Exquisite Corpse

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  1. Basically the rules to this are as follows: I will write a word, in a spoiler. The second poster should write a word, also in a spoiler, which would logically come after my word in a sentence. The third poster, without looking at my word, will only look at the second poster's word and make another word that logically follows it. The fourth poster can only look at the fourth poster's word, and so on.

    To make it interesting, and so that we can actually read some of the exquisite corpses this thread turns out, you can put a period (or other end-punctuation mark) after a word that you think should end a sentence, but make sure every sentence is at least 5 words (5 posts) long; you may not write two words of the same sentence; and if you see a period in the previous post's spoiler you write the sentence that person was ending by looking in all the spoilers after the last sentence was completed at the top of your post before writing a word to begin a new sentence. The sentences need not be related to one another, but you can try, with your one-word influence, to make your sentence related to a prior one if you want to.

    So, here is the first word of the first sentence:


    (I will try and keep a record of all completed sentences at the bottom of this post).
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