Eyes of a beast.

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  1. - Based vaguely off the song Animals by Maroon 5 -

    Character A is a young college student, he's an A+ kid, smart as can be and talented too, the kind of kid all parents want. Not only is he smart, but he's had a good life, he's financially stable and he's employed. What more could a guy ask for? He's got his life set for him, he's on a fast track to success!
    Character B, a slightly older gent has already finished college, he's already employed, and he's living a decent life. He holds a steady income, he has a well paying job, he lives on his own - not in an apartment for that - and he's got his life already figured out. Though, he finds himself attracted to Character A, but not as most would. It's a sick obsession, a possibly fatal one. His attraction becomes a bit along the lines of stalking, obsessing to the point where it cannot be healthy. Not only is it that, but Character B isn't exactly in the right state of mind either, his crazed desire brinking him on the edge of delusional. Though, this isn't a recent thing. He's had these issues far before encountering Character A.

    This role play will/may contain:
    - Age difference. (Five to possibly ten years)
    - Stalking / obsession.
    - Abuse and violence.
    - Body horror.
    - Gore.
    - Mxm.
    - BDSM.
    - Hostage / kidnapping.
    - Non-consensual behavior.

    Interested? Leave a comment or shoot me a PM. c:
  2. I'm intrested shoot me a pm and we can talk about it.
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