced anesthesia kept it unconscious, but breathing. His hand, covered in a blue plastic glove, dropped the scalpel into a tray and spread the incision open with a pair of forceps. He could just see the pink shape of what he suspected was an atmospheric control organ. The magic organ that released signals that could potentially alter the weather. If he could remove this from the creature without killing it, he'd have two very good specimens to safely study.

    His hand slipped into the incision and his fingers gently felt the pear shaped organ. About 8 centimeters long, not too big considering the size of this creature. He cut the incision a little bigger and began to sever the organ, closing off any internal incisions as he made them to prevent internal bleeding. He took a deep breath and slowly brought the organ out of the creature, squeezing it through the incision. He held it in his hands for a second. Given enough time to study this thing, he may be able to find some way to influence climates quickly and easily. The assistants were a little distracted by the organic treasure as well.

    As Alastair placed the organ in a safe and sterile container and locked it away, the anesthesia application began to falter and the eel on the table jerked up. Another second and it had begun to thrash about on the table, knocking trays over and thumping its tail against the tables it was on. Alastair shouted at them to keep it down; he didn't want to lose this thing.

    "Oh for- Hold it down for fuck's sake."

    He threw himself onto the creature, its slimy body pressing up against the surgeon's apron he wore, smearing it with all kinds of liquids. He wrapped his arms around the head, now alive and neighing.

    "Warren, get a tranquilizer, you bloody moron! If this thing dies, I'm having your as-"

    He didn't get to finish as the creature jerked itself off the table, writhing on the floor, knocking tables and holding trays over with its tail. Its slimy body squeaked on the cold, surgery room tiles. What Alastair was worried about wasn't holding the creature down, it was the fact that this thing would bleed itself to death since it still had an open incision, and pretty soon a large amount of blood had begun to pool up around the squirming animal.

    "Fuck! Fuck! Get it back on the table, help me! Warren where are you with that fucking tranq!?"

    The other assistant was in the process of helping him lift the horse headed eel onto the table as its movements became weak. The assistant who's name tag labeled him as "Warren" ran up and pressed a large silver tube up against it. The tranquilizer came too late, however, and only aided in stopping the creature's already weakening heart. Alastair swore and let its head drop against the operating table.

    "Both of you! OUT!"

    He studied the mess in the lab as the assistants rushed themselves through the cleanup station; the mess in his lab. Surgery instruments lay all across the floor, now contaminated and in need of replacement. The instrument's weren't a big deal, but the dead eel/horse thing lay half on the table, half on the floor. It would take a few people to get this thing in a plastic bag so he could dissect it later. He didn't want to deal with it right now. Having it alive would've been nice, but he'd have to settle for prodding around a corpse. Alastair stomped over to the cleanup station and tore his mask off. He slapped the gloves off and into a bio-hazard bin before tossing the apron in too and thoroughly cleaning his hands. On his way out of the lab and into his quiet library, he hit an intercom button beside the lab entrance.

    "Send a few people to clean up the laboratory, I'm going to get lunch. Recruits, the janitor, I don't care, just get it clean before this afternoon. Send about three people, it's a bloody big mess. And send up my lunch with them. The usual."

    He was in a bad mood now, but that was nothing new. At least he still had the atmospheric control organ, but losing a specimen to such a stupid mistake, one that wasn't even his, was maddening. Ah well, at least he'd allow himself a break for a meal. And by break, he meant reading a brick of a book while eating. Despite the no-food rule in the library, Alastair often broke his own regulations. He'd just lost a valuable specimen, sue him. He plopped himself down on one of the tables in the library's central area and removed his glasses. He rubbed his eyes while he awaited the usual lunch of simple soup and bread. Oh, and coffee. Can't forget the coffee. It's what made him go. Even as he waited for it, his hand wrapped around a cup on a nearby desk and began sipping the cold, unfinished, day-old coffee left in it.

    "Goddamn, I should really get myself to bed."

    Unlikely, but maybe tonight.
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  4. Mcleod smirked in anticipation as he sauntered into the cafeteria. Scanning the room he was surprised to see agent Hines sitting in the corners and was about to go over and welcome her back when he remembered where she'd just been and thought better of it. Instead he continued to search the room till he found the recruits he'd been watching in their training session with H. This accomplished he strolled purposefully over to the serving hatch and stepped quickly in front of a recruit.

    "Sorry lasse" he said as he made himself a bacon sandwich " I've got a mission of vital importance", then turning to the server "Hi, could you make up an Alastair special, make the coffee good and strong mind".

    As the server retreated back into the kitchen Alex grabbed three bread rolls from a basket at the end of the counter and walked casually into the middle of the room taking a bite of his sandwich. He paused in the middle of the room and then with three lighting fast movements launched all three bread rolls at the recruits he'd identified. Two hit their target's foreheads with a dull thud while the other landed with a satisfying splat in dinner of the third recruit. In the stunned silence that followed Alex jumped onto a chair and smiled at the hall.

    "Right those of you who are recipients of the bread of heaven please follow me, your performance in training has been noted and you have been selected to take part in a small, hostile environment mission, aye you heard me right".

    As he said this he could see some of his colleagues trying not to laugh and truth be told he was struggling to keep a strait face now.

    "If one of you could grab the tray from chef that would be great" he yelled over his shoulder as he stepped off the chair and walked towards and out the door.

    In the hallway he waited till the three recruits arrived. When the last one arrived he said "all here, good. I'll give you a briefing on the way" before turning round and setting of down the corridor at an uncomfortably fast pace.

    "You'll be working with one of F.A.N.G's to operators today, He'll be resting in the library, the soup and coffee is for him, try not to spill it. He'll go over the mission specifics with you, make sure to pay attention he hates people having to ask questions. I've had someone lay out all the kit you could need for this mission in the prep area. Absolutely top stuff it is, some of it normally requires such special clearance to use that even top agents like H rarely use it." The thought of Agent H using the mop and bucket he'd borrowed from the custodial staff was too much for Alex and he hastily coughed to cover his laughter.

    With this, the group rounded a corner and arrived at an elevator. As the recruits stepped in Alex suddenly had an evil little thought that would save him some hassle.

    "when you're in the library if you see a small bookish looking chap, he's called Tipton, could you tell him I'm gonna keep that book on Japanese myths for another week, I'd consider it a personal favor if you would."

    One of the recruits said that she would and that it would be a pleasure, Alex faked a sincere smile and as the doors shut he shouted "Thanks, oh and try not to throw up, he hates it when people throw up".

    Smiling to himself he set off back down the corridor to the chief custodians office where he could watch the carnage on the CCTV and if all went well collect fifty bucks from John if all three of them lasted more than five minuets before bursting into tears or being sick.
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  5. Drake

    Drake spotted an open seat; directly across from a rather beautiful woman, a red hood attached to her armor. Making his way through the crowd of people, he narrowly dodged a piece of bread that went sailing across the room, pegging a poor sap in the forehead with a loud thud. Pausing, he was confused for a moment, waiting for a food fight to erupt. Sadly, one never came, and he continued on his way to the girl in the red hood.

    This seat taken?

    The recruit said with a smile, taking a seat without waiting for an answer. The girl gave him an annoyed look, and Drake gave her a big smile.

    Names Drake honey, and I gotta say, thats a wonderful red hood you got going for you. Complements your lip stick. Looks like they couldve wrote that story about the Little Red Riding Hood about you!

    Drake winked and laughed at his own joke, unaware that the woman he spoke to WAS the Little Red Riding Hood.

    Agent H
    Since Headless didn't have a head, he obviously couldn't eat or drink. He got his nutrients by magical means, and after a stop with some friendly witches, Agent Headless got right back to training. Instead of having fun with the new recruits, he took to the weapons training course, popping his knuckles as the program started up.

    Unlike other training courses, this one was never the same. It constantly changed, from its floors and walls, to the traps that it was often littered with, and even the targets were different. The traps were usually equipped with a harsh stun modification, meaning if a stun dart hit you, it felt like a bullet hits you and your body locks up if hit in the right spot.

    Drawing dual pistols, he fired at two targets that appeared in front of him. Rolling underneath a log that came swing his way, he dodged a stun dart and kicked open a door. Quickly firing at the various training dummys in the room, he ditched the pistols and drew his machete. Slicing through another two targets, he swung at a third, but it never connected as the program shut down. A sigh came from the body as he turned back towards the entrance, a man in a suit waving a folder towards him.

    Horseman. Pick you out a team. Got a mission for you to go on. And for god sakes, take some recruits this time.

  6. F.A.N.G. HQ - 11:30

    Ikata sighed, stepping into the library with care. Glancing around, she smiled. The place was a mess, just like always with notes scattered around the area. Carefully picking her way through the mess, she studied the equations and read the notes. Pausing in front of a board, she smiled. The doc was up to something new. By the description he wrote it was Inkanyambe and it seemed her old 'friend' was due for an appointment. She continued on her way, taking long detours to make sure she didn't mess up any notes.

    Finally the demon girl reached the door to the lab. As she was about to check to see if anything was happening in the lab, sounds could be heard inside. A smirk crept onto her face and she leant back against the wall, waiting for the commotion to die down. Machine malfunction yet again. They should really look into fixing that thing before Alastair lost any more patients like he just did. Ikata ducked out of the way as the assisstants rushed out. Yep, he was mad.

    Soon Alastair himself trudged out of his laboratory, calling into another machine for his food and a clean up crew. With no intentions of scaring him, she spoke. "So, lost another one, I see."
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  7. Celto

    Sitting on a working bench of sorts, the raven haired man had his left leg crossed over his other leg. In his lap, a messed pile of what looked like scraps and pieces of metal were being flung to the side every so often, and he continued, without stop, until there was but just one piece left. With a soft grunt, the raven haired man reached down and using two fingers, pulled it up until it was at eye level. This time a louder, more clear grunt was heard as the extracted piece was unknowingly raised into the light, a flash blinding him for just the smallest of seconds, as he had been caught off guard. Slouching over now, and bringing his leg down, Celto open up his palm, letting the piece of metal harmlessly roll and settle into the middle of his hand. Now that he could see it without squinting too much, the raven haired man only stared down at the piece that he had spent most of the morning trying to find.

    It was nothing too amazing. It wasn't an important part of any equipment whatsoever. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The piece was circular, for the most part as it did also resemble the shape of a cone or cylinder, it was scratched and stained, though most of it remained perfectly clean, he thought bitterly, with the dull pain just pulsing at his eye from the memory just a few seconds ago. It was nothing one would take interest in, except for the fact that this particular piece of metal seemed to have been squished, compressed, into a mess that now definitely looked like some demented metal cookie the size of ... the cap of a water bottle?

    It didn't matter. This stupid thing was the root of the problem he had for the morning, and it was one less thing he had to worry about today.

    Lifting his head up, the raven haired teen quickly took a sweep of the room, his light colored eyes quickly locking onto a garbage can in the far corner. Clenching his fist around the compressed metal cookie, Celto reeled his arm back, swung out, and released the unwanted scrap, letting it sail through the air silently. It hit the wall first, then the wall next to it before dropping into the garbage can, with a single 'ping' that echoed in the small empty room. Satisfied that the problem was dealt with once and for all, Celto raised his other arm, stretching, and giving a small yawn. As he relaxed and returned to his previous position, he took a look at the other metal parts he had thrown about for the last few hours or so.

    "Shit," he cursed under his breath, his hand coming up to run through his hair. "Gotta reassemble it..." he sighed loudly, sliding against the wall, and settling his back against the bench while his legs slid off onto the ground. This wasn't planned. Celto regularly cleaned his equipment up, but he also followed a schedule, one that he knew he would commit to, but to suddenly clean and reassemble out of the blue like this ... "Ugh I knew I shouldn't have played with switching the bullets. On these ones of all things," he muttered to himself, frowning all the while. Just as he was blue mapping each piece and wondering how long it would take, his stomach growled.

    Oddly enough, he perked up. Getting up to his feet, he took a peek at the clock on the far wall. After 12 already, he observed, and smiled as he left the room, which was still a complete mess. He'd come right back to it at lunch. Maybe. If he remembered.

    * ~ * ~ *

    Strolling into the cafeteria that was undoubtedly lively, Celto hummed to himself as he passed by new faces. It was easy to tell the fresh meat apart from the ones who actually made it into the program. The difference in uniforms were a dead giveaway, but other than that, the way some of the soldiers carried themselves were just way too different from those who hadn't seen a day of an actual battle. Of course, that's not to say that the seniors didn't know how to have fun. I mean, terrorizing the newbies was always a very fun and often turned into a contest of sorts. There wasn't much of a reward, save for money, drinks ... and bragging rights of course, the most important thing.

    With a shark like grin, the raven haired man towered over a group of 4 recruits, who silently parted ways to allow him to grab a tray. There wasn't much of a line to begin with ... many people were cutting in at certain places, getting what they needed and then leaving quickly. It was a simple unspoken ... rule of sorts, and it looked like some of the recruits were already learning that. It was a good sign, maybe this batch would actually show some results. Still, it was no good to let them think they'd passed already.

    And so, with a completely passive expression, and a small hint of a smile on his face, Celto swiped a slice of bread from a recruit who seemed to be trying to reenact a very, very dangerous, and most likely fake story. His friends all saw the move, the poor sucker didn't.

    Hehe, serves him right for preaching so loudly.


    Diana held her breath, her back stiff and her eyes unblinking as the medic closed in. The other woman was uncomfortably close, and while she would have definitely enjoyed such attentions elsewhere, Diana just felt that the situation was plain awkward, given the fact that they were in the base. Sadly, the redhead lost her train of thought just as a sharp pain exploded at her left temple. Hissing quietly, and doing her absolute best NOT to move, the redhead only flinched as the pain ran through and seem to alert every single nerve down her spine. Did the medic have to patch her up so harshly? What if the wound opened up once more? Wait, what if that was the medic's intention after all, I mean, nobody would doubt the medic would they?

    "Stop squirming, Strandsol, or I swear to god you WILL open the wound, and I will have to stitch it." the nurse cut in sharply, her words hissed, as she continued patting the square padded bandage that was currently covering her left temple at the moment. As much as Diana wanted to toss the nurse a raised eyebrow and perhaps a few colorful words, she was genuinely afraid that the sadistic sounding medic was seriously going to just slap the wound open should she open her mouth ... and so she suffered the next few minutes in absolute silence ... save for the nurses hisses and the ramblings of the others in the room who were on high pain meds.

    "Hey! Did you hear me?" Shit. Blinking and turning back to the nurse who now had her arms crossed with a severe frown on her face, Diana blinked once more, the silent question sent, "Good you aren't the weirdos who fall asleep with their eyes open or something," the other woman sighed, almost sarcastically before tossing a very small bottle at the redhead who caught it easily. She looked down at it and squinted, unable to understand what she was to do with the tiny bottle ... of eyedrops? This time, she really did raise her eyebrows at the medic, a frown to go with it too. Now, if only she could move her hands and maybe flip her the bird...

    "Stop daydreaming dumbass, listen up, no one knows if you've got something in your eye after that, seriously that cut you got there was almost TOO close," the other woman said, and then she settled herself into the fancy, and comfortable looking office chair. "I'm not taking any chances, so you better get that bottle empty by 2 weeks." Ah, and there was absolutely no need for her to finish the threat, Diana knew perfectly well how sadistic and vindictive some of the medics could get in the army. Even if they were only trying to look out for the stupid boneheaded soldiers - the ones much like herself, she supposed.

    She was out of her armor at the moment, as it was taking a few hours to go through repairs and recalibration, which left her wandering around in her usual black garb, complete with an absurd amount of belts from collar to pants. Walking down the halls silently, she passed by many who were dressed in white and blue jumpsuits, instantly recognizing the new batch of recruits. The redhead shied away, turning to less familiar, and less used halls. Detouring to make her way to the cafeteria for her lunch.

    Upon opening the doors though ...

    "Ugh. Why don't we have room service here anyway." she muttered disdainfully as she caught a bread stick in midair bit into it.

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  8. Syrene poked the food on her tray with the fork but had absolutely no desire to eat. It was always like this; later on tonight she'd end up raiding the kitchen for snacks. Around her were several other people. Human or monster, there were many. Syre knew that she was just another monster within the room to others and that was just how she liked it. No one asking her weird questions or other monsters trying to be aggressive with her. Its happened before and Syrene had to put him back in his place. Remind him that starting a fight with just anyone could lead them to a quick death.

    Long silky whitish-lavender hair fell down toward her waist but stopped a few inches above; turquoise eyes, with long dark lashes, that caught every movement around her. Syrene had soft pale skin and small pink lips. Made to easily entice any stupid being that fell for her. Yet... she had no interest. Most of the female monsters that Syre could remember were always willing to seduce men or women just to strip them of their prey's defenses before taking whatever they wanted. Syrene wasn't interested in any of it; at the moment the only thing that Syrene can really think about was how empty her chest felt.

    When she had her little girl, there was a light inside herself that was warm and soft. Back then, it had been the first feeling of something... then it was all snatched away from her. Like everything else had been. Just the thought of it put a sober expression on her face. Remembering the things that happened before F.A.N.G made the void inside her grow worse.

    So instead she just ran a hand through her hair and stood up, throwing her food away and leaving the cafeteria. New faces everywhere but Syrene didn't stop to greet them or tell them about the life here. About all the assignments they're giving and the danger they're faced with. She kept her head down and continued to walk down the hall. When the hallways were empty of others, Syrene stopped walking to lean back on a wall and let herself slide down. When she sat down, the fabric at that bottom of her armor was comfortable to sit on. She closed her eyes and let herself think about the fun times.

    Like when her mother had taught Syrene how to swim. It had become a favorite of Syrene's as the cool water always helped her to think. Ah... that might be what she needed right now. With that thought in mind, Syre stood back up and began making her way toward outside but she didn't get far when a shiver ran down her spine. Syrene turned around just in time see a large monster that had the form of a very muscled man but his skin was the color of a dark green, navy blue eyes, two horns on his head and a long tail.

    "What do you want?" Syre asked calmly, the monster in front of her didn't notice the impatient tick in her eyes. This was a monster she's seen before and the last time he'd shown up was for revenge. Apparently Syrene had embarrassed him in front of other monsters during training but Syrene had no recollection of doing so. She thought they had just been training. When it came to danger, Syrene could sense it but when it came to others being mad at her? Syrene couldn't tell.

    "I want a rematch," He growled out. His name was Avekene or something, Syrene had never managed to remember it though. He was just another person she knew from training.

    Syrene raised an eyebrow and he didn't see it coming when her foot striked out and crashed against his stomach. He was tall so she had to reach up higher but it was still a solid kick that sent him flying back. Of course, Syrene didn't want anyone to notice them so she rushed at him; snatching his horn and stopping his fall. His eyes were wide in surprise, the pained look was clear as well.

    "I want you to remember who exactly continues to be on their back in training," Syre growled and continued "Though we may be here, I do not fear what F.A.N.G will do to me. The next time you challenge me, I will get rid of you,"

    Her grip on his horn tightened; showing him that if she really wanted to, ripping it off wouldn't be that hard. Instead she let go and turned back around.

    Screw swimming, she just wanted to chill out. Didn't want to stress herself out, just in case someone pulled her in for a mission.
  9. cb826236d823ac153a7220fa41e61706.jpg
    Elizabeth "Red" Hines aka Little Red Riding Hood

    Elizabeth looked up as she watched pieces of bread whizzing around the room, not surprised when she saw that McLeod was the culprit behind it. A small smile of entertainment coming to her lips as she noticed the recruits he had chosen, after watching so many come in and out it became easy to pick out the ones that would be most gullible to mess with and that's exactly who he had chosen. She could probably take a guess at the few ways he would mess with them but either way she was sure it would make for quite a story later.

    Just as she was about to look back down at her food, one of the new recruits, Red identified him as such by his jumpsuit, made his way over to Red's table. Upon him asking if he could sit down, Red simply gave him an irritated look in response hoping that was enough to deter him and let him know that though he was a good looking fella, she simply wasn't in the mood to entertain a newbie at the moment. It did nothing of the sort, the man simply flashed her a smile in return and made himself comfortable across from her.

    Red raised an eyebrow at the term 'honey' hoping at this point that Agent H would pull her in later on to train with this recruit so she could get him back for that lil' term. It was replaced with a smirk, slowly spreading across her lips as he mentioned her story, "Oo? Can't say I've been told that one yet." A playful sarcasm in her voice, 'these recruits simply make it too easy to mess with them.' She thought to herself.

    Seconds after she stated this, another agent passed by and placed her hand on Red's shoulder. "Good to see you back in one piece Red." Red turned and nodded to the girl before the agent walked off to get her own food.

    Red then turned to Drake, that same smirk on her red lips. "Names Elizabeth but people around here call me Red."
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  10. "So, lost another one, I see."

    Alistair sat with the cold mug pressed against his face and waved his hand at her, as if shooing a fly. As he spoke, his voice was hollow and echoed out of the cup against his face, now empty, but held there anyway.

    "Anesthetic issue. Not my error, the pumps are designed to be used on animals, not fifteen foot mythical sea creatures. Two weeks ago it was one of those Bai-whatever from China."

    He lowered the empty mug, done hoping for any more drops to miraculously appear from it. He was about to ask her what she wanted when the door was opened and a trio of recruits in jumpsuits walked in. Cleanup, most likely. They placed his tray on the desk in front of him and retreated a few paces to line up and salute. The woman in the middle spoke up first.

    "Sir, we're reporting for our mission! We were told we'd be operating in hostile territory with specialized gear, sir!"

    Alistair let a long silence pool between them as he took a satisfying sip of his coffee. His eyes jumped between the three of them as he drank and the cup hid his mouth from view. Of course they were on a special mission. He'd almost forgotten recruit season regularly turned the HQ into a bloody funhouse. Alistair didn't bother with such ridiculous games, so he simply told them the truth, straight and simple.

    "You're going to be cleaning my surgery room, there's a dead animal in there."

    Despite the F.A.N.G.'s military training them to keep straight faces, the trio's realization was almost loud enough to hear. One of them visibly slouched his shoulders and lowered his rigid salute by half an inch. Alistair continued, his tone sour but straightforward,

    "You'll find the proper chemicals in a locker just inside the laboratory entrance along with a mop and bucket. I want the specimen's body bagged and stored away in a refrigerator you'll find once inside. Drop everything else in the incinerator vent, it's all contaminated by now. Should be easy, everything is labeled. And don't call me sir, I'm not military."

    He simply sat behind the study table and drank from a mug that finally contained warm liquid as the recruits dropped their salutes. They nodded, but their enthusiasm had been all but snuffed out. He was about to ask who told them they'd be going on some important mission, but he already had an idea. If he had to guess, he'd say it was probably...

    "Let me guess, McLeod put you up to this?"

    They nodded, "Yes si- uh, doctor. He umm, he also said he'd be keeping a book on myths for another week."

    If that was the case, the oaf was probably watching this whole thing. It wouldn't be the first time McLeod thought he was funny. Alistair turned to look at the security camera behind him, coffee still in hand and said,

    "No. You're already a week overdue. Bring it back by this evening or I'll have it docked from your pay," he turned to the recruits and waved his free hand toward the lab, "Get to work."

    The three looked like they were about to salute, but just nodded and filed over to the entrance. Alistair called out after them, "And use the shoe covers while you're in there." His attention turned back to Ikata once the pressing matter of correcting recruits was dealt with, "This game with the recruits gets more and more ridiculous every year."

    Alistair picked up the loaf of bread from his tray and stood. He was more interested in finishing his coffee, but he religiously gave his soup time to cool. As he got up, he resumed his complaint,

    "Last year, two of them came into the library armed because someone told them a manticore got loose and they'd have to keep it busy while backup arrived. Used to have a stuffed manticore overlooking from the second floor and they shot at it until I came running. Had to fucking throw it away after that."

    As he walked, he passed by a glass case with an old 1940's era typewriter inside. When he came close, the typewriter began to type away on its own, keys clacking loudly. As soon as he was a few feet away from it, the machine stopped as quickly as it began. It's page was already filled up to about a third of its length with half finished sentences. Alistair had a lot of harmless objects and artifacts like this in cases around the library. Little curiosities and the like. This particular typewriter was enchanted through some unknown means and would type out a random memory from the nearest person, up to a range of three feet. Most of the partial memories on the page were Alistair's, but they were always unfinished since he would only ever walk past it, not giving it enough time to properly write anything. And so, the page was full of these little unfinished segments that piled up over time. They made no sense and started wherever the last one ended.

    'Then it went under the bed to I didn't think they'd b I still miss the ti She looked upset, but there wasn Time and time again I a She used to be a lot Doesn't matter wh Blueberries are my favorite kind o I must remember to regularly Completely destroying any se That day was quite br He always seemed to cry whe That crossword was barely e Parents and their to The smell of boiled gr'

    All the items on display in the library were curious objects like this. If something was actually valuable or dangerous, Alistair kept it elsewhere. The library was more than just a place to keep books and studies. It had areas that Alistair kept under lock and key; places that held things that needed to be studied, but not out in the open. Some doors along the walls were always kept locked, filled with artifacts or books that were best kept out of the way. Not all of them were dangerous, some things were just best left unknown. Even Agent H wasn't allowed in there without Alistair to guide him along. Speaking of H, there were a few things he needed to tell him about something in the locked archives, but it could wait.

    "So what did you want?" Alistair asked, taking another sip of the warm coffee. By now, the kitchen knew how he liked it. Unbeknownst to most personnel outside the kitchen staff, Alistair had quite a sweet tooth, so his coffee was always sweet with cream and sugar.
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  11. Canadian Forest
    January 25th
    800 meters away from Big Bad's trap.

    The blade gleamed in the morning sunlight as a small white rag slid across the metal. The masked man sat cross-legged, holding the weapon and cleaning it with gentle movements uncharacteristic of what one would think a warrior would be like. The mask on his face brought focus to its wearer's eyes as they wandered up and down the blade, checking for imperfections.

    A few feet away from him, the remains of eight F.A.N.G. operatives lay strewn about the forest floor, all slain by quick, precise wounds. They'd been setup in case the initial party required backup. Masahiro Kitagawa got to them merely minutes after the lead party had left to search for the Warlock's shack. The actual fight had only lasted a few seconds, and none of them even fired off a shot. Now, Masahiro simply waited for his signal.

    The silent man lined up the sword in front of him, gazing down its blade. Perfect and flawless. It was the only one of its kind. It never dulled and it never chipped. It was one of his greatest treasures. A weapon as fast, subtle, and lethal as its owner. With this blade there were no warnings, no flashiness, and no hesitation. It went for the kill and never held back.

    Gunshots. Lots of them, coming from the general direction of Big Bad's trap. It was his signal to move in. He sheathed the blade and stood, picking up one of the fallen men's assault rifles and slinging it over his back. Chances are, he wouldn't use it, but at least the option was there. And if Thomas had changed back, he'd need a weapon.

    As he approached the cabin, he saw the remains of Big Bad's fight. Messy. Thomas was always messy. He neared a clearing in time to see him wrap his mouth around the final survivor's head. It seemed he wouldn't need the rifle. He walked closer and addressed him simply,


    Behind him, a helicopter began to descend in order to pick them up. Mission accomplished.
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  12. Ikata remained silent as Alastair spoke and continued to do so as he addressed the recruits. Ah, poor things. The recruits often had a hard time cleaning up the large mess that was created. Shaking her head, she smiled, watching as they hurried into the lab. "Human children used to be so cute. Whatever happened to them?" she asked herself, not realising she had spoken out loud.

    Ikata returned her attention to the doctor, watching as he made his small trip around the room. What did she want? A good question that she was sometimes unable to answer. Though she could this time. "I was wondering if there was any chance I would be allowed to help in your research." She was unsure, though, if he knew what often happened. "I, uh, promise not to blow anything up, either."
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  13. Roughly five minuets after Alistair dismissed the recruits the corridor outside of the chief custodians office was treated to an explosion of rapturous cheering shortly followed by the general hubbub of good-natured chatter and the occasional hiss and tinkle as another bottle was opened. A few recruits in the corridor jumped and looked round in shock while more experienced members of F.A.N.G simply carried on about their business, having long since become use to the nature of what often occurred in the chief custodians office.

    A further half hour later Alex Mcleod eased himself out the door and leaned against the wall and laughed. What had started out as a small wager between him and the head of maintenance had morphed into somewhere around thirty people crammed into the office taking bets on all manner things. Alex was sure that the celebration would last for another couple of hours or at least till the supply a beer ran out and while he would have loved to stay he had other matters to attend to today. Pulling a handful of crumpled notes out of his pocket he quickly counted his winning before carefully folding and placing the money in his back pocket. This done he set of down the corridor happily whistling to himself.

    The only cloud on the horizon of his happiness was Alistair's condition, when he'd looked at the camera Alex had been able to see how pale and drawn he looked and how bloodshot his eyes were. Judging by the number of empty mugs spread visible to the camera and a little knowledge of man Alex surmised that he hadn't slept in several days now. The tremendous pressure that Alistair put himself under puzzled Alex, yes the man got lots done but at what cost to himself. At 29 he was the same age as Alex but he already had large swathes of white streaking through his hair. Alex mused that quite possibly the best thing for Alistair would be an rigorously enforced regular sleep schedule and that he could start this by getting a tranquilizer gun out of the armory. While the mental image amused him he decided that the F.A.N.G high ups probably wouldn't look too kindly on him tranqing their best researcher. Instead he made a mental note to talk to someone in HR about his concerns, at the same time he could see to it that the recruits he had picked got put on a cushy duty detail for a week or two. They'd handled their ordeal pretty damn well all things considered.

    As he turned into the armory he cursed quietly under his breath. Someone had left a dismantled gun in a state of complete disarray all over the work bench leaving little room for anyone else do to any maintenance. While generally pretty laid back something about this rankled deep within his soul. Changing plans he strolled to his locker, donned his gun belt, holstered his revolvers and after a moments hesitation decided on taking the short sword he had inherited from his grandfather. Fully kitted up he started to head to the training rooms. He needed to spend some time in the simulator anyway and by now there was a good chance that Hines would be there and training with her was always more of a challenge. As he went past the work bench he paused and then grabbed a scrap of paper and a pencil wrote a short note.

    Be glad H doesn't know about this! Make sure you clean this up before he does. Yes this is a threat!

    This done he smiled to himself and then set off to the training rooms again.
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  14. Canadian Forest
    January 25th


    The voice caused the massive wolf to stop mid-bite, as he was chewing on the torso. For a moment, the wolf turned a hungry gaze towards the swordsman. And for another moment, it would seem the wolf might abandon his current chew toy, and pounce onto the silent man. The look disappeared as quick as it came, and the wolf started to gasp, its bones snapping and condensing, and slowly, a sly, suited man stood infront of the swordsman. The suited man tugged on his tie, and straightened it. Flicking a piece of flesh off his shoulder, he slide a rag out of his coat pocket and wiped his mouth clean of blood and tossed it on the ground.

    Thomas next time, if you would Masahiro. Helps me separate myself from the beast. Wouldn't want a bad incident on such a beautiful day.

    He said smirking at the corpse eater, strutting past him towards the helicopter hovering inches from the ground. Climbing in, a reptile looking man tossed him a folder.

    Your pay.

    He said simply, before returning to gaze out the window, making sure any FANG members weren't still lurking around. As the Jikininki climbed in after him, the helicopter took off into the air, taking them too a drop off point somewhere in England.

    Thomas did most of the talking, Masahiro either ignored him or responded in grunts. Halfway through, Thomas gave up and took a nap the rest of the way. When he woke up, he exited the chopper and parted ways, the reptilian man only saying

    We will contact you again. Soon.

    Thomas nodded happily and continued onward.

    Agent H

    Horseman walked down the hall way silently, heading towards an office of a superior, a skinny man with a thick England accent. Pushing the door open, the man jumped for a moment and straightened his tie.

    Oh bloody hell! Learn to knock Agent Horseman.
    Cut the shit Sherlock. You know how dangerous this mission is, and you want me to take recruits on it? Hell i don't think I can come back in one piece.
    Considering your already not in one piece, this mission is of dire need of finishing. Most of our most experienced agents are busy with other tasks. I've taken the liberty to compile a list of suitable agents ready for the task, and I'll be sending an expert in the scientific field of things; Alistair Tipton.

    Horseman listened quietly, ready to burst in anger. He didn't necessarily like Alistair and his superior attitude, but he respected him, which was rare. The man took pride in his work, something the Horseman could relate too in his own profession.

    Whats so dire about this mission we can't wait till seasoned agents are ready?
    Artifacts of interest are being held by our opponents. BITE to be specific. Including something that MIGHT get your head back Agent.

    The body squared up, as if he was ready to fight, but turned and left the room.


    Agent H was staring down at his papers, speaking to himself quietly as he checked off people.

    Red will fit perfectly. She is pretty damn silent, and those knives of hers can silence anyone without a sound. Can't let Red run around alone though. Diana will be a good partner with her, both are quick but both young. Syrene will be a good powerhouse to guard them.

    Headless was rather fond of Red, not in a romantic short of way, but more of a father-daughter relationship. He was friends with the girls poor grandmother before the incident, and since Agent H took it upon himself to watch over the girl.

    We are gonna need plenty of marksmans. McLeod and Celto will be perfect.

    Mcleod and Headless were rather close, Headless usually ended up losing to his stupid bets he loved, but it was the closest bit of fun he had in his many, many years of life. Celto on the other hand was a pretty big name spoken around the organization, but Headless never managed to get to know him. Perfect bonding experience.

    Now we need some tech experts. Villo and the new kid should do.

    Villo was a very proud, and accomplished in the technology field. A pretty damn good soldier too. Her down fall would be if she snapped. The new kid Agent H referred too, was Drake Forester, one of the recruits. Agent H really liked tossing the kid around in practice earlier, and he was the closest one to landing a blow on the headless veteran. Plus, his technical abilities in the field were supposed to be A1.


    Pleased with his work, he stood up and popped his fingers and left the safety of his room. Taking a stroll to the cafeteria, he tossed the folder to a girl in a yellow jumpsuit, one of the secretaries around the building.

    Take that to Sherlock please.

    The girl nodded and Agent H continued along his way. Pushing the messhall doors open, the rooms volume died slightly around the room, a few recruits gazing towards him yet again, and a few of the more experienced troops mumbled. Ignoring them, he spotted two of his new squad mates, Red and Drake, the latter of the two chatted happily towards the hooded girl, unaware of the Horsemans presence.

    Drake Forester

    Red huh? Cute name. You happen to like roses?

    The recruit said with a smile. All girls like flowers....right? Regardless, Drake continued the act, unaware the girl was toying with him. He opened his mouth to speak again, but a cold hand grasped his neck from behind. A sighed accompanied it.

    What did I say about teasing the recruits Red?

    The girls smirk widened but Drake could hear the amusement in the veterans voice as he let go of Drakes neck, his headless body coming into view. Before he could speak again, the headless body interrupted him.

    Both of you, to the training room. We have our first mission in a week.

    The Horseman quickly snatched up a comlink from a passing guard and spoke into it.

    Get Diana, Syrene, McLeod, Celto, Alistair and Villo in training room X please. I don't care how you contact them, just do it!

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  15. cb826236d823ac153a7220fa41e61706.jpg
    Elizabeth "Red" Hines aka Little Red Riding Hood

    Red could barely keep herself from laughing, enjoying this new recruits naive nature but her interest turned as Agent H came upon them, resting his hand on Drake's neck. Her smirk growing wider at Agent H's comment on teasing the recruits. Though usually it was in training, Red had to admit it was fun toying with the newbies.

    Her face grew serious however as H requested them in the training room for a mission, she had yet to get sleep from her last one but when Agent H requested something of Red she was never one to protest. She respected the man, held him to a higher standard then most people especially since he had been there from the start of her recruitment, a close friend of her grandmother's and had been like a father figure since. Standing up to follow behind H she smiled as she heard the rest of her teammates, leave it to Agent H to put together one hell of a team. She turned to Drake, that same playful smirk she was so famous for back upon her lips.

    "Time to play with the big boys newbie. Welcome to the team."

    Elizabeth was ready to toy with the newbie on the training field, she wasn't the strongest but against the boys on the battlefield and in training she stuck to her speed and cunning and she did just fine in hand to hand combat. Her knives an extra plus for any distance or hard situations, an extra plus she had learned since her last run in with the wolf.

    McLeod would also be a fun one in the training room. As much as he messed with everyone else, the training room was always Red's chance to mess with him back in the hand to hand combat part of it all. Though he had improved every time they went at it at least, though his stealth on the field a match to hers and he would always outdo her in gun skills every time making him quite the asset.

    Red was rather fond of having Diana on the team as well, another hand to hand combat female being on her team. Diana was a challenge to Red, her speed and skills ones that challenged her always.

    Elizabeth would feel safe with Syrene on the team as she was a force to reckon with and held Elizabeth's respect.

    Celto, like McLeod was another strong gunman with eye sight better than anything Red had ever seen before.

    Villo had quite the interesting past on the incredibly rare occasion she would talk about herself. Her way about technology on the combat field something that Red would always appreciate about her.

    Alistair was a partner Red had gotten used to by now, he tended to insist that field work was an important part and FANG tended not to argue with him. He was an egotistical man but with the knowledge he held, Red couldn't argue as to why but simply tried to learn from him when she had the patience to be called a moron a good ten times.

    Hearing of a new mission and her new teammates had Red itching to get on the training room floor, making her quicken her pace so that she reached the training room only seconds after Agent H.

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  16. "I, uh, promise not to blow anything up, either."


    Alistair finished the coffee in his hand, "The fact that you have to promise not to do something makes me think you're going to do it. Besides, I don't work well with others. Assistants, that's one thing, but I don't play well with people trying to step into my work. So no, I don't need help, and I don't want it."

    He turned and began to walk back to his soup, the typewriter clacking its keys and adding words 'My parents were' to the sheet as he passed. Alistair meant what he said. He didn't like to work with others, he found it counterproductive. Every time it was always the same. They thought they could do it better or they just kept trying to prove they were smarter than him and it ended in mistakes he had to clean up and egos he had to set straight. Alistair worked alone, and that was it. There was a reason Alistair was the brightest mind in a paranormal affairs at F.A.N.G. and it certainly wasn't from giving piggyback rides to others.

    "Now, if you don't have anything else to say, I have things to do."

    At that moment, a recruit came in through the library's main entrance. The new guy saluted,

    "Doctor Tipton, Ms. Villo! Agent H wants you to report to the training room! It's important!"

    Alistair waved him away and soured. He'd been looking forward to his meal. He let out an exasperated sigh as he walked towards the service elevator in his lab; this day just kept getting better. He called after Villo as he walked,

    "Well, come on then. Unless you want to take the stairs."

    Alistair checked his watch and wondered how long this would take. The training room was one of the places Alistair avoided like it was radioactive, and the fact that he'd been requested to go there didn't help his mood. He wasn't one for beating his chest and trying to show how far he could throw something or how many times he could hit somebody. If he wanted to watch things yell and run around an obstacle course, he'd visit the chimpanzees at a zoo.

    When he arrived, there were already a few people there. Most notably, Horseman. He crossed his arms and spoke to the headless agent. He didn't love or admire Agent H, but he respected the operative. He'd worked with Agent H before and he'd been an adviser when it came to certain matters every now and then.
    He was also entrusted with whatever information F.A.N.G. had on the agent's missing head, and most of the research into recovering the head came from Alistair's work. Of course, this was all on a need-to-know basis. Nobody who wasn't a part of it knew. F.A.N.G. kept a lot of secrets.

    "H, I was quite busy. What exactly is so important that requires a personal visit in front of," he looked at the others in the room, the red hooded girl and a recruit. He vaguely recognized the girl, but not by name; and the recruit could honestly be anybody, "whoever these two are."
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  17. Ikata tilted her head slightly, watching Alistair as he replied. She expected such an answer and smiled softly at him. "My my. Either you need more coffee or more sleep. Darlin' I only asked to help. An assistant, maybe. But if you would rather not, that is fine," she told him, pushing a lock of hair out of her eyes. Glancing at the typewriter she stood up straight. As curious as she was about the artefacts and what they were she didn't want to upset the man any further. There was quite a few that she recognised and some she had never seen before.

    The demon stepped back to see the messenger. It seemed that the two of them were needed. Sighing she nodded to Alistair. "Very well, lets go," she muttered stepping into the elevator. As they descended Ikata thought over what to expect. It wasn't often that she was called by Agent H himself and in turn, she expected a mission. Really, what else could it be? Once out of the elevator, she followed Alistair silently, thinking thing over in her head. Every so often she would speak a word or two to herself but it was usually too quiet for others to hear.

    Finally they arrived in the room. She glanced past Alistair to look at the others. Noting the number of people, she decided that either not everyone was here, or it was indeed a very small mission.
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  18. Diana

    The redhead had finished her meal as fast as she could, though she did take care to eat at a healthy pace. She planned to train later on, having spoken to a few of her regular trainer partners about it, and the idea of fighting with a very full stomach that hadn't had the chance to digest properly was slightly horrifying. If she had her way, Diana wouldn't have minded taking her time while eating. There were only so many breaks one could take while on duty, most would milk it for all it worth before returning back to their day to day routine. However, as mentioned and observed from before, the cafeteria was lively, full with new recruits who were just settling in and getting comfortable. They took up a good portion of seats, but the redhead managed to snag a pretty nice seat with some familiar faces, which was she could hope for and a little more. It was a small comfort to be surrounded by familiar people, even if most of them weren't too friendly with one another, what with different teams, assignments, and all.

    The redhead was in the repair center ... room, thing now. Or one of the many ones at least, she only really knew the location of a few, having transferred around a few of them when she needed specific things to be added or fixed with her gear. Stepping into the busy room, with people hurrying to and fro, wires hanging and scattered - though none were ever in anyone's way - Diana peeked in, her eyes roaming from each different suit of armor to the next, until her eyes recognized her very own. In one piece, too. A silent sigh of relief escaped from the redhead, who was still relatively shaken from the rumors from the older and more experienced who told her in a passing how the tech team was more likely to completely reconstruct the inner workings of the armor on a whim than anything else. Not that they've ever done such a thing to date, but still ... that armor was the only thing that kept her alive and ... moderately safe most of the time, so it was more than alright to fear the tech team, in her opinion at least. It was like the medical support, they were sadistic as hell, and she had a feeling it would not do to piss either off.

    Speaking with the one in charge of overlooking her armor at the moment, Diana nodded from time to time as he updated her on the status.

    "Ma'am, the repairs have been completed as of half an hour ago. We ran basic tests with it to make sure everything was in working order and there shouldn't be any problem with the shoulder corresponding with the rest of the armor and it's functions. We made sure of that," He said, though his eyes never left the clipboard in his hands. Peeking over, Diana could see endless lines and many more red penned in comments on the sheets of paper, and she was quick to look away. The redhead wasn't someone too well versed with things like this, it was something completely out of her element. She rarely ever understood what the tech guys were saying, but she always managed to just grasp the big picture, the general idea. Just barely. Nodding at techie that reported the status, he moved on, still busy with many other things, having taken the nod as a sign of dismissal.

    Looking down the long line of armors that were going through repairs, there were other people that were present too, and not just the tech team. Some of them having just stepped out of their armors, others were in a situation much like herself, reuniting with their armor.

    Huffing, Diana began to unclasp and unbuckle the belts that clung onto her. The redhead was quick, her motions obviously practiced, as she made a small pile on the ground. As all the belts were released, she only shivered slightly, completely unnerved by the lack of weight on and around herself. Best she get back in gear, she thought to herself, pulling down the part of her attire that covered her neck. It was detachable, and the one time she thought to keep it on while jumping back into her suit was more than embarrassing, something she wasn't going to relive anytime soon. She'd keep the comfort item on when she was vulnerable and walking without the armor, she decided back then.

    Completely free from any loose or potentially life threatening pieces of clothes, Diana got to stuffing herself into the suit - I mean, throwing it on piece by piece. It wasn't too long of a process, and soon enough the redhead was geared up, clenching her covered fists and unclenching, familiarizing herself quickly with the armor once more. It was still as heavy as she remembered, not that it was anything too noticeable at this point, she had been wearing this for a few years, after all. Now to see if the repairs had been done, and made to work like it had before. Rolling her left shoulder as normally as she could, Diana waited and tried again, doing this three times, she nodded to herself, satisfied before turning to the wall behind her - where her primary weapon of choice was hung. They were a pair of hand claws, with ridiculously long, but definitely durable, blades. Picking them off the wall, the redhead slid and locked the weapon onto her hands successfully, retracting the blades easily with natural mechanics her armor provided for such a task.

    Now with just odd pieces of metal on her hands, and free of the long blades, she was free to pick up the things she had just littered onto the floor. Just as she was headed for the door though, a messenger ran down the halls, halting just beside her. Tilting her head and raising an eyebrow at him in silent question, the messenger saluted firmly before continuing on. "Diana Strandsol, you've been summoned by Agent H. It is of utmost importance you make it to Training Room X as soon as possible. He reported, saluting once more, then running off, no doubt to the next person who he would have to relay messages to.

    Just as the messenger had ran off, Diana headed in the opposite direction just as quickly. She passed by a small inventory holding station, quickly and carelessly throwing the bundle of cloth and leather into one of them and pinning a sticky note of sorts onto the surface of it with her name before walking out of the room. It wasn't like she was in a rush ... mostly, but when someone summoned you, you best not dawdle, and make it to the designated place for ... whatever it was, debriefing or even just a unexpected surprise evaluation. However, the latter didn't seem possible this time around, the redhead reasoned with herself as she began to step down the stairs that lead to the training rooms in general. Agent H wasn't known to train with people too much, it was one thing to train, or perhaps have a partner, but it was very unlikely she had been called with others for something so simple and ... rather unimportant, if she were honest with herself.

    The Headless Agent was someone who commanded, demanded and deserved the respect, fear, admiration, and loyalty many harbored. He had been in service for as long as the organization had been running, ruthless, reliable and an expert in battle, he was definitely seasoned and experienced, the chances of making errors were low, and catching the mistakes of others would be high. Heaving a long, audible, sigh, Diana let that last thought wrap around her head for a second. The redhead had been a bit of a crybaby in her younger years, would working with such a renowned and professional higher up possibly bring back that weak mindset and personality that she once lived in? Sadly, she had never had the chance to work with him, train, socialize or even run by him that much. Certainly, the two had been in the same rooms before, stories often circulated quickly, so there was no doubt that she hadn't been in called in randomly, she just had to get the whole story out from him it seemed.

    Making her way to Training Room X at last, Diana silently stridded in, her face impassive as she took but a second to properly recognize a few familiar faces.

    There was Red, someone who Diana had occasionally worked with mostly off immediate duty. The other woman was someone who was ... an easy read perhaps, from an initial glance. She seemed to be driven, a hard worker, and someone with goals - not in the bad way that is - but so much more was hidden underneath, and Diana hadn't bothered trying to look into any of that. It simply wasn't her place, nor would that information ever be truly useful or in relation to assignments and missions in the future. Instead, Diana held the other woman as a training partner, as she was someone who fought much like herself. The blonde ... or light brunette was a capable fighter, someone who trained daily, and it always showed when the two clashed against one another. They were closely matched in speed and respective skills, even cunning if one payed attention to them. It was a little comforting to have someone so familiar here, if anything.

    The one with his arms crossed was someone Diana recognized easily as well. He was renowned for his works, discoveries, theories, and a whole other magnitude of achievements and accomplishments, and to think he was only a few years her senior. Of course, his dragon-spitting-fire temper was a legend among the others, many who had been victims and put under the fires were never quite the same after a brutal chewing out from the genius. Diana remembered in her first years when she and her team had accidentally contaminated some rather valuable samples, some bumbling idiot had been carrying them at the time, and their leader insisted they all be present to deliver the catastrophic news. And if Diana hadn't been scared off by him before, she certainly was afterwards. It was just odd to see him out from his lair though ... whatever this was, it was probably more important than they all realized, then.

    Standing just behind him, was a very unfamiliar face. Although, the fact that she seemed to have come in with the mad scientist did ring a familiar bell ... She could only be Ikata, their resident pyromaniac who was just as explosive as her magical prowess, or Naiga, that fish, dragon thing that dealt with environmental issues mainly at sea or something. Thinking over, the person didn't seem to look like any kind of water serpent, so it had to be Ikata. Either way, Diana had very little interaction with those involved with the sciences. She was a 'simple minded fool' compared to the lot of them. It was basically like living on two different worlds, one where things were analyzed and gathered to solve with wit and intelligence, and the other where violence was thought to solve all effectively.

    There was only person in the room that she had absolutely no information on. A recruit?

    Just what the hell was she signed up for?
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  19. Mcleod rounded the door of training room and stopped. Inside instead of moving between the simulators, gun ranges and sparing areas people were clustered around in the lobby. Most surprisingly of all was the presence of Alistair who normally wouldn't leave his lair if you paid him, and had always treated the training room as a bio-hazard hot spot. Spotting H and red in one corner he strolled over and wandered about the recruit standing next to them. Everyone in the room was an operative apart from Alistair and even he'd been out on missions before so what was with the recruit. He didn't let this bother much though because H was in charge, which meant that H had picked him which was good enough for him. Coming to a halt in front of red and H he mouthed a silent hello to red before turning to H. He stared at a spot on the wall behind H about nine inches from the top of neck.

    "Aye, this is a fine little tea party you got going on here boss, so whats the game then?"
  20. Syrene had been lost in thought and just walking down a random hallway. Her mind was wondering back to the past, which wasn't surprising as there wasn't much else to do here in if there wasn't a mission for her. Training was always an option but Syrene preferred to train at night, alone. So that she didn't have to hold back. Didn't want to set fear within the humans Syre was forced to be around. Spending a few years within F.A.N.G was perfectly fine with her. The day those humans were born, they began their walk towards death. Monsters were always there from the beginning and all they really had to do was wait for the humans to die or kill themselves off. F.A.N.G wouldn't last forever. There would be a day they fall to their knees and when that happens, Syrene wasn't going to stand and fight for what wasn't hers to begin with.

    "Ms. Muse... you are needed," The voice of a messenger pulled Syrene out of her thoughts; all she could do was sigh and ground herself back into reality. A mission was always good to keep her from thinking about things happened years ago. Time helped none and that was a lesson Syrene learned early in her life.

    "Alright..." Syrene mumbled but followed the man to their next destination. When they reached the training room Syrene recognized many of the faces before her but some of them were only faces that she's seen around. In all actuality Syrene only really talked to others when there was a mission but other then that she was quite confused on what else there was to speak with others. Especially humans, their kind had a huge effect in her life even if they didn't know it. Being a monster and around humans, it was easy to tell the difference between their kind and Syrene constantly had to remember that humans were softer then humans. They broke easily. Fixing them took forever and Syrene find it alright to protect the humans that were on the same mission as her. Syrene has seen several people of F.A.N.G die and there must've been a point when she had gotten tired of it, decided that if she could do something... why not do it? Though she was going up against other monsters, Syrene gave no mercy for the enemies.

    "H," Syre gave the Headless man a nod of acknowledgment, a monster just like her. Easier to communicate with as they come from the same world.

    Syrene stood by the other agents and waited for the instructions they needed.
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