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  1. Some guy came into the store I work at this week, and said stuff.... T_T
    I was sick with the flu, and this guy told the manager, "I think you need to send him home."
    The manager asked him who he was talking about, and he pointed to me, and said, "The cute blonde boy."
    I'm not cuuuuuuuuuuuuute....... >n<
    Apparently, I'm now the object of desire for a gay guy who already has a boyfriend. T_T
    And now people are calling me moe?

    I'd like an explanation for why people consider me moe. T_T
  2. a picture tells a thousand words... and your picture in the picture thread explains things very well.
  3. I'm not moe! T_T
  4. BULLSHIT! I bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, you cocksucker.
  5. Take it as a complement and move on is my best advice.
  6. ???
    I don't understand.
  7. Poor Miru.



    Oh wait...

    You're the one being used as the spoon...

    You'll make an inmate very happy one of these days, you know that right.
  9. Saaaaaa'aaaaaan Francisco
    San Francisco!

    Oh yeah! *winkwink*
  10. @Carl

    I still dun get it.
  11. Well, if you do get it, you'll never look at prisons the same way.
  12. Kunari was not afraid of battles, as long as she kept people she cared about alive she had no problem taking up her weapon again. It only gets bad when even her people start fighting among themselves. She knows how Diablo works, everything is only matter of time and the devil definitely has a lot of idle time and the slower the poison, the more unnerving. "I'll put you back where you belong for a century for every death of my people." She threatens furiously as she watch him vanish.
  13. You're better off not knowing soulless

  14. It's because he's a uke.
  15. They love ukes in prison.
  16. oh man, an uke moeboy?

    *hands Miru some KY Jelly*
  17. *Plays a banjo.*

    You got a purty mouth, boy...

    I'm gonna beat you like a rented mule.
  18. hahahahahah

  19. NPC
    Appearance (open)

    Combat Ready
    Amber White

    Legend/Folklore Motif
    The Fox Sister
    (very loosely)


    Amber lived an isolated life, with a faunus mother, and a human father... Their life was secluded, on the far side of a mountain, outside of Ervin's village, Maleficus. As she grew up, she had a strange habbit of tinkering with items, usually whatever she could find around the house, toys, flashlights, clocks, you name it. These modifications weren't exactly beneficial at first, and often caused such items to malfunction, a troublesome habbit which her parents weren't very fond of at first.

    However, she quickly learned the dos and donts of tinkerings through sheer trial and error, and eventually she was the "go to" person whenever a watch was broken, or a flashlight stopped working with no rhyme or reason. Her time with her parents was a peacefull one, but her parents had a habbit of avoiding discussions about her mother's past. She knew her father had met her mother when she had traveled abroad, and stumbled across Maleficus by chance... And the two had quickly bonded, with her mother choosing to stay, but her mother never told her where she had come from, or why she was traveling abroad, and her father had a habbit of falling silent when the discussion of such a matter was brought up.

    Fortunately, her curiousity was easy to keep at bay, as she was fairly young the time, and despite being able to do some rudimentary tinkering... She had yet to feel the need to pry any further than a few innocent questions here and there. Though, her mother could not run from her past forever.

    When she was only 8, a trio of masked individuals showed up at the door... And from the glimpses Amber could catch of them, they each bore a strange, red symbol on their backs. Their words were hushed, but quickly rose in volume and intensity, tensions were high when both of them quickly ushered them into a somewhat cramped closet, and shut the door. Though she hadn't been sure what was happening at the time, she could hear the distinct sounds of shouting, followed by weapons being drawn... And fighting.

    Throughout the whole ordeal, Amber had been too scared to move from her spot... Even as the sounds faded out. It was only when a kind warrior, who looked to be a few years older than her father, had opened the door... And told her everything was okay... That her parents were somewhere safe, he just had to take care of her for a while.

    It was hard to accept, and she still couldn't quite understand what had happened to her parents, or why... But, nonetheless, the warrior's friendly nature comforted her enough for her to let herself be lead out of the house, oddly enough using the back door. He then took her into the village of Maleficus, where he raised her as if she were his own child.

    For a couple of years, she lived in blissfull ignorance of what had happened with her parents, and those strange individuals that had showed up at her house. She shared a house with three foster brothers, and one foster sister (Ervin's future mother), as well the Hunter, and his Wife. Amber continued to hone her tinkering skills, slowly but surely working her way up to modifying weapons. As the Hunter had access to a much broader variety of weapons and tools, her skills began to develop at an impressive rate, partially thanks to some input from her . Though, naturally, at the age of 10 or so, she began to pry into the matter about her parents, asking more and more frequently where they were, and if she could at least see them.

    Eventually, the Hunter gave in, and broke the news;

    That night, three members of the notorious White Fang organization had been headed for her house. The warrior had been on their trail, but unfortunately, a sizeable pack of Grimm had caused him to lose track of them for a moment, but that moment, was a moment too long. By the time he arrived, the White Fang members had left, leaving behind the mangled bodies of her parents. However, when he spied a picture on the wall, of Amber with her parents, he scoured the house, eventually finding her in that closet she had been hidden inside.

    Amber was angry... Not with the warrior, but with the White Fang... For what they had done. It seemed quite clear that they weren't pleased with her mother's marriage to her father, a faunus and a human wedded must have been a great atrocity in their eyes. While she was uncertain how they had found both there whereabouts, and about her mother's involvement with her father, she was too angry to think about that right now.

    Instead, for the next few years, she focused her efforts on honing her tinkering skills, and training herself in battle... Like the other children in Maleficus, and learned how to manipulate her aura in a way that would both benefit her in combat, and tap into her semblance. By her 15th birthday, she had even constructed her own weapon, which she named "the stinger", a considerably complex weapon, made with some imagination... Various parts her foster mother and father had scrounged up, and a few schematics they had bought from the local weapons smith.

    While her skills in combat were already pretty formideable, with her illusions and her sheer tenacity pushing her onwards... It was the stinger that gave her the biggest edge yet. With it's long and close ranged capabilities, she was quickly able to overtake most sparring partners before they even knew what had hit her. Naturally, she came across some formideable opponents, and even some opponents that were practical equal in one way or another, but, she was still considered one of the top fighters in her village.

    Knowing that the looming possibility of being selected to be the wizard's apprentice, she realized that she didn't want the responsibility of succeeding the local wizard, as the town's witch. As even after 6 years since her foster father had broken the news of what had happened to her parents... She was still full of bitterness and anger, mostly directed at the White Fang.

    Determined to find them, and exact revenge... She struck out on her own at the age of 16, and eventually enlisted herself at Valhalla Academy, ironing out alot of her shortcomings and graduating as one of the top ranking sudents of the academy, at around the age of 20, as an official Huntress.

    Directly after, she enlisted on multiple missions, typically targetting areas where either the White Fang was suspected to be or was known to be stationed. While she had a more sound moral compass to guide her now thanks to her time in Valhalla, she still sought after the members of the White Fang that had killed her parents, determined as ever to find them and turn them in.

    While she is currently unaware of Ervin, her neice's whereabouts, she has heard rumors of a son of her foster sister's, that has also struck out on his own, headed for Valhalla. Though the possibility is slim, considering some of the White Fang's activities in the area, it is very possible the two might run into each other at some point.


    The Stinger
    A double pronged blade with a dual purpose component in the middle, which can be transformed into a gun that functions similar to directed, energy weapon which uses a variety of dust types as ammunition. It is also able to take the third form, which is a grappling gun of sorts, incorporating the prong in the middle. The cable itself is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of 3 people, but any more may cause stress that will be enough to break it.


    Amber has an strange semblance, that can appear to be simply mundane at times... She has the ability to manifest Illusory "phantoms" of one or more creatures/people. Akin to Ervin, her neice, the more she manifests, the more strain it has on her mind... This also applies if she were to increase the size of her illusions (decreasing their size decreases their toll on her mind though). While they're more or less harmless in reality, if used right, they can startle, scare away, or even simply catch her opponents offguard, allowing her to swoop in with a follow-up attack or two. As her Semblance is not offensive or very defensive for that manner, she relies on weapons, utilities, and her own strength as well as skill and experience in order to succeed in battles.

    Notable Attributes and Fighting Style

    Amber prefers to use speed and strategically placed strikes of shots from her weapon in order to bring down her foes... And is known to use her illusions to catch her opponents offguard, moving in for a quick, heavy hitting blow while their attention is focused elsewhere.

    However, she is also very notorious for using elevations and parts of her environment to her advantage... Using the stinger's grapple gun funtion to move her to a higher perch, before coming down on her opponent with a vertical spinning strike, or perhaps firing away with her stinger in it's gun form.

    Like her neice, Ervin, she tends to be alot more brutal and ruthless in battle when she is angered, and will even fire at point blank range with the stinger in it's gun form, or use it's grapple gun funtion to pull in foes with the right timing. Naturally, being angry means she might be more likely to slip up in battle, but, unless something REALLY gets under her skin, she is usually more calm, collected, and even cheerfull at times.


    - Unlike her neice, Amber is alot more profficient and familiar in technology, having had experience with it for a good while. She has jailbroken a couple of scrolls, and most of her phones she had bought in order to tinker with their functions, and has been doing some tweaking on the stinger to increase it's combat profficiency.

    - The only long range radios the town of Maleficus has are located within it's three Inns, they are not of the highest quality, but they are able to intercept radio signals from the CCT to listen in on the local goings on. This is the source of Amber's knowledge of the White Fang, and it's nature. To this day, she still has a deep rooted disliking for those like "Donald Fowl".

    - Amber is ruthless in battle, but will usually spare an opponent if she trusts that they will not backstab her in the process, much preferring to turn them into the authorities at the worst.

    - Oddly enough, Amber likes to take "selfies", sometimes in her casual wear as she is off duty, or even after a battle, posing in front of a fallen Grimm before it's body desintegrates once the area is secure, or even posing in front of captive White Fang members, and their raided bases to snap a photo. Of course, she only does this when both a) the area is secure as can be and b) the area is not classified in any way.

    - Despite having quite the temper, Amber usually tries to be bright and bubbly to a degree, in a stark contract to Erwin's more calm, collected, and laid back nature.
  20. I'M NOT AN UKE!
    I can handle being a moe, I suppose, but I AM NOT- NOT-NOT-NOT AN UKE!