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  1. Rules
    1. I only write male/male relationships
    2. I'm a bottom during sex, but don't expect me to act all "kawaii-desu" very often
    3. I want fairly literate partners, meaning good grammar and punctuation
    4. I usually write 1-5 paragraphs, depending on what I have to go off of
    5. I don't do bathroom play, vore, furries, futa, or tickling/feet fetishes



    -Boarding school?

    Gang Bang
    Basically, I thought I could play a loner-type guy, either a high school senior (18) or maybe early college, who gets gangbanged by a group of guys. Athletes maybe? After the gangbang, the guys use him individually or together whenever they want, but one of the guys starts to actually fall for the loner. He ends up in a bind of whether to go along with his friends or stand up to them to save his new crush. I'm looking for someone to play the guy that falls for my loner, as well as the group of friends. To make things fair, I can double or even triple up on characters as well. All the details can be worked out through PM's. Heavy kinks are definitely on the table, especially 2+ penetration.

    Road Trip
    YC is a business man from New York on his way to a conference in California. On his way to the airport his car breaks down, then his flight tickets get stolen. Out of money and options, he simply stands outside the airport feeling distraught and helpless until an old Volkswagen van pulls up to him. Out pops the head of teenage boy (MC) who reminds YC of a no-good hippie. But when offered a ride all the way to California for free he has no option but to agree. Where will the next few days take them?

    Of Cops and Artists
    Feodore Kix is a nineteen year old artistic prodigy, one that comes from an extremely wealthy and powerful southern family. Only, he ran away to New York when he was sixteen, covered his tracks flawlessly, and has been free from the public eye ever since. Now he's a street artists that goes by the alias Jax, which he signs every one of his masterpieces with. As street art is illegal, however, he does his art secretly at night and keeps his identity as hidden as possible. That is, until he gets caught by a seasoned cop and hauled off to the man's precinct for interrogation about a rash of vandalisms in the downtown area. Feodore is offended, but he also needs a place to stay, so he cuts a deal with the cop. He'll help find the vandal if he can crash at the cop's place until he does.

    Cat and Mouse
    A Russian spy that goes by the alias Myshka ('little mouse' in Russian) is captured by a secret branch of the American FBI that specializes in interrogation and information gathering. They use a variety of different, unusual techniques, but the man who is assigned as head to the interrogation of the new prisoner goes even further. The man (YC), after seeing the Russian spy (MC), is overcome with lust and demands to work the case alone and with no one else present. It quickly becomes apparent that the prisoner never speaks, though he is definitely able to, which only makes YC angrier. Ah well, less noise to cover up, right? Left to his own devices for how ever long it takes the spy to cough up the information he needs, what will YC do to his scrumptious new prey?

    How to Kill People 101
    MC is an early college student, a nobody on campus and a complete loner. No one finds him particularly creepy, but then again, most people don't even know he exists. It doesn't bug him much and, honestly, it makes his nighttime hobby a little easier for him. You see, the quiet college boy is a diligent student by day and a serial killer by night, taking out the 'scum of the earth' while everyone else is asleep. YC, another college student, manages to find out what he's been doing and approaches him on campus one day. However, instead of threatening to turn him in, he asks to become the killer's accomplice.

    Random Plot Generator!
    These are some plots I got from random generators:

    - The story starts when your protagonist tries to overcome a personal fear. Another character is a homeless person who has been reading your protagonist's e-mail.

    - The story starts when your protagonist is forced to accept a job. Another character is a bounty hunter who is stalking your protagonist.

    - The story starts when your protagonist admits to a fantasy. Another character is a con artist who needs money.

    - The story starts when your protagonist is mugged. Another character is a runaway who is determined to move in with your protagonist.


    PM me or reply here if you're interested!
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  2. The first idea interested me! 2+ penetration definitely makes me happy, but sex isn't allowed in the onexone section. If you are in the 18+ group, then I would be happy to do this there, but I think it would be weird to do that specific plot in the onexone section, as it would involve a lot of fading to black.
  3. How to Kill People 101 sounds really interesting.
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