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  1. Seventeen year old Mahree Bennett glanced around in the dim, flickering light of the pawn shop cellar. Despite the fact that no possible ‘clients’, as Mahree heard the shopkeeper referred to them, examined her or the others like her she periodically caught sight of, Mahree stayed on high alert. Or as high alert as she could, considering the strain it put on her hazel eyes. She heard a myriad of noises and conversing from the floor above, and...what if someone asked the shopkeeper for what he kept hidden? Mahree was pretty sure she hadn’t been there a week, but it seemed obvious to her that the shopkeeper saw something he liked. If the constant calls, periodic grabs, and continuous attempts to show her off to ‘clients’ meant anything.

    Even while the shopkeeper stayed away, Mahree kept herself as far from the front of her cage as she could, quite literally flush against the bars at the back wall. Her long dark brown hair still sat in the same braid she’d worn when brought here, although it lay a bit more messy over her right shoulder. Her head gently swiveled from side to side, hazel eyes blinking as she examined the various other men and women--most older than her, and, she noticed with horror, some far younger--in their own cages.

    But no one was there to buy, and, as vigilant as Mahree kept herself, for that she was grateful.

    Mahree tried to reach up and push a brown bang out of her eyes, only to wince and hiss in pain at the painful stab the motion sent through her arm. Looking down, she remembered too late that her wrists were bound. The bindings did nothing--that injection the shopkeeper had used, Mahree thought, was what kept her from doing those things she...didn’t really understand anyway.

    Mahree thought the bindings, along with the uncomfortably revealing green set the shopkeeper had forced her into when she’d come, an attempt to present her sexually. And an unsettled and downright frightened feeling overcame her as she thought about that suspicion.

    Given the situation, she would much rather be bought--Mahree grimaced at the thought of being purchased--by someone who needed a cleaning person or...something equally as harmless than by someone stimulated by seeing a young girl--a child, technically, even if she had the body of a woman--bound while in a cage. The entire situation terrified her. And she wanted to badly to curl up in a ball and cry. She had spent a significant amount of time doing so already, in fact, and some dried tears slightly painted her cheeks, streaking the sultry makeup she had been forced to apply. She wanted to cry again, but crying would only draw more attention to her, and she couldn’t have that. Mahree had to stay as unnoticed as possible, if she were to make it through.

    She would do her best to act much older and mature than she thought she, as a seventeen year old, should have to given the fact that she was to be sold.

    She had no other choice.

    The door to the cellar opened, and a man in a suit followed behind the seedy shopkeeper. The suit appeared no older than thirty-five, with generic, unmemorable features. And his quick purchase of her made it obvious that he had known what he was looking for.

    The shopkeeper and the suit disappeared once more, presumably to complete the transaction, and then Mahree was removed from the cage. The suit unbound her hands--he seemed to know that she wouldn’t have the courage nor the strength to legitimately try to fight back or run--and Mahree started shivering slightly, the blood and feeling rushing back to her hands.

    She undid the braid holding her hair back, it cascading messily over one side of her head. Mahree cautiously stuck one arm and then the other through the sleeves of a coat the shopkeeper draped over her shoulders, blinking heavily as his hands skimmed over her collarbone.

    “You can take it out through the back,” the shopkeeper told the suit, handing the man a compact burlap sack that seemed full of...something. Mahree quickly tied the coat tightly around herself. “One a day’ll keep it from fucking around with whatever it can do. Great doing business with your guy again.”

    And the suit pulled Mahree, who now tried to slightly pull out of the suits’ firm grip before complying as she realized that that wasn’t going to happen, to a black limousine discreetly parked in an alleyway behind the shop. He stowed her in the back, saying no words to her and answering no questions as he drove her.

    And as they drove up to a mansion, he looked back to her through the rear-view mirror, sighing very lightly before putting the limousine into park. He took her arm once more, leading her up the pavement, to the front door, and inside the mansion to her new master.
  2. He was an older man, he was not a young man either. He was 37, and he was attractive. He could get any woman he wanted at anytime he wanted but that bored him. He wanted one that would be in his bed when he got home, wore what he wanted when he said it... he was a control freak. Everyone and everything had it's place. He frequently beat and resold his slaves because they were IMPERFECT. He strived for the perfect woman, if he found her she would be treated better then anyone else. She would be showered in objects and affection, but only so long as she is perfect.

    He was in his room, watching television and drinking a cup of coffee, everything was in his place... he was at peace. He was pleased to think of the new arrival, he had a canary cage ready for her, fluffed with pillows and curtains. His sandy blonde hair curled around his ears, he had carefully trimmed scruff, an open white button up shirt and some dark blue jeans. He was watching the news and tsking the chaos. The president didn't run a clean house and this is why we had so many troubles.

    His home was largee, tidy, perfect, symmetery. So too, he hoped, would be his new girl. He eagerly awaited her arrival
  3. The suit--John Evans, Mahree had learned, from a label on his briefcase--gripped her by the arm and opened the door, closing it behind them once they were inside and finally releasing her arm. Mahree looked around in frightened awe at the interior of the mansion. It was wondrously beautiful, and so intricately decorated. If Mahree had not already been stunned to silence by the situation itself, the mansion would have certainly done it.

    But Mahree's petrification was of uncertainty for what would come. Now, tonight, tomorrow, next week. For the rest of her life.

    This was more out of control than she felt when Aimee taunted her for being adopted.

    She heard a sigh, and glanced to a room at the side to see where it had come from, but saw nothing and turned back. She still examined the mansion, but, now, more to take in her surroundings. Know--or try to know--where she was. Evans had sent a servant off, presumably to retrieve the master of the house, and Mahree felt her anxiety building by the moment. She pulled the coat tight.

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  4. He was leaned back with a sigh and when the servant arrived he arched a brow, she had arrived. He stood and walked down his perfect hallways and he descended the stairs. His eyes caught a look at her, bruised... tear streaks... but under that he saw her profile had symmetry. " Take the coat off girl let me have a look at you" he wanted to see if she possesed symmetry. If she would be his match, his cold blue eyes looked at her like a man would cattle, a piece of steak on his plate, maybe a rare flower.... if he was nice.

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  5. She saw the man. He looked older than her, although she couldn't tell how much. She wasn't really trying. A smirk made his face resemble a bearded dragon. It terrified her. She noticed his obvious good looks, but his expression terrified her, and the way he looked at her terrified her, and the way he spoke to her. It terrified her.

    She pulled the coat tighter to herself.

    She knew their was a fallout of one type or another with his knowledge and hers, because she was so fucking shell-shocked by this entire situation, she wasn't even sure how to respond to him.

    At his order, her eyes expanded into large beads, and she shook, heavily. She hesitated for a moment, and then she swallowed, hard, before squeezing her eyes shut and releasing her hold on the coat, letting it fall to the ground, her vision black.

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    Also, Mahree's wearing a promise ring on a chain around her neck and three friendship bracelets around her left wrist.))
  6. He watched her expression and was about to backhand her until she followed the order. He nods his approval, he would work on a faster response time and he runs a hand down her. He looked at her cup size... she had barbie boobs. They were the same size and this pleased him greatly, his hands followeed her curvature and it is clear he is pleased, proportionate... symmetrical. " You did well, she will work. Get her cleaned up" he tips her face up, " - fed, and in my room. Find her something... flowwy to wear. I will be awaiting her arrival in my room." He pads her ass and smiles before walking off.

    He settled back in his char and folded his hands pleased, she was perfect
  7. Mahree’s eyes shot open as she felt a cold hand caressing her body. She whimpered, biting her lip and staring at the ground.

    She quickly realized how little she knew about this man, and how little he knew about her. She knew that he was wealthy. That he had purchased her, like property. That was it.

    Unless he had somehow looked into her on his own, he didn't even know her name. Presumably, he saw that she was young, but did he know how young? Did he know that she was a child?

    Did he care?

    She tried to look away from the man as he picked her head up, stiffening when he spoke to Evans again. She looked away, and as she did, Evans slipped his employer two pictures the storekeeper had given him. One was clearly of a family. Two blonde parents, arms draped around Mahree and a slightly younger looking girl with the same shade of natural white-blonde hair. The second was of Mahree and a boy. They both wore simple silver rings--promise rings--on chains around their necks. He didn’t look at Mahree as he took hold of her shoulders, moving her through the mansion and to a bathroom. He left her, prepared to give her time alone.

    It had been several days since she had been able to do so, and Mahree wasted no time in washing her long brown hair, and scrubbing off the remainder of the makeup the shopkeeper had made her apply. The shower water soaked through a colorful trio of friendship bracelets around her left wrist, and Mahree teared up in the shower as she thought about those who had given them to her. After some time, Mahree stepped out of the shower, wrapping one towel around her body as she approached the large mirror over the sink. Without the makeup, Mahree's skin was fairer, and a sprinkling of freckles dotted around her nose and along her cheeks. Her mahogany hair, still soaking wet, stuck to the sides of her face, and to her shoulders and neck and collarbone before she grabbed a blowdryer in the cabinet, quickly blowing her hair out. Mahree simply stared at her reflection for a minute, before shaking her head.

    A knock resounded at the door, and Mahree jumped, waiting a moment before opening it. Evans didn’t look at her, but handed her an olive green negligee. He turned, looking away. Mahree took the hint and closed the door, changing into the negligee. It didn’t even reach her midthigh. She felt herself breaking down more and more by the minute, but it was all happening so quickly that she couldn’t even find words. She wanted to stay in that bathroom forever, but she found herself opening the door anyway. Evans looked down at her, and then away again. He handed her a plate full of food, but Mahree didn't eat. She wasn't hungry. And Evans took her hand and led her to the master bedroom.

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  8. He was awaiting her arrival. He heard the door open and his eyes turn to look at her, she was even more beautiful this way... " very good you may go" Blain looked her over. Gorgeous. " Cmere" he pads his lap wanting her to sit there, like a doll ready to be inspected and played with. " Don't cause me any extra trouble. I would hate to break you so soon" he had a whip at his hip and his eyes were cold, not kind.

    His shirt was open showing his well toned stomach, he was a man of good physique and his eyes were tearing her apart. He was excited to touch her
  9. Mahree slowly brought her focus up as they entered the bedroom. It was large, and ornate, like the rest of the house. But there was something so alien about it. So surreal. As the man spoke to Evans, he sighed, releasing her arm. But as if remembering something, he placed the burlap sack from earlier on the ground. "The shopkeeper says one a day to control whatever the child can do," he said, simply, although he did slip the word 'child' in to send a message and, hopefully, save her. He looked over at her one more time, and then he shook his head and left, closing the door behind him. I'm sorry.

    Mahree watched Evans, her brow knitting in confusion. She turned her head to the man who had purchased her, lounging on the bed, and patting his lap. She didn't want to. She wanted to turn, she wanted to run, she didn't want to obey. Mahree had started to shake, but she obeyed, slowly moving towards the man and shifting to sit on his lap. After a moment, she forced herself to look at him. "Please. Please don't do this," she whispered, her eyes begging him. One hand closed over her promise ring, and then she started thinking about Lucas, and their relationship. "Please, I don't want to." She quickly realized that this was the first time she'd spoken since she had arrived there.
  10. He heard the word child and he arches a brow, he opens her file... she sees her whole life in front of her, " Ah.... you are 17..... hmmmmm" he looks at her birthday, just a week or two and she would be an adult. " Not for too long though.... fine. I can wait, even my morals are tuned enough not to defile a child. You will learn how to clean and prepare my meals in that time. That is your bed, your room, your home" he points to the canary cage. " You look forward to the night of your birthday. You will be broken in then" He picks her up and puts her in the cage shutting her in, the lock switching
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    Mahree forced herself to maintain eye contact with the man, and it was like the grace of god ruled in her favor. But not for long? She had only just had her birthday, what... Mahree didn't say anything, though, except to gasp as he picked her up and threw her into the cage beside his bed. This man was so sick. So sick. She scrunched herself up against the back of the cage as she had in the shop, pulling the blanket up to cover her largely exposed body. Eventually, she layed down and tried to sleep.

    Detective Thomas Adler of the Boston Sexual Assault Unit strode into the station, rubbing at his eyes and sipping the coffee he'd made from his home coffee maker before running out. He quickly filed is way to his department, about to head to his office, but the captain stopped him before he'd made it any further. "Adler--where's your partner?" Tom blinked. "I'm sure she's on her way, sir. It's been a half hour since we received your call." Captain Bressan nodded. "My office. I'll brief you both when your partner gets here." When she'd finally arrived, the captain sent her to the office. Adler already sat in one of the chairs before his desk, and Bressan waited for her to take the other. Adler nodded at his partner as she moved inside. The captain closed the door and walked around, sitting in his desk chair and folding his hands atop the desk. "Mahree Bennett. Recently turned seventeen, her adoptive parents called her in as missing. Case transferred to us from the Crimes Against Children Unit." Adler knit a brow. "Why? She's a minor, but do we have any reason to suspect she's been the victim of sexual violence?" The captain nodded slowly, continuing. "Well, get this--she's an unregistered Gifted." Adler sat straighter in his chair. "So trafficking." The captain nodded. "In the short amount of time I've been thinking on it. But that's why you two are on it. Find out what happened, find the girl, don't get the media involved." Adler nodded, looking over at his partner. "We'll go over to the house now to talk to the parents." The captain nodded, handing each one an identical file with the information they knew. "Go. If our suspicions are correct, we want this solved before the 72 hour mark."
  14. He yawns and soon goes to bed giving her her space. In the morning she would not be so lucky but for now... she was in her gilded cage.

    Veil Reese came in coffee in hand, it wasn't for her. She hands it to Adler and sits, her aqua hair was tied back in a severe braid and her amber eyes looked at the captain and she nods. She took sex crimes seriously, she taps her hands on her thigh irritated at this whole situation,. She opens the file reading it and she runs her tongue over her tongue ring. When they were dismissed she followed her partner out, she gave him an irritated look, " it is always the pretty girls... they always want those poor little things" her own past with men was.... shady
  15. By the time Mahree finally fell asleep, she slept silently and still. Her mouth was plastered in a frown, and she would not want to recount her nightmares, but she was emotionally and physically worn out, and she slept through the night. Mahree did not know what time it was when she shifted awake, focused beams of sunlight poking into her room from the window. She blinked, sitting up. She cautiously looked at the bed of the man who had purchased her, pulling the blanker up once more to cover her still incredibly exposed skin. Was he there?

    Adler gratefully took the coffee from his partner, downing it almost immediately. He nodded, following her out of the captain's office. "It's always the kids," he corrected her. He'd been in this line of work so long, he couldn't even look at any of these children and comment objectively on their looks. They were kids. With what he did every day, arresting these monsters who hurt them, it didn't sit well with him to comment on their looks. He looked at the smiling picture of Mahree in the file and then closed it, nodding to Veil. "Do you want to drive?" They needed to talk to the girl's parents as soon as possible.
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  19. He got up and opened the cage, " out. Cmere, in my bed" his eyes were already looking at the shvering and basically nude girl

    She nods, " I agree. Those poor kids. I will drive if you give me a smoke. I am all out" she grins at him, she was a wild card and no one else would work with her. " I think however you should talk to the rents, none of them liked me in the past" she laughs and takes the keys looking at him awaiting a cigarette
  20. He was. Mahree blinked at the man, reaching up to push a chunk of brown hair behind her ear, dropping the blanket and obeying, slipping under the comforter and into his bed. But she was confused. He had said he wasn't going to touch her until she had turned eighteen. She had thought she had an entire year to figure some way out. Mahree closed her hand, once more, on the ring around her neck, thinking on what it symbolized--her dedication to Lucas. She felt her anxiety building, her heart pounding in her chest as the man returned to the bed with her. "W-wait," she exclaimed, her voice small, but stronger than the night before. "Please, don't. Please." A single tear fell out of her left eye.

    Adler passed her the cigarette. He was trying to kick the habit, his partner smoking in front of him never helped. "Drive," he said, curtly, slipping into the passenger seat.

    After a few minutes, they arrived at an expansive house on the border of Cambridge and Boston. Adler stepped out, waiting to make sure Veil followed. He moved up to the front door, knocking heavily. A young, blonde girl answered, immediately rolling her eyes at the badges shoved in her face. "Aimee Bennett," Adler asked. "I'm Detective Adler, and this is Detective Reese. May we come inside?" Aimee didn't try to hide the second eye roll. "Yeah. Might as well." She scowled, throwing the door open and stepping aside to allow the detectives in. "Mom! Dad!" She called, as the detectives entered.