Eyes of the Wolf

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    The forest was quiet until the sun rose over the hills, causing the birds to wake and sing their songs to welcome the new day. It was towards the end of fall and the forest was a wonderful mixture of greens and oranges that made the forest glow. The birds awoke every other creature in the forest as well, from the squirrels to the bears. From the snakes to the bob cats. From the frogs to the wolves. A white wolf in particular, actually. Blue eyes opened slowly as sunlight hit the opening of the den, the light leaking in. His head moved to look at the pups around him, not surprised that they fell asleep next to him after his stories last night. Under the covers of deer hide they slept in the form of humans – not having control of their form as they slept. He carefully stood, and stepped over the pups – looking as human children at the time- and made his way outside of the den. He made sure to turn into a wolf before slipping outside.
    Once out in the sun, he squinted and shook his fur, stretching an yawned a few times as well. The days of sun were starting become rarer as the days of cold started to come in. He wondered if they would get snow this year. The pups haven’t seen snow yet have they. Paws walked over to the elders den, where he should have slept, and peaked in to find only the mother of the pups sleeping. The others must be hunting. He sighed and shook his head. He wasn’t going to hear the end of it – this was his third time sleeping in on a hunt. He guessed there was always next time, right?
    It has been fifty years since the last wolf was spotted by a human. It’s been fifty years since wolves were deemed extinct by the king of Nixera, the one who had taken the credit of killing them all. Fifty years since that violent war, cleansing the city of any peaceful Lycans in their borders. Fifty years since they all were slaughtered in the streets, their blood spread though the city. The humans have killed all men, woman, and children of the lycan, werewolf race. They were free, and now their city pure in the eyes of god.
    So they thought.
    Little did they know, the lycan race had lived peacefully in hiding in the city for years. As long as they kept their, what were called ‘demonic powers’, a secret – it was possible to live among the humans. Most humans didn’t even suspect them. In human form, the wolves looked just like them, had jobs, paid taxes, and lived happy lives just like everyone else. But all changed quickly when the king deemed a new priest. But when a human got too close to the family – and learned the secret – is where everything changed. He was in love with a female of their pack, and she was in love with him. She felt like she could trust him and went against her parents – trusting him with the secret. That was the last fatal decision she made. He told the church, he told the town, he told everyone he knew. Luckily, at first, no one believed him. The family of wolves lived on edge for a while, but nothing happened to them. Then, suddenly, it all went wrong.
    One day the priest was baptizing a baby of the lycan family. It was a law that all children must be baptized. They thought nothing of it, even if they didn’t believe in the human god, they had always done this to play along and fit in. When one of the family’s child was being baptized - that crazy human male wrapped a silver necklace around the baby. A priest then came to the middle of the town, holding a howling, screaming, wolf pup in his hand screaming at the top of his lungs about demons and curses.
    They followed the family bloodline of the baby and murdered its parents and grandparents, and any other family, believing that they were all from hell. They burned their houses, murdered their cattle, and blamed them for all the unsolved crime for the past ten years. Few of the wolves were alive after but those who were alive quickly retreated into the forests to were their ancestors originated.
    Atian trotted along a path, following a familiar human scent. This wasn’t just any human, or a hunter. She was . . . different then the ones in the stories . . . she was odd. This human lived alone in the forest a bit away from the pack. She didn’t know it, but Atian had been watching her on and off for months. There is a hill by her house where he can look down to her whenever she is outside. He’s been taught ever since he was a pup that no human is safe. He’s been told for years the story of the blood thirsty breed. They look like pure souls – but will harm all of nature for their own benefit. One day on his own he found the house in the clearing. It was in the middle of nowhere – and no one seemed to be there. But having delt with hunters before, he stood clear. Until a female came out one day to water flowers in her garden. Why would a human, who hates nature, care about the flowers?
    At least once a week he’d come and watch her – and most of the time she would never see him. There were a few times where they made eye contact. The first time he ran away immediately and didn’t come back for a month. But he couldn’t keep himself away . . . and came again. When she saw him the second time – they kept eye contact for a little before her turned to leave. Those times would be the only ones that she would remember seeing the white wolf.
    Today, she wasn’t home. He didn’t see the smoke come from her chimney – or hear her walk inside the wooden house. She didn’t come out to water the flowers . . . he sighed and turned, looking for his pack to help them hunt. They travel far from the dens, where no human can scare away prey. He walked through a clearing only to freeze at a voice coming his way. He didn’t recognize it, and quickly moved to the forest. That’s when he saw the odd human come into the clearing – frazzled and frantic. He blinked and backed away, only to notice a large log to the right of the clearing. He moved silently to the log and jumped up, looking at her.
    Was she . . . lost?
    Blue eyes looked at her frantic body until they met eyes for the third time. He stood tall, twenty feet away.
    (OCC: Sorry if I played your character a bit, I just wanted to set the scene. Also – there are real wolves – so there is no way of knowing he is a werewolf. His human picture will come when you first see him in human form.)
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