Explicit's Weekly Challenges: #2 - Tears of Joy

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    Certain aspects of life can be hard to predict. Most are even harder to control.
    This challenge series is based on expressing your opinion of any one aspect of life.
    This can be done through a poem, short story or anything you can think of with writing.

    This Week's Topic: Tears of Joy
    Tears and crying are natural parts of life.
    So natural, in fact, that I have to seperate this challenge into two parts
    This week we'll discuss the good tears; Tears of joy.
    Whether it be for family, good tidings or any other positive event, give me your thoughts!

  2. Dimitri stands waiting very impatiently, watching the faces of his friends and family around him tears brimming in some of their eyes. Softly the music starts up, a slow march with a upbeat rhythm. "Here we go." He turns to the doors and clasps his hands anxiously.

    Kai stares at the door waiting for her time to step out of them. She smooths her dress for the hundredth time today and dabs under her eyes to make sure no tears are there. Turning to her father she asks again , "Does my face look ok Daddy?" He rolls his eyes and nods and tries not to cry himself. "You look wonderful princess. Time to go"

    The doors open up and out she steps. Around a hundred people turn to look at her and she blushes and continues walking slowly down the isle toward Dimitri. She smiles brightly at him and can't help the few tears that leak down her face, as it is only her fathers hand on her arm keeping her from rushing into his arms. The last few steps away she kisses her father's cheek and tightly grasps Dimitri's hands.

    Dimitri gasps as she steps out of the doors, she looks like a mythical creature. A dream. Wonderfully Amazing! Tears roll down his face and he takes her hands and smiles cheekily.

    And the ceremony begins.