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  1. Caution: Anyone with a weak stomach may not be able to handle this. Back out or forever hold your peace.

    Around the year 2037, a disease was released from a secret science facility in an undisclosed location. The facility did illegal tests on humans, and infected them with diseases that could be a potentially lethal to the human race. They thought they were doing a great thing as the test subjects were on death row already, but little did they know that one of the subjects would escape. His name was Jeremy Fields, and he was Patient Zero to the deadliest virus unknown to mankind.

    Disease name: JFD; as if Jeremy Fields Death.
    Infectablity: High; can be infected through contact with bodily fluids, sex, and contact with an infected's corpse.
    Stage One:
    Appears the moment a patient gets infected
    There are no side-effects at this point
    Stage Two:
    Occurs three to five days after first infected
    Heavy coughing and sneezing
    Stage Three:
    Occurs two to three days after stage two
    Vomiting; eating and drinking are hard at this point
    Stage Four:
    Appears three to seven days after stage three
    Extreme bloating; gaining weight by the fives at this point
    Stage Five:
    Occurs six to eight days after stage four
    After you can barely walk because of all the weight, your brain will start to go haywire.
    Stage Six:
    Appears two to three days after stage five
    Insanity; possible suicide
    Stage Seven:
    Immediate Death from starvation or suicide
    Known Vaccines: Pregnancy
    Hospitals aren't in service any more
    Cure Status: N/A
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.