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    It was not long ago that a young, azure-haired woman had set off from her home world, the Land of Departure, wielding a unique weapon under her possession: a keyblade. This weapon, not entirely a key but not entirely a blade, was a rare weapon that could only be wielded by special people it chose. This young woman, Aqua, just so happened to be one of these people. She had spent the entirety of her life training to use the weapon under a master, and had managed to pass her mark of mastery exam just a few weeks ago.

    But even as a master herself, she continued to follow the orders of her own dear Master Eraqus--which was what she happened to be doing right now. The mission granted to her was to search for a missing keyblade master known as Master Xehanort, to figure out why the worlds were being attacked by strange creatures--known as Unversed, and to watch over her two best friends and fellow apprentices: Terra and Ventus. Terra, battled a constant struggle with darkness in his heart, while Ventus had run away from home. Aqua was told by her master to find and retrieve Ventus so she could take him home, but last time she saw him, the young boy had refused to go with her and ran off.

    So presently, Aqua found herself finishing her exploration on a world known as Radiant Garden, debating on whether or not she should spend the night on said world or simply move on to the next. The master rolled her shoulders back and stretched her arms, looking out into the setting sun as she mulled over her plans. She was sore and tired, noticing bruises on her arms and legs from a battle she had just fought against one of the Unversed creatures she had been tracking. The master certainly wouldn't have minded a break, but then again if she took a break she would not be getting any farther along on the mission her master assigned her.

    With that thought in mind, Aqua decided on traveling for the rest of the day. A break could most certainly wait. Aqua waved her keyblade in the air, twirling it like a wand as she cast a spell on herself to heal her aching bruises. A green aura fell upon herself like a mist, erasing the marks on her body as they touched her. It would be handy not to feel sore while she traveled, but it would've been nice if the healing magic would've had the ability to restore her energy too. After all the work she had accomplished for the day, Aqua was tired.

    After healing her wounds, Aqua waved her keyblade again to create a glowing, black portal in the sky. This portal helped her travel into the space between worlds that her master liked to call The Lanes Between. Once the portal was ready she tossed her keyblade into the sky, watching it shift into another shape, transforming into the keyblade glider she rode upon to fly between worlds.

    Keyblade Glider (open)

    Once Aqua's keyblade glider was ready, there was one last step she needed to take care of before she was ready to fly off: she had to cloak herself in her armor. Slapping her shoulder to activate a button she used to summon her armor, Aqua's body was engulfed in light for a few seconds. When the light faded she was adorned in her blue-gray armor, a set of armor that protect her body from damage and overexposure to darkness.

    Aqua's Armor (open)

    Upon being cloaked in her armor, Aqua climbed aboard her glider and made it levitate in the air before she flew directly into the portal she had summoned. When she entered the portal, Aqua appeared in The Lanes Between or an area that appeared similar to outer space. She flew along, looking for a new world on which she could land As she flew, the rhythmic hum from Aqua's glider quickly caused her to get drowsy. Her eyelids grew heavy and her head bobbed, causing her to bump her head on the handles of her glider. She blinked and quickly picked her head up, tensing her shoulders.

    "Can't fall asleep. I need to find somewhere to land first," she thought to herself, cautiously skimming the sky to look for somewhere to land. Unfortunately, however, Aqua was unable to find a new world fast enough to compensate for her need to rest. Her heavy eyes shut, and drifted off for several minutes.

    Aqua was awoke by the feel of a breeze invading the cracks on her armor. She gasped realizing she was moving rapidly downward toward a world her glider had apparently come across while she was asleep. "Oh no!" she exclaimed, gripping the handles as quickly as she could, yanking upward on them in a feeble attempt to stop herself from crashing into this new world. Unfortunately for Aqua, however, it was too late.


    Anyone who saw the crash from a distance would've mistaken it for a meteorite hitting the planet. The shockwave of the crash was enough to shake the ground, create a crater, and smash Aqua's glider to pieces. Thanks to her armor, Aqua's life was sparred in the crash, but her head hit the ground hard enough to render her unconscious. Maybe next time, Aqua would think twice about traveling when she was exhausted.​
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