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    Liam was walking - quite leisurely, at that - to his class. It had already started and he was about fifteen minutes late, give or take five minutes. Other than the possible reprimand he might earn it didn't much matter to him if he was on time or not.

    Besides, being a few minutes late wasn't the only thing that could rub his teachers/professors the wrong way; it could be how he so insistently wears a hat or hood and sunglasses most days. If told to remove them, his superiors were more than likely to be ignored depending on if Liam felt he had the energy to bother arguing or get his behind kicked out of class for mouthing off. He didn't much see why it would matter in college, but people still seemed a bit peeved when he wore them.

    Without a word Liam entered his class and sauntered to middle of the room, no pass to be left on the teacher's desk, sliding in the only empty desk there and dropping his bag by his feet. A few glances were cast his way by other students but he didn't much care. He adjusted his hat before pursing his lips and setting his gaze on the front of the room.
  2. [​IMG]Andre woke up in a bitchy mood. The last few days had been stressful and the work pile was building up. He had recently started his job as a college professor when he graduated straight out of college. He was only 23 since he ahd skiped a few grades back in his highschool years. Andre would rather spend time partying and getting drunk with his friends but he wanted the money and the job was well paying.

    After getting dressed and grabbing all of the necessary books for the two classes that he had. Andre sighed and then walked out his apartment and locked the door behind him. The only thing he was greatful for was the simple fact that the university was close to the apartment building and he honestly didn't have to take his car.

    Making his way into the class he began writing the lesson. After making sure that the people where in the class except for a few he started the lesson. It was until he heard the door opened that he stopped breifly to see who it was. Liam. Dre didn't know wether the kid was going through some things or was a wanna be bad ass but he had no tolerence or patience. " After class Liam". Were the only words be said and they were the only words he needed to say.

    When the res tof the class got up and left, Andre looked at the clock and then closed the door and walked over to where Liam was sitting. he took a seat infont of him and then sighed. " Look I hate to be the teacher to complain and bitch but either you come on time or don't come at all. You've been late for the past three weeks and it's getting a litttle...difficult". Andre ran his hands through his short hair and then stood up. " If theres a reason why your late then please tell me you I dont have to get on your case".
  3. Liam couldn't stop himself from rolling his eyes when he heard that the professor wanted to speak with him after class. Regardless, he listened to the lesson along with the rest of the class until it was time for them to leave. He himself was just about to get up from his desk but quickly sat back down when he saw Andre heading over to him. Well, this was surly going to be quite a bit of fun.

    "That much, huh?" He muttered sarcastically more to himself than to Andre. The guy looked pretty stressed out about it, surprisingly. "I'm highly doubting you'll like my reasoning." It was more or less he stayed out late more often than not and then he ended up sleeping in late, thus not making it to school on time. Plus he usually had a hangover and that was literally no fun at all. Yeah, he had a serious feeling Andre wouldn't be interested in hearing his bullshit. "What happens if I continue being late? Will you just bitch at me some more?" Liam cocked his head to the side, unable to stop himself from saying the snarky remark.
  4. Andre was trying. He played nice teacher and their was always that one student who had to act like the jackass. Everything comming out Liam's mouth was a bunch of crap and the attitude didn't help much either. Drew shook his head breifly and then chuckled. He wasn't going to loose his mind because one student didn't want to learn. His grades were slowly and slowly dropping and he needed to corse to pass. " Nope dont worry about me bitching since your a big boy ill leave you alone just dont expect me to wipe your ass when you need the grade".

    With that saide Andre opened the door and walked out the room. The last thing he needed was nother stress factor in his life. To him Lieam wanted to come in late that was fine. He was just tired of being nice to rude peopel who could give a damn about him. Some professors stopped him and asked if he wanted to eat with them but Andre turnned them down. The first thing he was going to do was head out to the campus indoor gym and shoot some hoops. Yes it wasn't what he should be doing now that he was a teacher but he dind't have to teach until 7:00 and the gym was empty except for a few people.