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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by BittyKitty1, Oct 25, 2014.


Wanna roleplay?

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  1. Harooo everyone. You guys can call me Bitty. I'm an avid Roleplayer and, on the internet, that is how I make friends.

    Some things about me:

    -I am currently writing a Fantasy novel titled "Songs of Change". My life goal is to publish at least 3 novels~

    -My comfort zone is animals, but I can do humans too.

    -I have a cat and a dog. I named myself after my Cat <3

    -My favorite setting in the whole wide world is a Forest. Random fact.

    -My favorite animals are Cheetahs and Wolves.

    Books I have read:
    -Dogs Of The Drowned City
    -Saga of The Named (Ratha's Creature)
    -Warrior Cats
    -Watership Down
    -Plague Dogs

    My Roleplay Tendancies:

    -The rebellious one
    -A smart elder
    -A stupid young one
    -A cocky one
    -A deep thinker or philosopher
    -A schizophrenic​
  2. baaeee <3

    welcome to iwaku!
  3. Hello there! Welcome to Iwaku. We're happy to have you! :)
  4. @BittyKitty1

    Welcome to the site! You should post some of your writing in the Writing and Art Museum.

    I also enjoyed Watership Down. It was one of my favorite books as a kid.
  5. Greetings BittyKitty! ^o^ Welcome to us!