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    Welcome to the interest check thread for Eyeris, a supernatural mystery RPG with a shitty pun for the name! Eyeris centers around a city area and the supernatural creatures hiding in it. Of course, we can't just have that, though. That would be typical. Not only does it follow those creatures, but it also follows C.H.I, a company that works to keep magical and supernatural things out of the lives of normal people.

    Surprisingly, in this, it's a normal occurrence for humans to get their hands on magical objects that could be harmful to them or others. They could also spot a creature that didn't want to be spotted. Both are problems. C.H.I, or 'Conserving Human Ignorance', works to do just what their horrible name says: Conserve human ignorance and keep everyone happy.

    So there's the supernatural bit. You might be wondering where the mystery is, though. Well, boy, here it comes! Eyeris' mystery element comes in the form of a group dubbed, unsurprisingly, Eyeris. This group, which is shrouded in mystery naturally, is a group of radical supernatural creatures. They do things such as kill hunters, kill humans and the people who sympathize with them, and steal magical objects and place them in the hands of normal people.

    Obviously, this poses a problem. Not only do they want supernatural creatures to be known, they also seem to want to eliminate any and all people that are either not supernatural or that like the non-supernatural. It's your basic villain scheme over here, my friends. So, the people working at C.H.I need to find out who is running this and what they're planning, before it all goes to hell.

    The intro is horrible, I know. I haven't written anything like this in a while. Anyway, a little more info besides me rambling, hah!​

    Things to know that'd be in this if enough people are interested:​
    • It'd be event based, in a choose-your-own-adventure style​
    • There would be lord and stuff for the different character types​
    • The bios are short, but you could add more​
    • MULTITUDE of different character jobs and types. ​
    • Literally no character limit​












    Literally anyone. Can you type well? Go ahead. You can't? Join anyway. Write only a sentence? Well, come on in, my dude. Write a novel for every single post? I literally don't have anything akin to a bouncer that's gonna tell you no. I just want people to join. That's what the interest check is for, to see who's into this. So, are you into this? Please, lord, tell me.

    So, basically:

    yo what up homies supernatural mystery shit right here
    it's going down we're making it happen join me on the ride that never ends
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  2. [​IMG]
    i'm i n
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  3. Hello, TragicTrees~

    I have been summoned and would like to join this as well!

    I'll also reply to our one x one later today
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  4. yes neat thank you!

    and lmao take your time
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  5. No problem!
    Quick question: For "Looks", would you like written descriptions? Or...?
    Are we allowed to do both picture and written appearance?
  6. Do what you need to get your point across basically. As long as you have something, it's all good.
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  7. This sounds really interesting! I'd love to join once it comes up >.>
  8. Thank you!!! ;~; I'll probably put it up soon, since three people said they'd do it, and that's more I've gotten for everything else
  9. Yay <33
  10. Aye welcome! C:
  11. I'm super super s u p e r interested!
  12. Cool! We have the signup now, so feel free to join.
  13. Oh this looks really fun. Count me in!
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  14. Welcome to the club! ;P
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  15. nah man it's all good. It wasn't that obvious hah!!! I'm new to GMing on this particular site, so that's probably why it wasn't out there.
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