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    Many come for many reasons, some come for none, but all have come for one purpose! A FIGHT TO ENTERTAIN ALL YOU LOYAL IWAKUNS IN THE STANDS! NOW, get ready, FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!

    OOC: a tournament-based role play based on every fighting game there is. It will work on Quad Elimination rules, and it will be a no-holds-barred fight to the finish. Anything goes, as long as it stays in the ring.

    Character Sheet.


    Appearance: (Pictures and text explaining things unseen in picture.)


    Fighter Concept: (Explain your fighting style, the basics , and special moves, along with weaknesses you noticed in the mold.)

    Also, what kind of fighting tournament would you like, mundane( Street Fighter), Violent(Mortal Kombat), or Spectacle(Guilty Gear)?

    I'll be accepting 8 fighters, no first come first serve, so put time into your character, and don't worry about rushing
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  2. I'm not very experienced in this sort of RP, but I'm wondering how creative could we be in terms of character abilities? Is it strictly physical combat maybe with certain superpowered attacks, or could implement more supernatural styles into it? For instance, a character who controls tops from a distance to attack one's opponent. The latter is something I could definitely get behind. If that's not what this RP is for I understand though.
  3. @Arrow

    I set up a sorta poll to see what you want to have.

    Essentially, would you like something like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or Guilty Gear? All of these series have blatantly supernatural characters, so you should be just fine.

    So your top guy would be a zoner kinda guy, maybe a trapper? Sounds cool, probably not very tough though, and his hits wouldn't do much damage
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  4. The top guy was just an example I took from a certain series. You described him pretty much spot on though, nice comment.

    So I'm not very familiar with fighting games, would that be a problem? I'm pretty interested in trying out some one on one combat.
  5. @Arrow

    No, it's fine. Just have fun. Gonna head to bed, wanna start up a match tomorrow. It would be to pretty much test how I want to run this game.
  6. Oh, sorry, was that meant to be a question for me? Sure I'd be willing, I have a few character ideas in mind too. Maybe you could give me some feedback on them?
  7. @Arrow

    I'm thinking of using a point system, with these stats
    Power:How much damage you do
    Speed:How fast you hit
    Movement:How fast you move
    Range:How far you hit
    Toughness:How much damage you can take

    You'd get 10 points, and all stats would start with a point, giving you 15 points.

    So Im going to use a sheet like this

    Appearance:(Picture and Description for details unseen in pictures)
    Fighting Style: (How your character fights, and you strengths and weaknesses when fighting. Subject to tweaking by GM if deemed OP)

    Stats: 10points

    Power: 1
    Toughness: 1
    Speed: 1
    Movement: 1
    Reach: 1
  8. How does Reach work? If I made a tall guy, would I need to put points into it just because he'd have long arms? Or is it more for ranged attacks?

    Also, what about weapon users vs. melee fighters? Would the weapon users have an advantage, or would it just be assumed that they're on equal footing?
  9. I plan for weapons vs unarmed to be on equal footing. I may remove reach, I plan to use that to gauge how far attacks hit, but that would be kinda hard to gauge, because different moves have different lengths
  10. What about characters such as the top guy I mentioned earlier? Perhaps there could be a fifth 'Ability' Stat for characters with such special powers. The better/more versatile the special ability the more points they would need to put into it and the less they have for the others. Just throwing out an idea.
  11. Perfect, that's what we need.
  12. Or how about two stat lines. One for general purposes, and one for special capabilities
  13. I suppose that's fine, as long as, for instance, a pure melee fighter could have greater physical stats than someone that relies on magical powers.
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