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  1. So I'm looking for two to three more people who can post about three to five paragraphs per a post (or more if you like) who can post around once a day or multiple times day preferably. I want no drama, and everyone to be over 18 because I'm planning on putting this in the RedStar section for violence/possible nudity, and possible sexual situations.
    I am interested in a good mix of males and female characters and I play females so one down.

    I would like to do a relaxed small, group roleplay and for plot I'm thinking something historical or something in a fantasy realm I created.

    Post on here if you're interested and please include a sample of your work, what gender you play, how much you are available to post, your posting average, and what kind of roleplays you are interested in, and please feel free to tell us a little about yourself. :) I'll follow up with my stats soon. Thanks!
  2. Hey so I'm DungeoneeringGoddess!

    I was unable to quote my Sample so I posted it below -V

    I play females :)

    I'm typically available at least once a day if not more.

    I post three to five paragraphs, however sometimes if I have more toe respond to I can post more. :)

    I'm generally interested in Historical, Scifi, or Fantasy Roleplays. :)

    So I've been roleplaying for over ten years and generally only do one on ones but an feeling like giving a group roleplay a try to fill in some extra time. :)
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  3. Sample of My Recent Work (open)

  4. Hey. I am interested in RPing with you, and though I'm still a Bluestar, I will be a Redstar in four days. Could you wait until then? ^^

    As for myself, I can play either males or females, but I prefer playing females.

    The time in which I am available can vary a bit, though I can generally reply at least three times a day unless I have something important to do.

    I am flexible when it comes to how much I write, and usually write as much as my partner, unless I'm answering a question, in which case I sometimes write less.

    Admittedly, I've only started roleplaying this year, but I've been told I'm pretty good, so I can't be terrible, right?

    Here is a sample of my writing:
    The White Wave bandits had become a growing problem in the region. With the land ravged by war, many would turn to banditry to keep themselves and their families fed, and while they wouldn't be much of a problem on their own their new developments were concerning.

    The White Wave bandits were always the largest group, but even they numbered at barely more than a thousand members, and the local commanderies were enough to keep them at bay, however, they began an unexpected and rapid process of of absorbing other bandit forces to bolster their strength. This resulted in them numbering by at least four thousand members, and they were suddenly a very large threat, forcing the cities to close their gates and send out messengers to request assistance from the capital, this is why Sima Hanying was out hunting bandits.

    She had been called upon to quickly eliminate the White Wave bandits with minimal casualties, and she would agree to do so, seeing as she was the only one whose skills were suited to dealing with these insurgents, her aggressive tactics meant she would be able to deal with them faster than another general who would likely favour a lot of planning, which may cost the lives of the people in the local cities. She had quickly moved out with an elite force of just eight hundred men, aptly called the Tiger Guard for their ability to quickly pounce on and eliminate any opposing force with brutal efficiency.

    She had currently just arrived at the area the White Waves were ravaging, and she could already see various hotspots they were at, smoke rising up from wherever there was a large aglomeration of bandits. She would narrow her eyes and raise her hand in a gesture to stop, and would turn back to them, ordering, "Separate into groups of one hundred men and advance to wherever there are large concentrations of bandits. Set up positions for ambush and strike when the time is right!" The men would salute and quickly do as she ordered, moving out.

    She would then notice some comotion down the road. There were about twenty bandits currently surrounding a female elf, likely a traveller that had been passing by when the bandits began their raid of the local cities. She would narrow her eyes and do a signal for her men, "Six of you, come with me. We shall show those filth why the Tiger Guard are so feared." She ordered, six men came in around her, surrounding her flanks, before she advanced with her men close behind her in order to save the unfortunate elf and eliminate the bandits.

    They would arrive and pounce quickly, like tigers, jumping at the bandits and striking with impressive force against the unsuspectign and unprepared foe. Hanying herself would jump in front of the woman and strike at two bandits in front of her, spinning her body to attack both as they widened their eyes before falling to the ground, wide open for the surprise attack. Her soldiers made quick work of the other bandits, who panicked and were easy to dispatch.

    She would then make a hand signal, and her men would quickly make a defensive perimeter around the two, in case more bandits appeared. After this, Hanying would turn to the elven female and ask, "Are you harmed?"

    Also, the link to an OC I created: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/characters/sima-hanying.15536/
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  5. Well as much as I would love to rp with you it doesn't seem that anyone else is interested in the small group rp. :/
    If anyone else is every interested I'll be sure to let you know. Thank you for replying though. :)
  6. Ah, I see.

    I could call in two people that I think have the skills necessary, if you want me to.

    Alternatively, we could just do a one-on-one RP. I am certainly interested in RPing with someone who's been at it for over ten years :).
  7. Is there any way to get a little info on the game setting? That may be why people aren’t joining.
  8. well I was planning on letting everyone decide what we would do together. I mentioned I was thinking something historical or fantasy in my initial post.
  9. Sorry for the slow reply, I don't know about doing a group roleplay anymore actually. I kind of lost the drive for it.

    Maybe PM me, did you have an idea about a roleplay we might do?
  10. Saw that, just hedging my bets that when it’s decided you’ll see a population burst
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  11. Yeah probably, I might just wait until some of my current roleplays calm down and ask my partners if any of them wanna do something together.

    It was just a little idea anyways. Its not a big deal
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  12. Well then, you've got my attention. I'm just gonna sliiiide on in here for a moment if you don't mind.

    So, hi there. My name's Fyrra, and I haven't had any roleplay projects since my Pathfinder group went idle a few months ago. I hunger, and a small group sounds like it could fit my appetite.

    My characters are varied, but most of my experience comes from fantasy settings. I play humans, monsters, pagans, illiterate huntresses, pharmacology enthusiasts, berserkers, troubadours, tieflings, kobolds, gnolls, brawlers, common folk who lack proper adventuring skills and martial training, spellweavers, tacticians, bitter people with grudges that can learn over time that it's okay to get attached and have feelings again, healers, provocative jerks, empaths, people with goals they're seeking out, and sometimes the bystander who wants nothing to do with this. Usually with some sort of queer element to it. Make a request and I can probably find it.

    Or, if you were asking what types of characters I play in redstar terms... Anything, really. I tend toward long haired males and slightly muscular females, but I don't do heterosexuality. My characters tend to be either gay, bi, pan, or asexual, with little respect for gendered expectations. A group opens up some interesting dynamics, but I like to see how a character develops in their surroundings before getting into any of that.

    Posts tend toward "whatever feels appropriate" for length. Paragraphs, but a variable for how much I have to work with and another for how I'm feeling. Like, I don't post quality stuff if I'm sick enough to be in bed all day. Winter is the worst season.

    Frequency could be a daily thing. I might skip some because I've got a job and some projects I'm working on offline. But, I just deleted my biggest mobile time sink from my phone, so I'll be here reading stuff on my lunch break.

    Sample to come some other time though. Nice to meet ya!
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  13. I would also be intrestead in a small group rp if this is still going let me know and I'll give you my info.
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