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  1. Plot:
    In 2013, January 1st, Brooklyn, New York, a massive beam of light launched into the sky at midnight, causing an immense storm to take place and rain an oil-ish liquid across the globe. Universal reports show that it is taking place one nation after another, leaving none sheltered from its secret effect. The source of this event came from an unknown source, with every affected nation pointing fingers at their enemies.
    Days later, approximately seven, people begin showing signs of sickness, deformation in DNA, and changes in human behavior. Over the next few days people begin reporting the sight of dinosaurs across the world. Sightings have mostly taken place in North America, Asia, South America, and Africa; rumor has it that those specially affected by the mysterious storm were given the ability to become a dinosaur, mutation.

    Emerging from the shadows is Zaeda. Formerly a private security company, they took advantage of the destruction caused by the wild rampage by a number of mutants who couldn't control their transformations and seized power, any remaining governments being virtual figureheads with the well-armed personnel of Zaeda running the show behind the curtains. It is not well explained as to why they hunt the mutants, but it is clear that they are extremely capable at their jobs, with more than a million confirmed capture and kills in the first month. Many mutants, in fear for their lives, have gone into hiding, perfecting their powers to blend in with society. Some others remain at large, promoting mutant rights and equality, while others simply strive to make a living in the new world. But as they hide, Zaeda grows tired of playing cat and mouse. Their methods have become more brutal, going from government-backed ops to all-out witch-hunts. Genetic analyses are necessary before getting a job to determine if you're a mutant, frisks for mutant markings are growing more common, and scanners for mutant DNA accompany metal detectors at important government facilities. Zaeda Rapid Response teams are infamous for their efficiency. In defiance, riots plague local areas and have left the world post-apocalyptic yet slightly in order. Rebels take hold of spare military gear while Zaeda are fully equipped; and in the mix lie those gifted with the wrath of a dinosaur, hiding on the side lines. Make a choice--will you fight or hide? Shall you stand back while the world continues to fall around you, or shape up and help the rebellion? Or will you help the very people out to kill you?


    The world is post-apocalyptic, but still has a small amount of functionality. Most big cities have been reduced to broken buildings and jungle (D.C., Cairo, Berlin, Accra, and Amsterdam for examples. Some survivors are Berlin, London, and Athens). Smaller cities and towns remain mostly intact due to their greater isolation.

    Other encounters, a.k.a other players, are a little basic like most seen in role play. And at least try to produce good sentences. Oh. And 5 sentences minimum.

    Another forgotten fact is the timing I needed to add--it's Spring on Earth ladies and gents, and progressively becoming summer. The seasons will be taken into the story to help add to the chronology and how it effects your character. Looking forward to seeing how you'll use it to your advantage or disadvantage.

    If you're one of those with a mutation, you're granted the natural strengths, weaknesses, behavior, and senses of your dinosaur. Things like enhanced, strength, incredible hearing, sharp eyes, or killer intelligence.


    1. You must keep all manipulation to yourself: no controlling other characters, no taking control of other's NPCs, no god-mode, and no going off task. When I say off task I mean do not simply jump from one thing to six different others in one paragraph.

    2. There will be fighting in this game, so you have to treat this as an actual thing. For example if you're a small dinosaur like the Velociraptor (those things are SERIOUSLY small in real life) and surrounded by Zaeda agents, take into account that they have high tech weapons, bigger size, and may/may not have out numbered you. You'll need to think your fights out to win them, not hack, slash, bite, and hope for the best.

    3. Know your dinosaur form. This means whatever dinosaur you turn into, know its stats (RESEARCH!). These will pertain to how you live life and how you'll be useful in a fight. Say you were a regular school girl who had a normal balanced diet; if you became mutated and were given the ability to become a T-Rex, you'd have a lust for meat, be more of an ambush predator, and scavenge food when able, all while having a fiery temper. It effects a majority of your personality but not all of it. If you're a music lover, then you're still a music lover--just with a Tyrannosaurus set of mind added to it.

    4. Don't be a jerk. Or down comes the banhammer.

    Character Sheet:




    Dinosaur Form:

    Appearance: (Human and Dino)

    Mutation Mark: (All mutated have a tattoo on their body representing their Dino.)


    Faction: (Rebel, Neutral, Zaeda)

    Powers: (Based off your dinosaur.)

    Original credit for the concept goes to Lord Roku. This is meant to revive it.
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