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  1. Plot:

    "We're getting reports in now of what witnesses are describing as a 'massive beam of light'. On the scene at the event site we have Natalie Coleman. Natalie?"

    CNN flashes to the scene of what looks like a volcanic eruption. Even in the darkness of night it was easy to see the destruction. Buildings have been blown apart, and a black substance coats the ground in thick (but quickly disappearing) layers. Upon closer observation, this substance is a thick, viscous pitch-colored liquid, now coagulated and dried. Standing in the center of the camera is a pretty blonde dressed heavily in stained rain gear holding a microphone in one hand.

    "Thanks Trisha. The question many viewers may be asking right now, 'Where exactly is this horrible scene?' And to many people who've lived here, it has become just as unrecognizable. I'm standing here in Marine Park, NYC in the aftermath of the mysterious eruption of what some witnesses are calling 'an act of God'. However, there is joy to be seen in this event, as thousands of people return to their homes after being screened for an incredibly deadly virus that has killed over 10 times the surviving number. Official reports suggest that the virus has shown no signs of resurgence, but caution that the contagion may still be out there in the form of this..."

    She gestures to the lakes of darkness that have crusted up around her.

    "Black sludge surrounding me. Officials advise to avoid direct contact with the fluid, and to isolate any possibly infected individuals. To be honest, I'm not feeling too good myse- Zack, what the hell is that?!"

    The camera cranes around, only to be blocked out by a massive shadow, followed by a series of screams and a resounding bellow that haunted the souls of any who listened. Flashing back to the CNN studio, we see the anchors desperately screaming into their mikes for the reporter. The screens go dark, but the audio remains on long enough to hear doors breaking open, walls crashing down, and the chilling screams of the dying. This was the last broadcast of CNN.

    What is known is that in 2013, on January 1st in Brooklyn, New York, an explosion rocked the city, devastating the surrounding area while a beam of blinding white light rocketed into the sky. A sudden hurricane raced across the globe raining a pitch-black substance on top of the unprepared human race. Mere hours after the substance began covering the surface, millions of people were rushed to local hospitals due to a mysterious plague, common symptoms including DNA strand deformation, blood pollution, lesions, coughing, extreme fever, and vomiting of blood. Connections were quickly made between the Brooklyn Event and the plague. Millions died from the plague in a matter of days. But millions still rapidly recovered. A few days later, the plague had died down, the storms had disappeared, and the black liquid degraded into the earth. And at the same time, a new terror emerged. Thousands of the afflicted who had recovered disappeared, and in their place emerged hordes of beasts thought long extinct: Dinosaurs. In the rampage that followed the emergence, hundreds of millions of unprepared people were eaten or otherwise slaughtered by the confused and hungry animals. Nations fell in the chaos, and those infected who had not immediately transformed fled to escape prejudice and investigation. They became the first mutants with control over their transformations. At the end of the year, the world population had been reduced from around 11 billion to just over 5 billion.

    Emerging from the shadows is Zaeda. Formerly a private security company, they took advantage of the destruction and seized power, any remaining governments being virtual figureheads with the well-armed personnel of Zaeda really running the show. It is not well explained as to why they hunt the mutants, but it is clear that they are extremely capable at their jobs, with more than 2,546 confirmed capture and kills in the first month. Many mutants, in fear for their lives, have gone into hiding, perfecting their powers to blend in with society. Some others remain at large, promoting mutant rights and equality, while others simply strive to make a living in the new world. But as they hide, Zaeda grows tired of playing cat and mouse. Their methods have become more brutal, going from government-backed ops to all-out witch-hunts. Genetic analyses are required before getting a job to determine if you're a mutant, frisks for mutant markings are growing more common, and scanners for mutant DNA accompany metal detectors at important government facilities. Zaeda Rapid Response teams are infamous for their efficiency. In defiance, riots plague local areas and have left the world in shambles. Rebels take hold of spare military gear while Zaeda are fully equipped; and in the mix lie those gifted with the wrath of a dinosaur, hiding on the side lines or flaunting their skills for the world to see. Make a choice--will you fight or hide? Shall you stand back while the world continues to fall around you, or shape up and help the rebellion? Or will you help the very people out to kill you?

    The world is post-apocalyptic, but still has a small amount of functionality. Most big cities have been reduced to broken buildings and jungle (D.C., Cairo, Berlin, Accra, and Amsterdam for examples. Some survivors are Berlin, London, and Athens). Smaller cities and towns remain mostly intact due to their greater isolation. Since this was a worldwide event, we will be scattered across the globe, but will intersect after a while.

    You will encounter Ferals, mutants that did not gain control over their transformation or their offspring. These are predators and/or prey. Animals, plain and simple. They answer only to brute force.

    Some Basics:

    You are one of those with a mutation. You've been granted the natural strengths, weaknesses, behavior, and senses of your dinosaur. Things like enhanced, strength, incredible hearing, sharp eyes, or killer intelligence exist in an untransformed state without weakness, but in a transformed state there will be weaknesses. Take this into account when you choose a dinosaur. You will be hunted constantly, always in danger of discovery. Some people are friendly to our kind, but not all, and certainly not most. You can't do a Batman and teleport to where you want to go or need be in an instant. You'll need to fight your way or sneak onboard a vehicle capable of international transport.

    Da Rulez:

    1. There will be fighting in this game, so you have to treat this as an actual thing. For example, if you're a small dinosaur like the Velociraptor (those things are SERIOUSLY small in real life) and surrounded by Zaeda agents, take into account that they have high tech weapons, are larger, and may/may not have you outnumbered. You'll need to think your fights out to win them, not hack, slash, bite, and hope for the best.

    2. Know your dinosaur form. This means whatever dinosaur you turn into, know its stats (RESEARCH!). These will pertain to how you live life and how you'll be useful in a fight. Say you were a regular school girl who had a normal balanced diet; if you became mutated and were given the ability to become a T-Rex, you'd have a lust for meat, be more of an ambush predator, and scavenge food when able, all while having a fiery temper. It effects a majority of your personality but not all of it. If you're a music lover, then you're still a music lover--just with a Tyrannosaurus sort of mind added to it.

    3. BE APPROPRIATE. If you're making a joke on the OOC or IC, make it clear that it is a joke. No racism, sexism, or other -isms without some clear comedic value. If you're being an ass for no reason, you will be kicked, no warning. Nor will I accept intolerance of other people's opinions. As much as I will not accept someone saying the Holocaust was the greatest thing in the world (without any joke that anyone would consider funny), I will not accept someone who would take offense to a religious joke and make some great fuss over comedy. Both result in getting kicked.

    4. NO PUPPETEERING WITH ANOTHER PLAYER'S CHARACTERS. You have total control over any and all characters that YOU make, be they major or minor, but NOT those of another player. First offense results in a warning on the public OOC. Second offense results in being kicked and killed off.

    5. Once upon a time, I was kicked out of an RP. I will not name which RP or who the GM was, just the reason: I proposed a faster pace of posting, that it would be unfair to other roleplayers for one to hold up the rest by not posting for a while when it is impossible for the plot to continue without them. This contrasted with the GM's ideas, and thus I was kicked. I did receive notice, and the issue was settled after I explained the comment as a simple preference rather than a necessity. She accepted this, but by then had already opened up my position to someone else, and I couldn't get back on. The point to this? CONFLICT WITH THE GM (me) OR Co-GM(s, should I appoint one or more) WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF YOUR POSITION. However, you will be privately messaged, and an appeal can be made. If it was simply a misunderstanding (as in my case), you're welcome to join again. Otherwise, the situation is permanent. The PM will appear the DAY THAT I FIND A PROBLEM. You'll have 48 hours to make an appeal to regain your position, within which it will not be open to anyone else.

    6. POSTING SPEED WITH A MAXIMUM OF ONCE/MULTIPLE POSTS PER DAY, AND A MINIMUM OF ONCE A WEEK. I may have made this somewhat plain in the post above, but it I feel it unfair to other people for someone to join the RP, say they're dedicated, and then back out on it, holding up the line. Conflict with this rule (no post within a week) will result in a PM, followed by a waiting period of 48 hours for a post. If you have a good reason (work life, relationships, family events, etc.), the period is extended for however long is needed or estimated so long as you either PM me or post publicly. If there is no action in the time period, another PM will be sent, with a 24 hour waiting period. If no posts occur within the 24 hour period, you're kicked.

    7. This is 18+. You want romance(sex, love, war, the works)? You've got permission. There will be gore. We'll be tearing out throats, eating hearts, the works. I will need an honest age for this. Don't go 'round cheating the system.

    Character Sheet:




    Dinosaur: (What Dino are you?)

    Appearance: (Human and Dino)

    Mutation Mark: (All mutated have a tattoo on their body with the general appearance of their Dino)

    Faction: (Rebel, Neutral, Zaeda)

    Powers: (Based off your dinosaur. Are you limited to a full transformation, or do you have more control over it? Are you way stronger than most people, or faster?)

    Original credit for the concept goes to Lord Roku. This is a reedit of a reedit of the original. In other words the second time it is being rebooted. Hope to see some takers.
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