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  1. Hey guys! Just had a little bit of an idea for a Doctor Who universe RP involving a second surviving Timelord who fled before te Great Time War and survived to live another day. Set in the Doctor Who universe, his journey would be fraught with terrible dangers and of course a Dalek or two. I originally intendedthis to be a 1on1 RP but I would like to hear what you guys think :)
  2. Love it! Totally interested! I'm a huge nerd for Doctor Who.
  3. Awesome! I am also a massive Doctor fan, hence the urge to ge an RP going :) I would really very much like to RP as the timelord if that is alright. I was thinking that he would be quirky like David Tennant's Doctor but also a bit of an absolute badass as well, dressed in some black jeans and possibly a Mötorhead t-shirt or something like that. Also not afraid to get his hands dirty like the Doctor refuses to outrightly and be a little bit kill-y but not "The Master" kill-y so pretty much only if there is no other viable option.

    I would very much enjoy roleplaying with a fellow DW nerd like yourself :) so, I would assume this to be a 1on1 like I originally intended then? If so I shal start the thread in One[X]One post haste! :)
  4. I'd love for you to play The Doctor! I could never do him justice, and the fact that you want The Doctor to be like David Tennant's Doctor made me cry a single tear of joy. David Tennant is the second best Doctor (After Tom Baker) in my opinion. I love the onexone idea, so sure, go ahead and lets do this!
  5. Alrighty then! It shall be under the title: Who?

    See what I did there? ;P
  6. Lol nice one. Could you send me a link? I get a bit lazy when it comes to searching for things...